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Have you ever wondered how other travelers gain easy access to fair hotel rates and free upgrades? It is no longer a mystery, below is a list of hacks to make your travel worthwhile. It is high time you tweak your room and earn that comfortable stay with the following hotel price hacks.


Before learning the hacks, you should know the power you possess in your hands in the form of credit cards, status hacks, and membership programs. With these power tools in your hands, you can take advantage of all the privileges that come along.


Hotel Price Hacks You Should Know


The Power of Flash Sales


This hotel price hack requires you to continually check various hotels that are offering flash sales on their site. You also need to be very first in securing one since each deal is attached with a time limit. Also, there are probably a host of other travelers who are waiting for the flash sale deals to go live.


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Other flash sales only last a few hours while others go for several days. You can take advantage of other travel private sale sites like this essay writer site that advertises any ongoing flash sale on any hotel in your preferred destination. This can save you from massive spending on securing the actual hotel price rates.


The Mystery Behind Secret Hotels


A secret hotel is a new addition to hotel deals where a specific hotel offers hotel deals without giving its name until booking and payment have been transacted. The ideology behind a secret hotel is not to affect the hotel’s brand by sharing low rates, which could conflict with the prices for other guests.


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Even though you are not given the name of the hotel, you are given the hotel’s rating, location, and details concerning its facilities. It can be easy to guess the precise location with this information. The deals usually fetch low rates.


The Joy of Price Bidding


A slight caution when using this hotel price hack, it is not for everyone. It requires prior knowledge of working the system. In case you are specific about the type of room, then this is not suited for you. This is because you gain access to minimal information about the room and details of the hotel.


The bidding process, including availing details regarding the time of stay, the precise location, star rating of the hotel, and payable amount. Various bidding sites can help you get the most affordable room.


Direct Bookings


When you engage the services of other sites for booking your hotel, you are bound to incur commissions. You can even gain access to the hotel’s low rates, which are posted on their websites. The advantage of direct booking is that you can earn loyalty bonuses and gift cards.


You can cash in the gift cards or loyalty bonuses during your other trips with the hotel. Additionally, with direct booking, you can inquire more about the amenities available at the hotel. You can also organize trips and other services from the booking office.


AAA Membership


Have you thought of becoming a member of a particular hotel? Many hotels offer various hotel loyalty programs. This can give you double stays at the different chains of the hotel throughout your travel.


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If you become a member of a particular chain of hotels, grants you access to various benefits, packages, and fair hotel rates. There are loyalty bonuses which you can cash in during your next visit to the hotel. It also reduces the stress of booking different hotels throughout your travel.


Use Credit Card Points


You can take advantage of your credit card points when purchasing for hotel rooms. There are a host of credit cards that provide substantial bonus points when owners sign up or spend a certain limit during a specific period.


The points earned when purchasing using your credit card can later be used to book your room during your travel. In case you are planning for a trip, take time to engage your bank on which credit cards can earn you bonuses.  The best part is that most hotels around the world accept the form of bonus payments through the credit card system.


Next time you are planning to book a room, take a look at these above recommendations. These means can save you enough on your trip. There are many other interesting ways of gaining access to low rates of prices for rooms at some of the best hotels in your destination. 


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