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Taylor Swift themed christmas card

Sending Custom Holiday Cards Might Just Be the Easiest Swiftmas Idea Ever

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, then you know I am a 13-year Swiftie. And if you’re a Swiftie, then you’re probably looking for Swiftmas ideas right about now. How about sending your favs some Taylor Swift inspired custom holiday cards?


I love Basic Invite for making custom cards extra special. Right now they are offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 


Just think, with 15% off and all the Swiftie fun, the possibilities are endless! 


Here Are Some Ideas for Taylor Swift Themed Custom Holiday Cards


You could use an app like PicsArt to do photo edits for her current Lover era or you could get super creative and incorporate all seven eras to celebrate 13 years of Taylor Swift! 


Lover Era Holiday Cards


With so many visuals in this era, there really are loads of ideas. Her main colors are pink and blue. Some key imagery that stands out are things like angel wings, butterflies, hearts, clouds, rainbows, crowns, Paris, Benjamin Button, New York City, a snowglobe, cool chicks, five holes in the fence (lol) and palm trees.


There are so many great lyrics from this era. Why not try playing with them to give them a holiday twist? Here are some fun ideas that just popped into my head:


Step into the daylight and let it go, but don’t forget to, Ho! Ho! Ho!


Cruel Summer, thank God it’s winter.


When it’s time to go holiday shopping, you gotta be the alpha type, you gotta be “The Man”. 


I like shiny things… So be sure that your holiday is merry and bright.


It’s Christmas time! Je suis calme!


custom holiday cards


Reputation Era Card Ideas


Snakes, rainbows and more snakes and rainbows. This era was dark and saturated with moody colors. You can brighten it up with some fun quotes like:


It’s that time of year. Are you ready for it?


Went holiday shopping, it was the best of times, the worst of crimes.


Hold onto the memories, they will hold onto you.


Here’s a toast to my real friends!


1989 Era Inspirations


1989 was arguably one of the best eras Taylor Swift ever had. It was her full break into pop music and it was a serve. Her stage was bigger than ever before, her looks were in every magazine and her love was sorted. 


This era brought with it a retro vibe with sunglasses and glitter. Some of the imagery for this era could be neon lights, sunglasses, old photos and red lips (let’s be honest though, it’s always red lips). 


The 1989 era was also the time in which we experienced “Swiftmas” when Taylor personally shopped for gifts for her fans, wrapped them and sent them out as a surprise. She even hand-delivered a few herself.


You could easily use some of the candid holiday photos from Swiftmas for your Christmas cards personalized just for your Swiftie favs. Here are some fun quotes from that era you can play with:


[Blank space] Baby I’ll write, “Merry Christmas”.


Just think, as you were getting down about all the money you spent this season, you could have been getting down to this sick beat!


Red Era Holiday 


The Red era was another retro era of the 60’s variety. It was the last era Taylor was considered a country music artist. Much of the Red album was a mix of country rock and pop, and with it we were served with her incredible songwriting. 


Custom holiday cards for this era would be red, black and white. Perhaps the use of some of her holiday candids would make for great custom holiday photo cards.


I couldn’t think of many lyrics to use for a holiday theme, but I do like the idea of saying, “Christmas is red (re-e-e-ed, re-e-e-ed) (Re-e-e-ed, re-e-e-ed).


Basic Invite Holiday Cards 9


Speak Now Era Cards


The Speak Now era was a time when Taylor was coming into her age as a young adult. She had a lot to say about love and love lost, and we were all here for it. And, it was the only album that she wrote entirely herself at just nineteen years old.


This era was magical and sparkling and it reminds me of those shimmering holiday cards. Here are some ideas for cards that you might like:


Back to December.


This night is sparkling. 


It’s Christmas, oh darling don’t you ever grow up.


Thirteen Years of Taylor Swift Holiday Cards


Since I didn’t go much into the Fearless and Debut eras, I thought it would be fun to suggest making a “Thirteen Years of Taylor Swift” themed custom holiday card. It’s 2019 and this marks thirteen years for her. And we all know that thirteen is her favorite number.


Perhaps a custom card with a graphic of her from each era using any of the lyric ideas from above would make for a nice holiday card. 


Christmas Tree Farm (latest Christmas song from Taylor Swift)


Taylor just released a brand new Christmas song called, Christmas Tree Farm, which is a love song and ode to her childhood when she grew up on an actual Christmas tree farm. You can listen to it on Spotify here.


Currently, there is a lyric video out that would make for some awesome custom holiday cards with lyrics like, “Baby, Baby, Merry Christmas” and “under the mistletoe”.


About Basic Invite Cards


Basic Invite is a custom holiday card service that allows you to use almost unlimited colors with instant online previews. You can even go in and change your colors if you don’t like them. They also offer foil cards in gold, rose gold and silver.


Taylor Swift Themed Christmas Cards


They’ll even send you custom samples if you want to see and feel your creation first! 


Basic Invite has over 40 envelope colors to choose from so you can really nail that Taylor era perfectly.


There are probably thousands of ways you could create custom holiday cards with Taylor Swift in mind for your Swiftie friends. Just take a look on Tumblr for some amazing artwork and ideas, and let your favorite lyrics guide you.


No matter what you choose, your Swiftie favs are going to love your custom holiday card. If you end up making some fun Swiftmas cards for your favs, be sure to share them with Basic Invite on any of their socials: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. And for more fun ideas, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post from my Mom’s Corner!


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