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Are We There Yet? Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations to Travel to With Kids

Do you plan to travel with kids? When it comes to family vacations, not every family is a beach going, amusement park type of family. Whether it be the adults or the kids, rollercoasters and swimming with dolphins are not activities that depict the idea of fun for some families, and that’s okay. The vacation destinations that families tend to go to, like Florida and California are fine and dandy, but what about those destinations that no one really talks about? Those are the vacation hidden gems that are highly underrated and will definitely be discussed today!


Whether your family likes quiet towns with beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings or if your family is more of a city slicker that gets thrills from unique museums, restaurants, and shops, there are destinations that can give your family all of that and more.


With summer quickly approaching, pull out your pen and paper and start your summer vacation planning list out with these off-the-beaten-path destinations!


Travel with Kids to These Places and Make Some Serious Memories


Travel memories can become the most cherished of all memories when we grow up. That’s why it’s important to make sure your adventures are memorable. And that doesn’t mean Disney. It means inviting your family to make great travel stories. 


Your Family Will Love Rock Climbing and Stargazing at Joshua Tree National Park- California


Families typically enjoy national parks as a vacation destination but desert parks are not commonly viewed as an ideal vacation destination and because of that, they’re commonly overlooked.


If you’re a family that has kids who love the outdoors and are constantly climbing up trees, then Joshua Tree is the perfect place for your young adventurers. Now, they won’t be able to climb up the massive and prickly trees, but there are rock formations that they won’t be able to resist (there are rock formations to climb for all ages)!


Now, you and your family can definitely enjoy the rock climbing during the day but don’t forget to save the rest of your energy for the beauty after dark. Joshua Tree is a certified International Dark Sky Park for all stargazers alike! If your kids are into space and astronomy, plan your vacation around the annual Night Sky Festival so the entire family can enjoy a vacation under the stars!


travel with kids


The Meaning of Life: Learn About Earth and How It Came to Be-Utah


There are so many fun things to do in Utah such as hiking, tubing, and ice skating but for those families that are more relaxed, a trip to the Bean Life Museum might be right up your alley! The Bean Museum is located on the campus of Brigham Young University and specializes in the science behind life on the planet Earth.


Exhibits throughout the museum depict how characteristics of Earth make life sustainable, what caused extinction, and the relationship between predator and prey, along with many more interesting exhibits!


If you have smaller children, this museum has a play area for toddlers plus two galleries with one that displays a collection of over 100 species of birds while the other gallery displays wildlife art. Park City, Utah even made U.S. News’s list of unexpected family vacation destinations!


Go on Safaris at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari- Nebraska


The Henry Doorly Zoo had humble beginnings as Riverview Park in 1894 and soon grew to be one of the world’s best and largest zoos in the world, housing over 950 species of animals!


Having the largest indoor jungle in the world, The Lied Jungle resides in an 80-foot tall building that covers 1.5 acres… that’s a lot of space for a lot of animals! Visiting the jungle, you’ll also find a 50-foot tall waterfall, the many species of monkeys, hippos, and macaws!


If you are a true adventurist, then you need to go on a safari at the Lee G. Simmons Park and Safari. You’ll be able to drive through four miles of natural animal habitat. Your family will be able to see the likes of elk bison, and antelope as well as turtles, wolves, and antelope. For adventurers of all ages, come embark on the western frontier and visit Nebraska!


If You Like These Destinations, Imagine This…


So as we mentioned before, no two families are the same. Those thrill seeker vacation spots might not be your family’s cup of tea, but a place like Nebraska might quench your family’s thirst!


If your family loves attractions like that, have you considered living in any of these destinations? I mean, how awesome would it be to have these off-the-beaten-path destinations right in your backyard! If these locations interest you at all you should definitely consider relocating. is a great tool to look at rental properties that are very accommodating to many family sizes. To check out what has to offer, see what’s available here!


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