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Studying Abroad: The Biggest Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Choosing to study abroad is a big step to take. It offers a multitude of benefits for your progress and education, not to mention the option to explore different places and meet new people. Because of these benefits, it is no wonder why the number of students who study abroad grows every year. Now that there’s an option to transfer the academic burden to an essay writing service, get tutors to teach you the new language, and purchase cheap flights to get you there – there’s nothing standing between you and this amazing opportunity.


However, all great things in life come with a challenge. This will probably be one of the best experiences in your life and will create fond memories you’ll go back to. However, there are some challenges that every international student experiences when they choose to study abroad.


Trinity College Dublin, cons of studying abroad
Trinity College Dublin


The Cons of Studying Abroad and Ways to Overcome Them



Studying Abroad Can Leave You Feeling Homesick



No matter how annoyed and stressed you used to be back home, you’ll miss everything about it. Moving to a place where you know no one can be a hard thing to adjust to. You’ll miss your family, friends, and even details like your room, the mattress, and the school desk. This is probably one of the greatest cons of studying abroad.


Solution: Technology allows you to keep in touch with people today, which can significantly reduce your feeling of homesick. You can still be in touch with people on a regular basis, all while exploring the new place and culture.


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The Orientation of a New Place



Even if you could walk around your hometown with your eyes closed, you will still need some time to learn your way around the new location. You’ll probably be lost a couple of times until you learn the streets of the new place. 


Solution: It takes a bit of time to get used to the new location, so this will pass on its own.


cons of studying abroad, a girl on campus



Feeling Like You’re Lost in Time



This happens to every student who moves to a location in a different time zone. There are many annoyances that will eventually pass, but they will burden you for quite some while. 


Even when you get used to time and forget about the jet lag, you’ll still have to get used to how people use their time in the new location. Different cultures make use of time differently, including when they eat, sleep, and even take a nap. While this isn’t the biggest of the cons of studying abroad, if you don’t get a handle on it, it can really cause you to not feel like yourself.


Solution: Give yourself some time to adjust to the new time zone. If possible, get there a few days before the classes begin to fight off jet lag and learn about their time habits.



You May Feel Loneliness



In a place where you know no one, it can be hard not to feel lonely. You’ll probably meet people soon enough, but you’d also have to adjust to their culture and accept it. Basically, you’ll be surrounded not just by new people, but by people with different customs and maybe, beliefs. 


These can turn into your best and lifelong friends, but it will take a while until you adjust to it. 


Solution: Try to meet new people right away. Don’t just communicate with people back at home to hold onto the relationships you have. Yes, you should keep in touch, but open up to new relationships, too. This will help you beat the rest of the challenges much faster.


Dublin street


Language Struggles



It is highly likely that people in your new location will speak a different language. This can make it hard for you not only to communicate but to learn, too. You might find this to be another one of the biggest cons of studying abroad. 


Solution: Many international students use a writing helper during their first months in the new location. Try to learn the language as soon as you can, maybe even before you get there. Until you master the language, you might want to get homework help online. Thankfully, essay writing for college students is now highly affordable and easily accessible. 



Adapting to a New Culture Can be Tough



Most of the challenges above are caused by one thing – your immersion into a new culture. Cultures are an amazing thing and make for the best experiences ever. However, adjusting to them can be really hard. Culture shock is a real thing and it happens to anyone, which will make you feel not only like a stranger, but pretty lost, too.


Solution: Be open-minded about the country and the people where you’re currently living. Try to immerse yourself in their culture as much as possible. Hang out with the natives, learn about their customs, and open yourself up to a broader view of the world.



Not Wanting to Leave



This challenge will happen later than all the rest, but nevertheless, it will cause you really strong feelings. When you finally adapt to the change, adjust to the culture, and meet some amazing people – you won’t want to leave. You’ll have the same feeling as you did when you left home, even stronger. 


You might return to the new place in the future, but leaving it will give you a sense of emptiness and later, a sense of nostalgia. 


Solution: When you return home, you’ll finally be able to notice how much you’ve grown and learned with this experience. Give it time and the nostalgia will soon pass. However, don’t forget about your new friends and relationships. Keep in touch with them – this will keep the memory alive forever.




Are you ready for the best, most exciting, memorable experience in your life? Don’t stress too much about the cons of studying abroad. Book your trip and pack your bags – you’re going to study abroad! Remember to have fun and enjoy it, but don’t forget to do what you went there for – study. If you’re looking for more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post! 


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Ray Campbell is a travel writer and an editor for several writing companies on the web. He works on the go, which gives him a wider perspective of life, a lot of knowledge, and helps him meet some amazing people. He’s the biggest fan of travel, which is why he always prompts students to try this experience while they’re studying.

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