Can You Put Your Bed on the Floor? Here is What You Must Know

The bedroom should be the most comfortable place in our houses. This is the place you retire after all the hard work during the day. It is the place you rejuvenate your body and mind preparing for the coming day. While it is common to have beds in most households, there those who prefer to have their beds on the floor. You can either have your mattress right on the floor or use the now common palates to create a space between your mattress and the floor to allow proper circulation of air. There are benefits as well as demerits of doing so. I will highlight both and let you make a concise decision. Here are the benefits of sleeping on a lowered platform or right there on the ground.


Reasons to Put Your Bed On the Floor (Or Not to)


Blood Circulation in Your Body Will Improve


People who sleep on the floor have better blood circulation as compared to those who sleep on beds. Sleeping on the ground allows your body to take a more natural posture as compared to sleeping on beds allowing for proper blood circulation.


Reduced Risks of Scoliosis


Scoliosis is a medical condition in which your spine develops an unnatural curve. This condition is more likely to affect people who sleep on beds since most beds’ frames are not properly balanced to protect the spine. Most of the people who sleep on the ground have been reported to have less back and neck pains since they rarely suffer from scoliosis. Some have reported the disappearance of all forms of back pains. Sleeping with the mattress on the floor aligns your body properly in a natural posture enabling your body to evenly distribute pressure thus allowing blood to flow without getting obstructed. Combine that with the best mattress for back and neck pain and you have the perfect environment for a restful night of sleep.


Get Sleep Easily


It is usually very difficult to fall asleep without the optimum temperature in your bedroom. When it gets hot, your body temperature increases leading to restlessness and lack of sleep, you find yourself waking up multiple times interfering with your sleeping pattern. Having your mattress nearer the floor exposes you to cooler air that enables your body to relax due to the cooling effect. This cool air enables you to sleep easily. In addition to keeping you cool and preventing you from sweating when sleeping, the cool air also aids your respiratory system.


Maximize Your Bedroom Space


A spacious bedroom allows better air circulation as compared to a cramped-up space. It is also easier and faster to clean a room with more space and especially without a bed since you can easily move stuff around. With a small bedroom, a bed will limit the extent to which you can clean. It’s no wonder you find dust accumulated in tight corners over a period of time.


With the benefits come the cons of having your mattress in close proximity to the floor or on the floor. Here are the cons of having your mattress on such a position:


Accumulation of Dust


Your mattress is more likely to accumulate dust while on the floor than on a bed. This dust can expose you to respiratory conditions as well as some allergic reactions. You can, however, prevent this by having your mattress on an elevated position like on pallets and ensure that you clean your floor on a regular basis.


Odor and Mold Accumulation


If your mattress is in direct contact with the floor, it will inhibit the proper flow of air and accumulate heat. This heat can cause discomfort as it also increases your body temperature causing you to sweat excessively when sleeping. The sweat and dirt can mix to form molds that bring about bad odor rendering your mattress useless. It is important that you have a carpet or a mat under your mattress if you are to place it directly on the floor and ensure that you aerate it every day.


Exposure to Cold


In warmer climates or weather, having your mattress on the floor is beneficial due to the cool air. However, during the cold season, the cool air becomes too cold which is dangerous to your health. Sleeping on the floor during the cold season will bring more harm than good. Cold air can damage your lungs and also inhibit blood circulation


Now that you have the benefits and the disadvantages, you can easily make an informed decision on whether or not you should put your bed on the floor. What will best suit you? My suggestion is that you have your mattress on a slightly elevated position and always maintain hygiene. For more blogs on home life, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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