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So you want to incorporate unique ways to travel into your itinerary. Great!


Traveling the world never gets boring because there’s so much to see. It’s not all about the destination though, right? How you actually go about traveling ties heavily into the experience too, so you want to vary this to get the most out of it.


The traditional ways to travel is by plane, car, and ferry. These remain the staple (and for good reason) but it’s good to get reminded of all the possibilities out there.


This article will go through unique travel in five ways. Some may take you further than others, but who is to say you can’t pick ‘n’ mix whenever you feel like it?


Unique Ways to Travel and How to Do it


Sleeper Trains


When we think about getting somewhere that’s say, 500+ miles away, we generally think about flying before anything. Trains, however, are underutilized by many and can be a great way to travel.


Sleeper trains are an interesting one. They’re both cramped and spacious, convenient yet inconvenient. It all depends on what you’re comparing it to.


Eurail NSB Southern Railway Norway
Be sure to bring small things for children to play with on long train or plane rides.


You get more space on a sleeper train than you do on a plane, due to the bed area. It is however usually in a shared room. Likewise, trains are slow, but equally what does that matter if you’re asleep? They’re certainly worth trying because you might really like it and find yourself meeting new people.


Chartering a Private Jet


For so long, private jets have been the staple of celebrity and millionaire lifestyles. The glamour of flying somewhere privately instead of a commercial airline with hundreds of other passengers seems like something you could never afford – but it’s less than you’re imagining. If you’re looking to splurge a little, there’s really no other way to do it.


Private Jet for Less-1, unique ways to travel


The actual experience of a private jet is unparalleled. It may not be something you do regularly, but it’s something to tick off the bucket list for sure.


You can benefit from private lounges and terminals, choose your own cuisine, carry on-board your pet, and have no lengthy layovers. It’s an absolute dream way to travel. 


This App for Private Jets will give you an idea of prices and works just like any other flight booking site.




Okay, on the opposite end of the scale of a private jet is to hop in some stranger’s car. While luxury and space are great, you may also dream about a free (and sociable) way to travel. Generally, what you find is those who are willing to pull over and stop for you are a certain type of warm person – someone that’s going to engage in conversation.


This makes it the ultimate way to meet people along your travels and understand the locals a bit better. 


Not to mention it’s free. In theory, you could travel around the world on just money for food and accommodation if you hitchhike. While it’s safer than is portrayed in the media, you may want to take it in the context of the area to look out for yourself. 


Train Hopping


So, I’m not going to advocate train hopping, because it’s both dangerous and illegal, but it cannot be ignored. It’s a common way to travel in some circles and can get you to a very far place for free. The idea of hopping on a moving train and sneaking in a carriage is appealing to some, and off-putting to others.


There’s, of course, a lot of freedom around traveling this way, but you will likely get fined if you’re caught.  


Train hopping has claimed the lives of hundreds in America alone. Again, this is not an endorsement of it. Despite this, it still remains to be done. YouTubers have many vlogs of themselves traveling this way, which can be interesting to watch.


It’s certainly a unique way to travel, and you have to somewhat tip your hat to do it successfully – exploring the world (or usually just a country) for free is a dream for many of us.


My advice though would be to pay the small amount that sleeper trains cost, as this investment is perhaps the best one you can make (insurance against your health and legal status).


By Horse


This sounds extravagant (and it is) but it’s entirely possible in some places. If we take Ireland as an example, it’s possible to actually travel via horse and cart to view the beautiful countryside and miss out on all the traffic.


finnish myths 3
Earlier that day, we traveled around the frozen lake land on a horse sled


This is different from just a tour though, as you can actually go quite far and get dropped off. Likewise in Europe, for example in Bulgaria, you can rent a horse and travel on it, dropping it off in a different location. 


This is almost certainly possible on other animals in other climates too, such as camels in Egypt. In fact, you can get transported by sled dogs in Alaska and other cold climates, although realistically this wouldn’t be far.


There are many unique ways to travel. Try one of these for a memorable experience that’s guaranteed to add an interesting story to your adventures.

Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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