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Home Safety Tips: Keeping Your Home Secure from Accidents 

There are so many advantages to a home security system that goes well beyond keeping out the burglars. When you invest in different types of home surveillance, you also have the benefit of tracking different rooms of your house when you are away or busy. Here are some home safety tips everyone should follow. When we purchased our first home, we knew that home safety was something we would address very quickly.


Keeping Your Home Secure from Accidents 

This is a big bonus if you have babies, kids, elderly, or sick family members in your home. In fact, many are installing home surveillance to double-check if they left the lights on, the stove on, or even forgot something else.


Let’s look at the accessories that come with home security for internal monitoring and safety checks. When it comes to home safety tips, it is not a one size fits all solution – you have to see what works for your home and family.


Doorbell Camera

One of the latest innovations to hit the market is the doorbell camera. This handy gadget alerts you with messages and video feeds to your SmartPhone when someone is at your door. If you are not home, this is the perfect way to let your guests know when you’ll be back or to let them in if it is someone that you trust.

Most homeowners install a digital door lock with the doorbell camera. This allows them to lock and unlock the door remotely or to set user codes for different guests to enter at certain times and dates. Many people who lost their homes or apartments on Airbnb or VRBO use these types of devices to ensure that guests can access their rooms.

The guests can even speak with the host or homeowner through the doorbell or a separate intercom system to clear up any confusion. This takes home security to the next level and brings it up to speed with the digital age.


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Other Keyless Entry Devices

Another method of home security that is catching on is keyless entry using retina scans or a thumbprint. Using this form of security ensures that you can set the home for full family access without having to give kids keys that they might lose. You can even use these devices to secure rooms within your home that contain a home office, a safe, adult materials, weapons, or dangerous tools and chemicals.


Digital Baby Monitors

If you have babies or toddlers who sleep in a separate room, it is important to invest in baby monitors. These monitors can help you rest better at night and to have peace when you get busy during the day. Some monitors can be set to alert you when there is motion or audible noise.

It can be hard for consumers to figure out which baby monitors have the best features and images. Therefore, we have provided a list of 10 best baby monitors for twins (for two rooms) reviewed on Propertyguardmaster. If you don’t have twins, you can browse the other devices on Propertyguardmaster.

You can also check out the top-rated nanny cams here. A nanny cam is something that is used to monitor older children or elders in nursing homes or home care. It can also be used to monitor their caregivers to ensure that they are not being neglected when you are away.


Sidewalk Security Cameras

If you live in a cold climate, you can actually be sued if you fail to properly maintain your sidewalks and someone is injured. This even includes the failure to shovel them or clear them of ice in a reasonable amount of time. Although it not common for accidents to occur, it does happen, and more so with businesses.

If you want to protect yourself against frivolous lawsuits and create an additional deterrent against vandalism and theft at the same time, it is in your best interests to purchase sidewalk security cameras. A sidewalk security camera should feature good nighttime visibility and weather resistance.


Smart Appliance Technologies

They now offer devices on the market that allow you to control all your appliances from an app. You can program when electricity is available or even turn appliances on remotely to preheat an oven for a meal, for example. You can also buy individual Smart Guard devices to alert you when you leave the stove on.

Incorporating remote control over all the appliances in our homes, such as televisions, space heaters such as a Lasko, stoves, lights, and air conditioning can help us to save money and to prevent disasters. You can even find Smart devices to alert you when you leave the gas on or if the smoke detector is activated. These can save you from having to make an insurance claim and protect your valuables from destruction. 


Hidden Spy Cameras

Another way to keep your home safe is to use hidden spy cameras. These devices can come in handy if you believe that someone in your household is doing something wrong. Whether you suspect a thief or kids using drugs, a hidden spy camera can help parents to back their suspicions with hard evidence.


Although it may be illegal to use hidden spy cameras in public areas where people are unable to consent to monitor, you are free to use them anywhere in the privacy of your own home.


This is pretty high tech in the world of home safety tips, but it might be worth it for your home. In fact, there are lots of tips to protect your home from burglary and crime as well as tech to go with them.


Computer Tracking Software

Another way of monitoring what goes on in your house is computer spyware. There are versions of spyware that will operate invisibly in the background and that cannot be detected even if the operator is wary of spy programs. The spyware can send detailed reports to your email addresses and alert you when children access adult content, illegal websites, or text message friends with mischievous plans.

It can also help you to safeguard a computer that has sensitive business information in an office environment. If someone hacks your system or tries to steal information, you will have hard evidence. Monitoring employees is critical in this day and age because the proprietary value of a company can be tied up in digital information, such as patents and designs.


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Using the full range of security cameras, devices, and software available ensures that you are in full control of your household at all times when you follow these home safety tips. Don’t leave anything to chance. And even if a lot of the monitoring is repetitive, you have peace of mind and can breathe a sigh of relief. 


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