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Top Tech for Keeping Young Drivers Safe on the Road

Every adult remembers the rush of excitement they felt the day they obtained their driver’s license. Free to travel the roads, you’re anxious to get out there and explore. So, here’s some top tech for young drivers to help you get started.


Just remember that driving in empty parking lots, low-traffic areas, and even the state-mandated road tests is a lot simpler than driving on busy streets and highways.


That’s why having the right tech is important. And parents must do what they can to keep their new drivers safe on the road.


Top Tech For Young Drivers


Top Tech For Young Drivers

Insurance is a Must


The first form of protection you want to provide for your teenage drivers is insurance coverage. Though it will cost a lot more to pay for coverage for your child, you have to understand the importance of high-risk insurance.


Being that your teen is new to the road, there is a high possibility that they could end up in an accident. Having insurance is, therefore, not only a legal requirement but a source of financial protection as well.


So, shop around for the most affordable rates and get them covered. 


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Use Technology to Your Advantage


Though insurance provides protection in the event of an accident, the goal of most parents is to reduce the chances of them being involved in one at all.


Beyond modeling good driving habits when you’re behind the wheel and talking to your teen about the many dangers, there are advanced technologies you can invest in to keep them safe.


Below is a look at some of the most popular options to consider: 


Top Tech For Young Drivers


MyKey Technology


Automakers are doing more to try to enhance the safety features in their vehicles. MyKey technology is software found in makes like Lincoln and Ford. Parents are able to program things like top speeds and music volume levels.


The system also provides repeat notifications as a reminder to buckle seatbelts and an advanced warning signal when gas is getting low so your teens remain safe. 


Some automakers, like Chevrolet, have installed systems that provide driving reports. Parents can view these reports to see how well their teens are handling the road.


You can learn about everything from how far they’ve driven and their driving speeds to how many times they used the anti-lock brake system or got into an accident.


You can use this information to further educate your teens on how to be safe behind the wheel.


Top Tech For Young Drivers


Reverse Cameras


Driving forward is hard enough, but driving in reverse takes a certain amount of skill. Being able to see all blindspots and maneuver into parking spaces without hitting anything isn’t always easy.


While turning around to inspect your surroundings before driving in reverse is still a recommendation, you can give your teens extra assistance by installing reverse cameras in the car.


These are cameras that help to reduce blindspots and help drivers to clearly see what’s behind them so they don’t get into an accident. 


Top Tech For Young Drivers


Lane Departure Warning Systems


Another bit of technology you might want to have installed in your car for your teen driver is a lane departure warning system.


This is a system with motion sensors and lights that go off should your teen start swerving out of their lane and/or when another car is close. Again, this helps to reduce blind spots and minimize accidents. 


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Smartphone Apps


From getting notifications on Snapchat and Facebook to receiving a phone call or a text message, smartphones can be a huge distraction for teenagers. When behind the wheel of a car, it only takes one second for things to go terribly wrong.


Though smartphones provide a convenient means for you to contact your teens, you still want them to be safe. Downloading safe driver apps on their smartphones makes this possible.


Once downloaded, the app will mute the phone and turn off text messaging notifications when the car is in motion.


The app can also send messages via text to let senders and callers know that they’re driving so they don’t continue trying to reach out. 


Your teenager having a license is exciting and scary at the same time. To help calm your nerves and reduce the likelihood of your teen being involved in a serious accident, it is important to take action.


After educating them on the rules of the road and how to drive safely, consider investing in some of the top tech for young drivers discussed-above. These options can help protect them and their passengers. 


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