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A Few Ways Bloggers Can Earn Extra Money Before They Are Bigtime

Now, bloggers make money, and they can make a lot of it. What we are witnessing now is a radical change in how people used to live and work. As the millennial generation has passed through, we saw a change in people valuing different things than before. In the newer generation, people care more about work-life balance than about being successful in life. They know that happiness doesn’t come from the professional front alone. This value made them seek flexibility in work hours and days of work so they could focus on the more important things in life. Having fun and being with family is more important, work will be there when you are 55 years old but you wouldn’t be as energetic as you are now to go enjoy the things you like and much of your family will be old too. As they say, now is the time. That said, the new technologies at our disposal have given us numerous opportunities to live life the way we want and earn money sitting at home or working on the move.


Here Are Ways Bloggers Make Money Before They Are Bigtime




One of the biggest ways bloggers make money is by freelancing. Much of what it takes to complete a job can be done at home with a laptop and a phone. You only need the skills required to complete it and you can do it from anywhere. You can create a profile online and tell employers what you can do for a charge per hour. You can take a small fee at the start and then begin to increase it as time goes by. All depends on the skill you possess and the educational qualifications you hold. You can even go on and write assignments for college students on websites like ThanksForTheHelp. A freelancer’s life is easier with respect to office-goers as they can be more flexible about the timings and the way they work.


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Virtual Assistants


Nowadays, people can apply for administrative, clerical, and assistance work online to help firms and startups carry out their daily activities. You can become a virtual assistant and take care of activities for a business online. This is a relatively new industry and people with different skills are offering it up for work for a chargeable fee. Websites like 24/7 Virtual Assistant offers people the chance to apply with their area of expertise and take money for work. This might not give you enough flexibility but will allow you to earn money while at home. Bloggers make money doing this and they also get to learn the tricks of the trade from the even bigger bloggers they are working for.


Affiliate Programs


Once a blog starts seeing decent traffic, bloggers make money with affiliate links. Made popular by Amazon, many businesses now offer an affiliate program where you could apply to bring customers in and take money as a commission for that. Many people now look to scour the internet for such programs and earn extra money wherever they can. There are even websites like Shopify dedicated to finding businesses that offer affiliate programs and the terms they offer. You can search for those websites and apply to earn money too. This only pertains to people who have great social skills and who are able to bring in customers through their reach.


Go Back To School


Believe it or not, you might find that taking a few classes will help your craft. Especially classes like photography and writing. You can always bank on your educational qualifications to get you some money. If you have a degree, you can use that to earn money in the online circles. You can even apply to write homework for school students and earn money for that on TopAssignmentExperts or apply to write papers for college students at PaperDoers. A degree does not only add value to your CV but also brings about more opportunities. You even take time out to teach students online and take money for that.


Take Surveys


This option allows bloggers to make money by taking surveys for different firms and take a fee in return. Companies that focus on market research always require the insights from people out there. That is why they extract data from surveys and focus groups as the opinion of a normal person is really required to know how to market a product. There are many websites like OpinionWorld and Triaba that allow you to earn money sitting at home by taking surveys. As technologies evolve, so will the methods to work and earn money. We cannot comprehend how it will be after a few years.




This one is the easiest among all. Though, this one has a problem; too many people trying for the same option. Writing jobs are available in huge numbers online. From writing CVs to writing statements of intent; the needs vary from person to person and so does the skill required. You can become a ghostwriter for vying screenwriters or you can write essays for University students on websites like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp and earn money working at home or while on the move.


Being a blogger is a labor of love. Bloggers make money when they think outside of the box. The most important thing to remember is that your income must come from things you can do at your home office that way you have the time to work on growing your fanbase and creating the content they love. Once you reach a certain point, sponsorships and ad revenue will pay the way. For more tips on blogging, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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