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Burj al Arab Dubai, Luxurry Experiences in Dubai

Luxury Experiences in Dubai You Don’t Want to Miss

Author Rosa Ravindran

Dubai is the go-to destination for all those who dream of the high life and admire the round-the-clock party vibe. The royal lifestyle, festive nights, and desert adventures are all seducing the tourists around the globe. Riding in the most expensive car is as easy as pie if you are in Dubai. All travelers flock to the city to spend a lavish holiday like no other. Have a look at the top luxury experiences in Dubai.


luxury experiences in dubai


Luxury Experiences in Dubai You Should Consider for Your Next Adventure


Go for a Premium Desert Safari


Before the skyscrapers and opulent resorts sprouted, Dubai was just a desert. The city has a rich culture and heritage that is poles apart from the glossy part of it.


You can go to the desert with your loved ones and spend a day there using a car hire in Dubai. Get the best rental cars from dollar rent a car to explore the beautiful desert. However, desert safari promises a matchless luxury experience


Dubai Safari, Luxurry Experiences in Dubai


An SUV will take you for a crazy drive over the dunes, which is called dune bashing. This will awaken the thrill-seeker in you and be ready for the other adventures that follow.


Sandboarding, quad biking, and camel rides are the other fun activities in Dubai safari. It is a rare chance to watch traditional dance performances like Belly dance and Tanoura. The day will end with a premium dinner buffet. Desert safari is one of the most popular luxury experiences in Dubai.


Fine Dining at the Royal Restaurant


Dining can’t get better than the swanky hotels in the city. Burj Al Arab is always referred to as the only seven-star hotel in the world for its royal look and exquisite dining experience.


The sail-shaped design indicates the rich nautical tradition of the city. Burj Al Arab bears testimony to the architectural feat of Dubai. The classy restaurants inside the hotel ensure that you can dine like a king. Al Mahara is one of the famous restaurants at Burj Al Arab.


Burj al Arab Dubai, Luxurry Experiences in Dubai


Al Mahara opens the doors to the incredible marine life as it presents the theme of underwater dining. A giant aquarium will welcome you and gaze upon the schools of colorful fish as you savor every bite. It has anything and everything to tantalize the sophisticated palates.


Hire a Luxury Yacht


dubai yacht, luxury experiences in dubai


This is undoubtedly one of the best luxury experiences in Dubai. The yacht is a leisure boat that will take you through the Arabian Gulf as you enjoy the iconic landmarks from the water.


Yachting is a personalized tour around the city’s shoreline. The top attractions are Burj Al Arab, Marina, and Palm Jumeirah.


Dubai yacht


A luxury yacht is also the most-loved party venue that has all the top-notch facilities to impress the guests. Master bedrooms, lounges, flybridge, sundeck, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and kitchen promises the one-of-a-kind journey.


Yachts can be decorated as per themes to make the party more enjoyable. Huge yachts also have a dance floor to spice up the party. Yacht charter lets you celebrate a day in the city and make it memorable.


Ride Your Dream Car


You would have seen Dubai police riding in Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Swanky cars are a usual sight in the city. Choose your favorite brand and go behind the wheels in style.


Farrari in Dubai


You can hire a supercar and have a swift ride through the iconic city. Ride through the famous Sheikh Zayed Road while having glimpses of the high-rises. Take your favorite people for a ride through the Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR).


Though there are several expensive cars on the road, you can steal some glances if you pick the latest brand in an eye-popping color.


The Luxurious Sightseeing Experience


Though the city is well-known for its striking innovations, it never forgets its traditions. Dhows were the wooden boats used for trade in the olden days. As the economy boomed and Dubai became the top tourist attraction, they became the floating restaurants.


It is the ideal option to dine out with your beloved, family, or friends. The traditional wooden boats are refurbished, with every detail overflowing with extravaganza. Dhows have two decks—air-conditioned lower deck and the alfresco open deck.


dhow in marina in dubai


The cruising destination of dhows is Creek or Marina. While Creek lets you witness the charm of old Dubai with the early skyscrapers in Dubai, Marina is all about innovation and party vibe.


Have 23K Gold Ice Cream!


Reading the title, some may think that the writer has gone nuts. However, it is a fact, and the city of gold has edible gold ice cream. Have Dubai’s most expensive ice cream sundae at Scoopi Café on Jumeirah Beach Road. If you don’t worry about breaking the bank for the great sundae, spend AED 2999, and it’s all yours.


The richness is explicit from its name, which is the Black Diamond. It is a combination of vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, saffron from Iran, and rare black truffles from Italy.


23-carat gold flakes and powder adorn the sundae. You can go for a luxurious and mouth-watering ice cream called Rolling Luxury at Rolling Cones in Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights.


It is a premium soft-serve ice cream covered by edible gold in a waffle cone. The happy news for the ice cream lovers is that the price is just AED 55.


When you are in a city that is synonymous with the term ‘luxury’, your holiday will be filled with lots of surprises. If you are looking for the best luxury experiences in Dubai, the sky’s the limit. Try these things for sure and find oodles of other things in the city by yourself.

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