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7 Tips for Traveling With a Cat

So you’re thinking about traveling with a cat. Immediately following that thought, you’re thinking of the possible catastrophic outcome of executing such a thought.


Ask any cat owner. They love the little furball, but the idea of traveling with them is panic-inducing.


Cats are NOT known for being great companions on the road. However, cat lovers with wanderlust don’t have to give up their dreams.


It turns out that there are ways you can make the experience more enjoyable.


Here are Tips on Traveling with a Cat

Get Medicated


Traveling can give your cat quite a bit of anxiety. There’s no way to reason with your pet.


Extremely long car trips or plane rides are particularly stressful.


You can make your cat feel more at ease by medicating it before the trip.


Don’t simply dose Fido with the contents of your medicine cabinet. Visit a vet and get a real prescription.


That way, you can be sure that you’re giving your cat something safe.


It’s best to also sign up for pet insurance if you aren’t already covered.


Crates are Key


Cats feel more comfortable in small, confined spaces. It lets them know that another creature can’t sneak up on them.


If you’re headed on a short trip, like to the vet’s office, a proper crate is key.


Longer trips are a little different. It depends on how you’re traveling.


If you’re hopping onto a plane, you definitely need to put your cat into a crate. However, if you’re going on a long road trip, you want your cat to get used to the environment.


You can keep the crate in the car, but don’t expect your cat to lay in it for 12 hours a day.


Protect Yourself


Make sure that you and your pets have insurance before you head out. It’ll make you feel more comfortable.


You never know what could happen while you’re on the road.


Louisville practice Sampson Law Firm notes that:


Since injuries can be so devastating, state and federal laws require us to take reasonable, preventative safety precautions when we… drive, and interact with others… it’s our solemn duty to consider the well-being of other people. Unfortunately, many people every year suffer because of preventable accidents. Tired truck drivers cause massive highway crashes. Negligent pet owners allow their dogs to become aggressive.”


Cats can attack people too. When you make stops, make sure you keep your cat on a leash.


You’ll not only protect it from other animals and people, but you’ll also prevent it from being caught up in a fight.


Your cat should have a collar and an I.D. chip. That way, if it accidentally gets loose, people will know that it’s a house cat and not a stray.

Bring Food


A hungry cat is a stressed-out cat. Everything will be easier if you bring your pet’s favorite snacks and treats.


A good tip is to bring snacks that travel well. Instead of cold cuts that will need to be kept in a freezer, bring beef jerky and chewy cat treats.


When it’s time to make pit stops, whip out the treats to make them more fun.




Relax. Your cat may whine or be very anxious at first, but most healthy cats will eventually calm down.


Your pet isn’t actually being injured when it’s riding in the car. Traveling with a cat can get loud, but that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous.


If you allow yourself to worry too much, some of your anxiety could rub off on to your cat. Certainly, you won’t enjoy your vacation as much as you could.


Bring Toys


Toys are as useful as treats. Bring a few new toys as well as some old favorites. They’ll comfort your cat and keep it entertained.


If you think traveling with a cat without toys is wise, then you might want to at least bring some catnip.


Long car rides are often boring. Your cat needs something to do as well. If you’re driving a vehicle with a lot of space like an RV, you can create a special play space for your cat.


Expect it to run and tumble around.


Stay at Pet-Friendly Hotels


One important thing you can forget when traveling with a cat is overnights. Trying to sneak your pet into hotels that don’t allow pets is a pain.


You can do it if you have to, but your stress level will be increased. It’s much better to find hotels that have pet-friendly rooms. 


If you’re staying in your hotel room for a few days, housekeeping will definitely notice the litter box, cat hair, etc.


Before you pick the hotel, call and ask about its stance on cats. Some places that accept dogs are less friendly toward cats.


Traveling with a cat can be a blast. After the initial discomfort, many cats warm up to the journey.


Even if yours doesn’t, there will be moments of joy. Make the pit stops really count.

Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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