Top Reasons Why You Should Pack Your Bags and Travel to Africa

Visiting the world’s second largest as well as one of the most popular continents, Africa, is truly an enchanting and a mesmerizing experience on its own. With so much fabulous destinations it is really tough to decide what to see and what not. No other place on earth holds such great variety of landscapes, people, culture, and wildlife.


If you are one of those people who think that Africa is just for viewing the exotic wildlife in their natural homes by opting for an African safari then you need to think twice. There is so much more Africa has to offer you besides the wildlife.


Though it is difficult to bring entire Africa together in one post; we have still tried to convince you, through the below-mentioned points, to plan your next vacation to Africa.


Why You Should Travel to Africa


travel to africa




The prominent and striking wildlife of Africa leaves you awestruck. Having the largest percentage of the entire world’s wildlife there is no other place as Africa to see the wild in their natural habitat especially lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhino.


Tropical Beaches


Beautiful beaches are present in Africa with crystal clear waters, white sand, and host of water sports and other activities. These gorgeous beaches are the perfect way to relax when you come back from your Safari trip. You can either choose to lay down in the sun or you can opt for scuba diving and explore the underwater marine life. Some popular beaches include Camps Bay in Cape Town, Zanzibar and even the skeleton coast in Namibia which is a graveyard for ships.


Beautiful Cities


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Cape Town


This is what makes Africa diverse in all aspects. At one side you will see the vast patches of wilderness all around and on the other side, you can visit some of the best cities in Africa like Cape Town, Cairo, Durban and Marrakech.


Diverse Geological Landscapes that Will Blow Your Mind


The diverse topography of deserts, mountains, forest and tropical islands will surprise you and forced you to think that how can just one continent provide so much to see.


travel to africa

Victoria Falls


You can choose to pay a visit to world’s highest sand dunes in the Namib Desert. The world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls, in Zambia, Zimbabwe is also the most powerful waterfall in the world.


Besides these Okavango Delta in Botswana and Fish River Canyon, which is the second largest river canyon in the world, must be on your itinerary too.


Tribes and Culture


There exist about 3000 different ethnic groups in Africa. Each one has their own language, culture, traditions, and customs. The people are friendly and Africa gives you an awesome chance to interact with the local people and learn about their lifestyle. You can even try their freshly cooked African cuisines.


So in simple words, a trip to Africa will certainly change you. The feeling of going many steps closer to nature leaves you in awe leaving a permanent impression on your heart. However mere reading won’t solve the purpose. Plan, pack your bags and visit Africa.

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