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Traveling to Nice France

10 Important Tips for Traveling to Nice

Planning on traveling to Nice? It’s certainly one of the most magical places to explore. Here are some helpful tips for first-time and recurring visitors that will help save money, keep everyone safe and offer some things to do while visiting.


France is a relatively safe country and not known for a lot of crime. But Nice is still a large city and a big tourist attraction, which almost always attracts some unsavory characters, too.


Traveling to the French Riviera always means glitz and glam amongst white sandy beaches. It’s a dream holiday for many, with lots of things to do and see in this amazing city. Plus, Nice is a convenient distance from many touristy towns full of interesting things to see.


Nice has been a popular travel destination since the late 19th century. It’s also currently the second largest tourist destination in France and the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes. All of which lends certain considerations to anyone who’s planning a visit there. 


Old Town Nice


Important Things to Know When Traveling to Nice


Download the Find My Phone App When Traveling to Nice or Anywhere Really


No one wants to think about their phone being stolen, but pickpockets are rife in busy cities. Tourists are also usually easy to spot, and they tend to be less vigilant while taking in the sights. To make matters worse, tourists often don’t know how to pick out dodgy areas or characters. So an app that helps a traveler track down their phone is a good idea – no matter the destination. I have been on the spectating end of such scenarios and having this app was a life saver.


Eat the Set Lunch in Nice 


Eating out in Nice is very expensive because it’s such a popular destination. One option that saves money is set meals or “prix-fixe” meals. These are menus that offer 2-3 courses and can be found in most places around Nice. The lunch option is usually the cheapest, too. Another option is buying deli food at supermarkets which come relatively inexpensive.


Another option is to have a big breakfast and skip lunch that way you can enjoy a fabulous dinner, French style. Inversely, you have a very hearty late lunch and skip dinner. 


Hail an Uber to Get Around Nice


The cheapest option for getting around in Nice is a ride-sharing option like Uber. It’s much cheaper than a taxi and doesn’t have a set schedule like the public buses do. Plus you get to have a much more on demand type of transportation, ready when you need it rather than waiting around for public transport.


traveling to nice
Old Town, Nice


Install a VPN Before Going to France


Cybersecurity might not be top of mind when going on vacation. But these days no one should go without thinking about it. Tourists are popular targets for cyber attack because they tend to connect to public WiFi spots.


A VPN can help in this regard because it secures any connection through encryption. So any data that is sent or received over the internet is protected. It’s therefore important to get a VPN before traveling to France for peace of mind.


Plus, VPN software hides a device’s real IP address and replaces it with a fake one from a country of choice. So there’s no missing out on that next episode on Netflix.


Use a Money Belt Not Just in Nice But Anytime You Travel


Yes, it looks ugly. Yes, it’s embarrassing. Yes, it’s the safest way to carry around money and other valuables. There are of course belts that hide under shirts, coats and can be easily tucked away which makes them even more secure. 


Find Free Fun Things to Do in Nice


Not every fun experience has to cost money. Take in the sights, go to the beach or the park. Visit the Promenade des Anglais (“Walkway of the English”) which has street performers at night. The surrounding countryside and towns also offer breathtaking sights. Then, there’s the Nice coastal walk, which stretches from Nice to Villefranche-sur-Mer and is almost entirely by the seaside. Remember, you don’t have to shell out tons of dough to have a great experience.


train station, nice, france
You can always hop n a train and explore more of France


Don’t Order Beer in Nice


Beer is almost always ridiculously expensive in restaurants in Nice. The French love their wine after all, so do as they do and drink wine. It’s much cheaper to order house wine at a restaurant. In the meantime, you can buy beer for a more reasonable price at a supermarket. Besides, when in France you should try to soak in the entire culture. And wine is most definitely the culture in France.


Visit the Old Town – A Popular Sight in Nice


This part of town offers a truly Mediterranean experience with colorful facades and window shutters. The Cours Saleya (flower market) is open every morning, except on Mondays when it becomes a big open market. Some other notable sights include the Rosetti Square with its ice cream parlors and The Saint Frances Square.


Make Copies of Important Documents


Things go wrong sometimes, and no one wants to be stuck in a foreign country with no personal ID. Make copies of any important documents and store them somewhere safe (like the hotel safe). Just in case. And it never hurts to make double copies either. You can keep one on you and your travel partner. If you really want to be extra, laminate them so they are waterproofed.


Traveling to Nice France, Castle Hill Waterfal
Waterfall on Castle Hill


Take in the View at Nice Castle Hill


This iconic castle is a must-see during any trip to Nice, especially for first-time visitors. It offers stunning viewpoints of the city, bay, and mountains.


In Closing


Make sure to follow these tips when traveling to Nice to ensure a fun and eventful (in a good way!) experience. There are plenty more things to do and see in the city. But the things listed here are a great place to start. These tips will keep you safe and help you cut costs on your spending.  And if you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore surrounding areas, it’s relatively cheap to hop on a short 1.5hr flight to places like the Loire Valley where some of the most magical chateaus can be experienced. 


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