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Watches just uplift your personality, they are the most durable and stylish pieces of accessories that complete your look and make you a gentleman but there are some factors that you mind in while you are going to buy a watch for yourself like What is your budget? For what occasion do you need a watch? Do you need it for your traveling or for a formal occasion?


Tips on buying a watch


Types of watches


There are basically two types of watches in general, these are: 

  • Analog Watch: is the one that has clock hands and a clock dial where all numbers are printed on that dial. These watches are old-fashioned but still, they have an elegant look.
  • Digital Watches: just show you the time as your mobile do, it tells you the exact time in the form of numbers, that’s the reason they are called Digital.


Styles of watches


Now the second thing to factor in is the Style of the watch. Watches come in different styles and these styles are totally your choice that what looks great on you and for what occasion you are going to buy that watch. Talking about style, watches are divided into four categories:

  • Luxury Watches.
  • Casual Watches.
  • Sports Watches.
  • Vintage Watches.


What type of watches you should rock totally depends upon that whether you are going to wear those watches for your formal events or you want to you use them just for in your casual days. If you are going to wear them on formal events and meetings then Luxury Watches will just work fine for you and if you decide to buy a watch for you Casual routine like for your college then Longines Flagship and Vintage watches are the styles that you should look upon. Sport watches are very bulky with big dials so you should consider wearing them on your sports time.


Your Budget


Once you are done selecting the style of your desired watch, the next step is to specify your budget. How much you have to spend on your beautiful accessory? 


You better decide your budget before stepping into any watch shop otherwise you will have a confused mind and that’s not what we need, we need it to be clearer as a mirror.


Budget-friendly options include certified professionals who specialize in maintaining and reselling preowned luxury watches. This way you are guaranteed an affordable deal while not losing any value on your purchase.


Features of Watch


Now you have specified your budget. Its time to decide what are those features that you want to be in your watch? You may be looking for a sports watch that has a timer built-in or you may be in search of a luxury watch with a golden ring. It all depends on your personal preferences.




Once you are done with the above steps now it’s the time to find a brand that covers everything you need of. Some brands are famous for luxury watches, some are good at casual watches, some brands are highly-priced, and some provide good quality on low budget even. Go find one of them which suits you the best.


Dial Size and Style

After considering everything in, now you have to think of, what will look better on your wrist, what dial size will suit on your wrist. If your wrist is to thin then smaller dials are recommended for you but If it is healthy then you can go for a larger dial. 


Water Resistivity


Water resistivity is another important factor that you should keep in your mind. Today most good quality watches are water-resistant which makes them great for travelers. The water resistivity of watches varies in all cases, some watches are more water-resistant and some are less. With some watches, you can literally swim or scuba dive while wearing them while others may stop working. You should ask about it while you are shopping for an elegant watch. When it comes to tips on buying a watch, this might be one of the most important ones!


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