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How to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable and Extraordinary

It is an irony of sorts that most honeymooners take so much trouble to book some of the most picturesque and stunning locales in the world but don’t do justice to the place beyond the resort. There is more to a honeymoon than instagrammable photos, great wine and food. If you are short on ideas on how to make your honeymoon memorable, more fun or quirky here is a handy list to help you out.


Some Ideas On How to Make Your Honeymoon Memorable


Design a Couples’ Scrapbook


how to make a honeymoon memorable, scrapbook
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Document your travels and every odd thing that catches your fancy. It will be fun to relive these memories years or even decades down the line. You can even decide to gift your significant other this scrapbook as a special surprise towards the end of the honeymoon.


Sample the Local Cuisine


No, not the fancy stuff your hotel passes off as authentic fare. Check out reviews of places where you can eat like a local. Street food is a great way to broaden your culinary horizons and learn more about the city’s culture and food.


Street food, how to make your honeymoon memorable


From Bonci Pizza Rustica in Rome to dahi puris in Port Louis, or the Chocoleca, the Senegalese version of Nutella in Senegal, there is so much fun in eating like a local. If food is a common passion then you can actually choose your destination where you can do a gastronomic adventure.


Indulge in Your Favorite Hobby or Passion


Fond of wildlife photography? Or water sports? Why not make it a holiday where you can indulge in your other passions. For instance, if wildlife photography interests you, then you could head to the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya or Pantanal in Brazil.


Parasailing, adventure, how to make your honeymoon memorable
Go parasailing!


Or, if you are a water sports junkie, then the choices are endless, from Oahu in Hawaii, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa and the Gold Coast in Australia.


If you haven’t tried sailing then a visit to Santa Catalina Island or Key West will open up a new world to you. However, be mindful of your partner’s choices when you pick a hobby or passion.


Try Your Luck at a Casino


A good use for your post-wedding cash is to try your luck at a local casino. While it sounds very glamorous, you can either win a jackpot or say goodbye to your moolah in a matter of seconds. Take a casino trip, make the most of fine dining and showgirls at Las Vegas. 


Top Winter Destinations, make money in a casino without gambling, Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas


You could also explore the aqua center at the Atlantis. While there are many popular casino holidays, you don’t have to necessarily visit them if you are fond of betting and casinos.


All you need is a laptop and secure Wi-Fi. Enjoy online casinos that offer virtually every casino game that you like from many different slot games, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, keno or whatever else catches your imagination.


Take Couples’ Classes


Learn something new together. Many popular destinations offer activities like cooking or baking classes for couples. Learn baking or candle making. If dancing is your thing, enroll for a salsa or rumba class. Or if you love your cocktails, learn how to mix a cocktail in mixology classes. The options are endless. Who knows, you can take home a new passion.


Be Festive


Travel of any kind is all about collecting beautiful experiences. Why should your honeymoon be different? Include different fairs, festivals, events and celebrations in your honeymoon itinerary and fall in love with life all over again.


Yipeng Light Night
Yipeng Light Night


Some popular choices for places that have great festivals, St Valentine’s Festival in Terni, Day of Romantic Music in Rotterdam, the Carnival in Brazil or Navratri in India. If you are fond of music, then check out some great music festival ideas on FesTicket.


Go Stargazing


stargazing couple


Is there anything more romantic than stargazing with your favorite person on planet Earth? It is perfect for a relaxing night as you revel in the beauty of the night. Some great options for stargazing are the Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah, Northern Lights at Headlands in Michigan, Chaco in New Mexico or the State Park in Pennsylvania.



These are just a few ideas on how to make your honeymoon memorable. Think outside the box! Don’t limit your imagination to the done and dusted locations and activities. Be creative, original and let your own interests and passions guide you right from picking the travel destination to planning out all your activities. Make it a honeymoon to remember!

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