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The Best Places to Shop in Malaysia

As you plan your travel itinerary, you might be wondering where to shop in Malaysia. And understandably so, heading to a new country is an opportunity to experience new wares and products that are simply unavailable in your home nation. This can be an incredibly thrilling experience, during which you find items of clothing youre excited to rock when you return home or ornate handicrafts thatll be perfect for a windowsill or shelf in your home. But if youre one of the thousands of shopaholics who travel abroad, in part, to undergo some good old fashioned retail therapy, then this is the guide for you – helping you pinpoint those places in Malaysia youll be able to find the best products possible.


Where to Shop in Malaysia


There are many places to shop in Malaysia. From small markets to international malls, there is something for every type of shopper. Especially if you’re looking for gifts to bring home. 


Local Handicrafts Markets


These markets are usually supported by the state of Malaysia – and the products there sold are both the highest quality, and made by traditional artisans whove passed down the knowledge of their trade for generations. So by heading to a souvenir shop in these markets, youll be supporting indigenous handicrafts and the people behind them. Youll be able to find:


  • Wonderful polished woodwork statues
  • Ornate jewelry in the national style, with gems and stones sourced from local areas
  • Traditional clothing woven with love and care in local clothes mills
  • Games, boards and other idiosyncratic items that come to symbolize the nation
  • Food and drink – like Malaysias famous fried rice and noodle dishes


International Malls


Less local but exciting for those in search of bargains are the international malls that youll certainly be able to find in Malaysias capital – Kuala Lumpur. In these malls, youll find your favorite brands sold, sometimes, for incredibly generous discounts. And youll be able to shop with the abandon and joy that you do at home – all, hopefully, for lower prices – and with slightly different product lines – than youre used to. Look out for:


  • Perfumes and beauty products
  • Designer clothing and accessories
  • Handbags, rucksacks and suitcases
  • Electrical items – from laptops and smartphones to lamps and speakers
  • Artistic gems in quaint boutique stores


shop in malaysia


Museum Shops


Many of Malaysia’s best museums possess some fine shops in which youll be able to find everything from exciting tomes on your destinations architecture all the way through to amazing replicas of the items you most loved seeing in the museum itself. Here youre also likely to find quality products that youll be able to take home with you to remind you of the cultural heritage you experienced on your holiday – as well as charming postcards and notebooks, and wall-hanging art to decorate your home.




Airports are another haven for shoppers – theyre another place where youre guaranteed to find discount products, tax-free, to spend the last of your travel money on before you depart for home. If youre in the market for any of the following items, theyre probably best bought when you find yourself awaiting your flight back to your home country from Malaysia:


  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Books, newspapers, and activities to keep you entertained on the flight
  • Electricals, like headphones and phone cases
  • Last-minute handicrafts and gifts for friends and families


For anyone with a penchant for shopping while abroad, this list of places to shop in Malaysia should help you locate the very best places in Malaysia from which to purchase those items thatll remind you of your wonderful trip. If you’re looking for more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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