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5 Questions Every Travel Blogger Should Ask Their Lawyer

Travel blogging is becoming a more popular career choice for many around the world. In fact, many individuals have been fortunate enough to find significant business success through their travel blog. But are there lawyers for bloggers?


When finding success as a travel blogger, there are certain tasks that are required including frequently traveling, review writing and experiencing new things. Thankfully, many of these steps can be made significantly easier by asking the advice of a lawyer.


The five questions below are essential questions that any travel blogger should ask a lawyer.


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Lawyers for Bloggers And the Things You Should Be Asking Them

1. How do I ensure my credit card remains active?


It is essential that travel bloggers talk to a business lawyer concerning the financial steps of travel blogging. Many travel bloggers may have experienced the pain of calling credit card companies to prove that the activity on cards is not suspicious.


Lawyers can assist a travel blogger in advocating on behalf of the travel blogger to the credit card company that the activity on the card is not fraudulent.


This advocation can assist travel bloggers in not having to prove an unnecessary case to their credit card companies.




2. How do I file taxes as a travel blogger?


Filing taxes is something that every business owner has to do, even travel bloggers. Filing taxes as a business owner can be very confusing and overwhelming.


Cory Briggs San Diego business lawyer and similarly specialized attorneys elsewhere will assist a travel blogger in ensuring he or she is registered with a tax identification number correctly.


The lawyer could also assist the travel blogger in understanding certain tax expenses that may need to be evaluated, as well as tax consequences that may appear due to certain transactions made.


Having a business lawyer to assist with taxes is essential in ensuring ease during tax season instead of headaches.


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3. What happens if I run into trouble with my visa?


In most cases, travel bloggers will not need visas if they are United States citizens when traveling internationally. If one becomes necessary for any travel blogger, no matter how experienced he or she is, it can be a slow and tricky process.


Lawyers can assist travel bloggers in advocating for the approval of visas and can assist the blogger when visa problems arise. They can also assist travel bloggers in understanding the requirements for certain visas.


4. What happens if I am sued by a company or location I visited?


Many customers and small business owners have the potential to sue a travel blogger.


If the small company or customer believes that the blogger has copyrighted information or has posted false information online about a company, for instance, there is a chance of being sued.


It is essential to discuss options if there is the potential for lawsuits before even considering that the blogger may be issued a summons. This will help the blogger to avoid lawsuits in the first place.


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5. How do I ensure my online website, blog, and logo are copyrighted and trademarked?


Having an online presence requires certain copyright and trademark regulations. A business lawyer can assist a travel blogger in registering his or her information with federal copyright and trademark regulations.


The lawyer, especially if the lawyer wants to assist small businesses, should have a relationship with intellectual property specialists to assist in these regulations.


In Closing


When blogging first became a thing, no one thought we would need lawyers for bloggers. But as the landscape has changed with the amount of money that goes into digital influence, it turns out there are a lot of things that can wrong.


It’s best to look into lawyers for bloggers not only to be sure you are protecting your hard work but for the purpose of managing the business of your property.

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