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5 Reasons to Go on Trip during Luxury Rehabilitation

If you know someone who needs luxury rehabilitation or for those taking their first initiative to step from a rehab center, the journey of recovery might be diminutive but spiced with emotions of fear, hope, and apprehension. All of us experience such kind of emotions when starting an expedition into a somewhat unknown future. As a recovering addict, such a short journey will always magnify these emotions to the extremities. However, you can manage them as you embark for a new life and of course, proposing to refrain from those things and places which in the first place got you to be in a rehab facility. 


Luxury Rehabilitation


Basically, when recovering from an addiction problem, your thinking will always be narrow and tend to be highly self-focused and restrained. In the early stages of recovery, this is crucial and very important. However, there is something you can undertake to expand your thinking and enhance your recovery much better. This is simply packing a few things and hitting the road to explore new places and other uncharted experiences. 


Generally, taking a trip, especially after discharge from a luxury rehabilitation program will not only help you to develop relapse coping strategies but also understand better ways of dealing with challenges associated with recovery from drug addiction. In this article, we are therefore going to discuss 5 reasons to consider a trip as the main option to recovery from drug addiction. So why would you or a loved one need luxury rehabilitation?


The perspective of luxury addiction rehab.


Although a luxury drug rehab will provide you with all the necessary intervention approaches to revert your addiction problem, you also have a role to play as a recovering addict. You need to improve your perspective of understanding by recognizing the importance of making decisions and appreciating what happens around you. 


Remember we are a product of our surroundings and therefore taking a trip to another place can help you improve your perspective of life, far much beyond than what you might have learned in the various luxury treatment centers. Set your foot to another country or community and get to perceive new cultures and the way people live there. 


Although this will be long gone after you depart from the place, the things you will have learned will surely stick with you and they can assist in the recovery process. To understand this, take a scenario of a friend who will walk away whenever encountered by a problem. Not necessarily running away but just taking a small break. In most cases, such a friend will come back with a solution and resume his/her normal life very smoothly. Such a friend was giving him/herself a perspective on something which is highly important in life.




Recovery starts by exposing our mind to new ideas which even seems unthinkable especially from the personal view on the things which affect us. Therefore, by visiting new places, it becomes possible to view the world from a different perspective something which offers us a better and healthy way of thinking


This open-mindedness is a good starter pack for your new life and it is likely to increase your chances of recovery without any form of relapse. This element will also give a chance to explore other things of life which to some extent we thought were impossible. This will happen by traveling around the world and noticing other people doing them in an effective and efficient. The short and long-term impact for this will be a motivation to try new things which will enhance the recovery process.




Travelling will always have something for you to discover which can either be a new hobby or something you never knew about yourself. Whatever it may be, it will likely improve your personality and make you a better person. This, of course, will bring some joy to your life and ultimately enhance your recovery process.


A Symbol of New life


Once you exit a luxury alcohol rehab or any other drug-related rehabilitation, you absolutely require a symbolic beginning to the new life. This can either be a material thing or an event which will mark the end of the old self and the commencement of a rejuvenated life free from drugs. 


Taking a trip to another country can provide such an opportunity considering the passport you get will be good enough to act as a memento. Hold that passport firmly, give it a huge kiss, and embrace it as the turning point of your life. 


Trust me, if you do like you mean it, it will definitely make a difference. The good thing about having a passport as your reminder is due to the power it holds. Whenever you get it stamped at the different places you visit, you will always remember the decision you made.



A Direction


Upon leaving luxury drug rehab centers, recovering addicts will probably have obscured direction and of course, no exact signposts to guide on the right way to follow. At this moment, taking a trip can provide you an opportunity in the direction you should take since now you are out of rehabilitation. Travelling will expose you to a new environment and meet people who can assist you with ideas on how to progress with life. 


Remember this is a new life and therefore you should aim to be selective on the kind of friends you choose and also the places to visit. First of all, it is important to refrain from an area which can predispose you to drugs and also those friends who can make your old life to crawl back again.


Although the majority of luxury rehabilitation drug treatment centers will offer outstanding rehab services, personal responsibility still remains a key parameter to the recovery process.


Individuals must have impressive dedication to avoid all triggers of relapse and probably engage in activities that will facilitate a full recovery. Such activities include traveling in places you have never been to before.


A proper treatment and rehabilitation service from centers such as Desert Hope Treatment will be greatly beneficial to your recovery as well.


By doing so, you increase the chances of having a normal life deficient of chemical dependency. This is what recovering addicts aspire to achieve and it is all possible when the necessary effort has been applied.


Nia McKenna

Nia is an Associate Editor at The Fairytale Traveler and self diagnosed travel junkie. Having traveled to 5 of the 7 continents, her love of good food and culture is a force to be reckoned with. When she isn't off adventuring with her husband, which she writes about on her blog CircaWanderlust, she can be found with a good cup of tea cuddling her pups and taking pictures of her food. She loves black and white movies and could listen to Elvis on repeat.

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