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The Essential Unknown Calls Guide to Protect You From Harassment

Are you getting harassed by unsolicited calls? Well, look no further since I’ve got the ultimate unknown calls guide with 5 essential steps to protect you.


Call harassment can come in many shapes and forms.


Do those pesky robocalls from telemarketers ring a bell? Has a prank call ever woken you up in the middle of the night?


Well, phone harassment doesn’t just stop there.


As much as they could be annoying and unpleasant, they could also become obscene, violent, threatening, and if you are not careful, they can even put you in a lot of danger.


Stalkers and criminals can all hide behind those unsolicited calls.


Phishing calls, for instance, are now a common phenomenon.


Callers can pretend to be your bank, the IRS or even someone known to you and can try to get their hands on your personal data like bank account details, and passwords.


They can even call to inform you that you’ve won a mind-blowing prize like a vacation to Ibiza. A sure way to dazzle you into giving away your personal information.


So, whether it’s identity theft or financial fraud, these unsolicited calls can cause you a lot of heartache if you don’t guard against them.


Harassed by Unsolicited calls


The Unknown Calls Guide to Your Rescue When Harassed By Unsolicited Calls 


When you’re faced with call harassment, it could be difficult to figure out how exactly to handle it best.


But worry no more. This unknown calls guide is compiled using 5 proven techniques to show you effective ways to handle those unwanted calls.


They are not only practical but also accessible to anyone looking to protect themselves.


And best of all, they have been tried and tested by others.


So, stop stressing and start taking some action.


Harassed by unsolicited calls


Avoid Answering Calls


This is step number one in our unwanted calls guide to tackle call harassment.


Entertaining these types of calls can make you vulnerable in the eyes of the caller. So, hang up the moment you sense something fishy.


Don’t engage in any conversations, and avoid giving out any personal information like your date of birth, mother’s maiden name or your address.


And if and when the calls persist, just ignore and don’t answer. This will give a clear signal that you’re not interested and is usually enough to deter their advances.


Sometimes they can even imitate a local number, but don’t be deceived. Ignoring these calls altogether is often enough to put an end to call harassment.


Do a Reverse Phone Lookup


Now, let’s say you’re unsure whether it’s a prank call or something more sinister like a stalker or a criminal.


If the calls are coming from an identifiable number, then you can get the help of a people search site like Nuwber.


These websites allow reverse phone lookups, where you can easily retrieve details of the person behind the number.


They usually offer their services free of charge and can get you a range of more in-depth information at a small fee.


Details they provide can include the name, address, age, as well as employment records and details of family, friends, and associates.


You can even get your hands on any criminal offenses, arrest records, court cases, and police records.


These sites use complex algorithms to sift through a large network of information sources like public records, news reports, and social profiles.


So, they are able to provide a comprehensive background report to identify whoever is behind those unwanted calls.


And this can be useful to help you decide the next step, whether you want to call the police or just shrug it off.


Unsolicited calls


Download a Caller ID App


There are many popular caller ID apps like Truecaller and Whoscall that you can easily download from app stores.


They usually come free, and you can get access to many more useful options at a small fee.


And these apps offer a range of cool features that are both functional and useful to protect you from call harassment.


For instance, they can help you identify unknown calls, block unwanted calls and messages and even record phone conversations.


Caller ID apps usually have their own spam caller directories that are generated by millions of their users.


So, the most popular apps will have comprehensive directories that can easily identify many of the unwanted calls.


And if you find a new spam number, they’ll quickly add that to their directory so that it’s shared among other users.


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Use the Call Blocking Feature


All modern-day smartphones have the call blocking feature. So, why not start using it?


Go to the Security option under your phone’s Settings menu, and you will usually find this feature labeled as Call blocking or Anti-harassment.


And depending on your mobile device, you can enjoy a range of features here.


Apart from blocking a specific number, you can also automatically block unknown incoming calls and messages, block calls from hidden numbers and even set keywords to identify spam messages.


Sign Up with the National Do Not Call Registry


This is a must-do to protect yourself whether you are getting unsolicited calls or not.


As much as it can help you stop those annoying spam calls, it could also be a great preventative step.


The Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry lets you register your home number and mobile phone number to take them off the lists of especially advertisers and marketers.


And if you are still harassed after registering your numbers, you then have the option to report and lodge a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.


This free service is a great way to avoid those unwanted sales calls and robocalls from telemarketers.


The bottom line is that you can’t possibly predict when you’ll become the next victim of a call harassment.


And worrying about those unwanted calls and messages could be a whole lot of unnecessary stress to deal with.


So, the next time you’re concerned that you’re getting harassed, keep this unwanted calls guide in hand.


It can help you tackle them quickly and effectively, and will help you protect yourself from potential threats to your safety.

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