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The Best Places to Live in California for Families

If you’re looking for the best places to live in California you’re not alone. Sunny skies, consistent weather, and interested communities can all be found in this favorite state, which is probably the reason many families go there. (Feature image Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash).


The following is a list of some of the most family-friendly communities throughout the state worth your places to live in California

The Best Places to Live in California

If you’re considering moving out west and are looking for family-friendly communities, this list of places to live in California will help get you started in your research. First in line, Imperial, California.



First on our list of places to live in California is Imperial! Imperial is a wonderful community for growing families. It is pretty close to Chula Vista, but it doesn’t come with the high prices you might find there.


Imperial is a growing community so, it’s quite affordable. Its growing business sector will likely offer a number of job opportunities to anyone looking to live in California.


Beyond growth and career opportunities, you’ll find a wide variety of sacramento river restaurants, stores, and the usual suburbian comforts within close distance to the residential neighborhoods. There are a number of good schools nearby, and you get to live a few miles from Mexico, giving you a chance to places to live in California, santa barbara

Santa Barbara

Next on our list of places to live in California in Santa Barbara. In this coastal city, there is a lot to love for any family wanting to be right next to the beach and a short drive from Los Angeles.


In Santa Barbara, you’ll find a number of great schools for your kids along with plenty of family-friendly activities.


For example, you might want to consider going avocado picking since there are a few places where you can do this near this city. The Pacific and the Santa Ynez Mountains are here, too, and that means you and your family can go hiking at some point.


Ask a Santa Barbara realtor about new listings if you are interested in this, father and daughter, live in California


Third on our list of places to live in California is Moorpark which is perhaps one of the most family-friendly communities in the state as a result of its wonderful schools. The community has a lot of growing families which means lots of kiddos.


Your kids are going to have the opportunity to make friends with all sorts of kids. This also explains why you’ll find many nature preserves and parks where families go all the time to enjoy each other.


Safety is pretty good in Moorpark, so that should make you feel pretty good about living there.

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San Marino


One of the most beautiful communities near Pasadena is San Marino. It’s important to point out that this community does come with a significant price tag, but you do get a lot for it. It is considered one of the safest areas in California, and the city also has some of the most respected schools for children.


The amenities for families are pretty great, too, from nature reserves to art museums and beautiful gardens. There are a lot of good-paying jobs in this city as well, mostly centered around software and engineering.

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Camarillo is another little community in California that growing families should be paying attention to. There is a lot to love about this little community in Ventura County, like the aquatic centers you’ll find around the city where your kids can learn about sea life.


You’ll also love knowing that there are a total of 26 parks where you can enjoy family time together. The community is pretty safe and quite diverse, which is one of the reasons you’ll find a lot of restaurants to enjoy.


The neighborhoods are quaint and quiet. It is the kind of place where people still say hello to each other.


California is an enormous state. It’s the only place in the U.S. where you get the ocean, desert, forest, mountains, metropolis and countryside all in one place.


Some places are more costly than others, and alongside moving costs, getting there could be expensive. Need help affording the move? Look up title loans near me open now to see if there’s a provider near you.


If you’re planning a move there, these are just some of the best places to live in California that could be great for your family. Learn more about these cities to see which one works best with what you want for your family. Consider visiting the cities when you get close to choosing to get a feel for the place before making your decision.

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