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East Africa the Native Habitat to Gorillas and Chimpanzees

There is a wide range of wildlife which thrives in East Africa. In an age where wildlife is more endangered than ever, and there is an ever-increasing call to enhance the protection of most species, a bucket list cannot be complete without including the chance to explore nature at its rawest form. It takes much more than having a general tour of the most exotic places in the globe to get the much-desired intimate interaction in regions where flora and fauna thrive undisturbed. This is one of the crucial areas where Africa gets to stand tall as the go-to continent for the ultimate tour as it presents an opportunity of having unique and thrilling adventures which will forever be memorable.


Chimpanzees and Gorillas in Their Natural Habitat of East Africa


A great deal of East Africa boasts top ratings as it has some of the most exciting packages thanks to its largely tropical climate and positioning along the equator which has made it home to thousands of wild animals. The sheer size of the equatorial region which consists of countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda further adds to the thrills of every adventure. One of the highlights that East Africa presents for individuals who want to explore Mother Nature is that it is one of the few regions where the endangered mountain gorillas and chimpanzees still exist in the wild.


Ever since Charles Darwin’s work on the theory of evolution became conventionally accepted, man has never had enough with what would be described as our closest living relatives. The similarities between man and gorillas are well presented when one has an encounter with the highly intelligent and social animals which adds to the endless wonder of the universe and nature. However, because of lots of human activities which have directly led to the death of the apes or destruction of their ecosystem, mountain gorillas are only found in highly protected regions.


Still, all hope is not lost as there are well-structured programs that allow for gorilla trekking, East Africa that can be embraced by anyone after a once in a lifetime experience. The tours take one deep into the forest where the communities of mountain gorillas have found great peace away from any dangers that can be posed by man. In East Africa, the main national parks where one can have the opportunity to be a gorilla trekker are in Virunga National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and Volcanoes National Park. These parks are under professional protection, and the entire ecosystem is not manipulated but left to be self-sustainable.


The chance for the exclusive packages which present something more authentic to the individual who desires more is one that can never be taken for granted. Since mountain gorillas are in the International Union for Conservation red list, the possibilities that we could be the last generation to live with the primates triples the thrill. Unlike most tours where one get to see wild animals from a distance, gorilla trekking breaks the limitations and leads to an up-close meeting with the great apes. The best part is every step is well prepared for, and a guide will ever be at hand to ensure that all the rules are followed and maintained at all times.  


If you’re looking to spend time in East Africa and want to experience the animal encounters with Chimpanzees or Gorillas in their natural habitat, it’s best to look for a well reviewed tour guide who knows their way around. A trip to East Africa is the experience of a lifetime. 

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