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Travel Workout: Fitness Tips for Business Travelers

Traveling on business comes with great experiences like visiting new cities, meeting new people, sampling different and foreign cuisines, and staying at some of the high-end hotels. However, frequent traveling can have some negative effects on your health and fitness due to poor eating habits, not working out adequately, poor sleeping habits, indulging in alcohol and other pleasures, and so on. That’s why it’s really important to come up with a travel workout plan that you can stick with when you’re away.


There are many reasons for dropping the ball on your travel workout. Some people cite lack motivation as a reason for not exercising enough, a lack of equipment or facilities can contribute to some people not doing enough physical activities as well. For me, it was a different situation. 


fitness class, yoga, stay fit on trips


Why My Travel Workout Was So Hard to Maintain


So picture this, five years ago I was 45lbs lighter than I am now. I was in the gym five days a week, eating 4-5 times a day good whole foods like complex carbs, healthy fats and clean proteins. I felt great and I had loads of energy. But truth is, I was just chugging along. I love food. Dining out and all the flavors, it’s why I stayed far away from it for several years. But, when my work as a travel blogger had me, well, traveling, I found myself indulging. 


Picture being on vacation two times a month for four years straight. 


Today I am 25lbs lighter than I was six months ago, and I still travel. So how could I possibly lose weight while still jet setting and not working out as much? I had a lot to consider that’s for sure. Multitasking calorie burning, limiting calorie consumption, setting boundaries so I still felt happy but with limits, and finding a good fat burner was a good start. 


So, what are some of the methods that you may use to ensure you keep fit next time you are traveling?


stick to your diet, stay fit on trips, travel workout


Travel Workout Tips for Maintaining and Losing Weight 


Begin the Right Way When it Comes to Your Fitness Goals


You need to remove any barrier to you working out when you get to your destination by having your workout gear in an accessible place. You can have it in your carry-on or even put it on while commuting if it is possible. With that kind of preparation, you can get down to work out once you get to your destination dressed and ready to do exercises. Also, working out on the first day gives you a good head start to your efforts and will help stick to this already set precedent for the subsequent days.


travel workout


Optimize What You Have Means Optimizing Your Travel Workout


Since business traveling involves taking the fewest items possible to enable travel light, you do not have the luxury of having your exercise equipment with you. As such, you need to avoid overcomplicating things and make do with what is available. Among the best options are bodyweight exercises, which you can perform in your hotel room. Some of those exercises include push-ups, squats, crunches, and yoga. Consider incorporating these exercises in your routine as well as legal steroids from reliable vendors like Valkyrie Online, which will help you to build muscles, recover quickly, and achieve overall fitness.


Remember, muscle burns more energy than fat. So if you are building muscle then you can burn your fat a lot faster. Ever see a 300lb bodybuilder? Does he look like the kind of person who’s scale tips over a cookie? 


I’m not in any way saying you have to bulk up, but lean muscle will make you tone and burn more calories.


Maintain an Active Lifestyle Before and After Your Travels


Regardless of the means of traveling – airplane, train or motor vehicle –you are using, you will most likely have to sit for long hours, which is harmful to your health.  Having your running or walking shoes on is one way of making sure that you are ready to take advantage of any opportunity to work out.


While traveling by air, if you have layovers or there are delays before connecting to the next destination, take that time to walk around the airport terminal instead of remaining at the gate. If you are using a car, stop after a few hours and stretch a bit. While in a conference at the hotel, use the breaks to walk around and do other workouts. Also, try swimming, quick workouts, or use the hotels’ fitness center if there is one.


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Watch Your Diet and Rest Adequately to Improve Your Travel Workout Efforts


Being away from home should not mean following different rules than those you observe at home. Eat right to give you the energy to exercise, sleep for enough hours, and drink lots of water. You need to keep away from junk foods, and you can achieve this by having healthy snacks with you like dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, and others. Also, avoid drinking a lot of alcohol if you must drink. I can’t stress these tips enough.


Water should be consumed ice cold. It takes more calories to reduce ice water to body temperature, thereby increasing your metabolism. Also, sleep is really important because that is when your body recovers from your travel workout. If you want to keep your metabolism working through the night, then you should drink some low fat milk or some high protein shake with casein protein. This takes longer to burn and will keep your metabolism steadily working while you sleep, rather than going dormant. 


Final Thought


If you have a travel workout plan, it is possible to keep fit. When traveling for business, ensure that you take advantage of any moment you get, use the available resources or do bodyweight exercises, and keep an active lifestyle. Also, observe your eating habits, drink tons of water, get enough sleep, and minimize alcohol consumption. Stick to your plan and be proud of yourself for doing so. Only you can overcome the challenge we all face when traveling and trying to stay in shape. If you want more travel tips or health and wellness tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

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