Weirdest places in India, Haunted Fort of Bhangarh

Looking for the weirdest places in India? You’re in the right place. India is a country of diversities. Religions, cultures, languages, fashion, eating habits and even buildings in India vary from place to place. India is home to several world-famous buildings and monuments. Many are well recognized and many are still finding their way to be spotted and recognized.


Visiting unpopular, mostly unexplored and weird places is fun and thrilling. You can visit them on your own or book a package via tour organizer. Do not forget to avail Ixigo Coupons while booking a tour package through Ixigo. Ixigo has some fantastic Ixigo Offers for those interested in touring in such locations.


So What Are the Weirdest Places in India Anyway?


So glad you asked. From the world famous Taj Mahal to Delhi’s Qutub Minar, the list is long and endless. Apart from the famous and well-recognized places, Indian terrain offers many magnificent and thrilling unexplored and weird places too. We are enlisting the top weirdest places in India that will awake the traveler inside you and you will become eager to visit such places.


Weirdest places in India, Roopkund Trishul
By Ashokyadav739 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, 


Roopkund Skeleton Lake, Mansarovar – Weird Because it’s Dangerous

Roopkund Lake is formed out of glacier which sits on an altitude of about 5000 meters. It is known for its most remote and dangerous places. This place is not for faint-hearted. The lake is embodied between the snow-laden mountains for most of the year and it remains frozen for most of the time.


The weird thing about this place is about 300 human skeletons buried under this mysterious lake. One can actually see them when the snow melts. It is said that these skeletons are of King of Kanauj and his followers who died here due to extreme weather condition. The skeletons found are dated back to the 9th century. 


Haunted Fort of Bhangarh and Its Thousands of Ghost Stories

The Bhangarh Fort is situated at the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar, Rajasthan. Bhangarh Fort is well known for its architecture and historical past. It is one of the most haunted places in the world. Local villagers have thousands of ghost stories about this fort. Many such incidents of ghost encounters were reported in the past and hence the entry is prohibited between sunset and sunrise. Looking for more creepy places?


The Twin Town of Kodinhi One of the Most Bizarre Places in India for Sure

India is a land of wonders. Our next stop for weird places is at Kodinhi, a little, peaceful town in Malappuram, Kerala. This sleepy town is a subject of research for many scholars. The town has a population of 2000 people with about 350 pairs of twins in it. The town has gained a reputation of a twin town.


Weirdest places in India, magnetic hill
By Toprohan at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, 


Get Pulled at Magnetic Hill, Ladakh – Because Why? Because It’s Strange That’s Why

Magnetic Hill is known for its magnetic powers that pull the vehicles uphill even when the ignition is off. It offers a thrilling experience to the visitors and a must visit the place. It has been concluded that it is merely an optical illusion caused by gravity.



Village with No Doors and Locks: Shani Shignapur – Maybe Not the Weirdest Place But Certainly Odd

When we go out on vacation we lock our home and check it again to ensure the safety but there is a village where houses are without doors or locks. Shani Shignapur is a small village and a pilgrim place in Maharashtra. The weird feature here is people live in houses without doors or locks. The only thing you will find is the curtains instead of doors.


People believed that all their belongings are safe with their lord and they have a belief that anyone who steals anything here will incur the wrath of Lord Shani.


Weirdest places in India, Karni Mata Temple
By Shakti – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Karni Mata Temple – A Temple of Rats in Rajasthan

Another astonishing place is Karni Mata Temple in Deshnoke, Rajasthan. This temple is popularly known as Rat temple for its huge population of rats. The Rats are considered sacred here and are worshipped. Rats can be seen everywhere in the temple and neither rats nor humans are afraid of each other in the temple.


New Lucky Restaurant, Eating Beside the Dead 

This one is most weird. New Lucky Restaurant is actually a coffee house which is built on a centuries-old Muslim Graveyard in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. People dine in with the dead here. The sitting is arranged beside the graves and people sit by them and enjoy their meal. The restaurant is flooded with guests at the peak hours and people have to wait to have their coffee.


If you’re looking to hit up some of the weirdest places in India so you can tell your friends and family back home cool stories, then this list will certainly get you some street cred. From its haunts to its rats, there are plenty of super weird places to explore during your visit. For more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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