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Last Minute Things to Grab for Your Trip to Thailand, That Would Totally Suck to Forget

You’ve planned an epic trip to Thailand, and respectably so as it’s one of the most beautiful countries Asia has to offer. It’s one of the widely preferred tourist destinations and the perfect place to spend holidays with family and friends. However, getting everything you need in check before starting your trip can be a daunting task. With all the planning and anxiety involved, it becomes quite easy to forget some essential items that without your visit wouldn’t flow as smooth as you would want it to be.


When traveling you want to try as much as possible to leave all the unnecessary junk at home and only carry what you need. Whether it’s your first time to travel to the land of smiles or you’ve been there severally, there are some essentials that you need, and sometimes it’s easy for them to slip through your fingers. Besides the things that you carry in your backpack like clothes and food among others, there are other essentials you will need for your trip. For more travel tips be sure to subscribe. 


What to Pack for Your Trip Thailand – Last Minute Things That Would Totally Suck to Forget


A Passport


Before anything else ensure you check the validity of your passport. Preferably ensure it is valid for at least a year or so and has plenty of blank pages. The passport is one of the most crucial documents, and you would need it every time you decide to travel. To ensure its safety, you can purchase a passport cover to protect it from any damage and also get a convenient place to stash your tickets while traveling to avoid forgetting the necessary ones or losing them altogether.




Of course, when traveling, you will need a visa to validate your stay in the country. There are different types of visas available for anyone planning to visit Thailand. They include a tourist visa, a non-immigrant visa, one-year non-immigrant visa, marriage and retirement visa, a business visa and a permanent resident visa. Depending on the nature of your visit you should be able to apply for a visa that works best for you. It won’t make sense if you are visiting as a tourist and end up asking for a business visa. It is crucial you pay attention to these details to avoid making some reckless mistakes. You can check out with for guidance on when you when you need a visa and when you do not need one to visit the country.


Flight Ticket


Your flight ticket is arguably the essential document involved when traveling because without it the entire journey wouldn’t be possible. It is always advisable that if you are planning to visit Thailand, you start looking for your flight in advance because the closer it gets to your travel date the more expensive the tickets become. The best choice is to start booking three months before your travel date because that is the time you are likely to find some cheap flights and affordable ones as well.


Credit and Debit Cards


While in Thailand you will need to spend some cash. At the same time, you cannot walk around with huge sums of money in your pockets because that would leave you vulnerable to getting robbed. However, thanks to the latest innovations there are credit cards and debit cards that work in international ATMs and won’t block you because of accessing them in Thailand. Make sure you get yourself one of this to ease your transactions and make your visit to the country a remarkable one.


trip to thailand


Travel Insurance


There is a whole range of uncertainties involved with traveling, and you can never be hundred percent sure that you are safe. Travel insurance plays a significant role in ensuring that you are secured and that in case anything happens during the flight you are well covered. Also, don’t just get travel insurance. Ensure you get one that includes your full range of activities that you plan to indulge in once you have visited Thailand.


Bus and Ferry Tickets


If you haven’t been to Thailand yet its worth noting that it is a pretty big country. For instance, if you are planning to take a trip to the islands, you will most likely at some point need to board a bus or ferry. For convenience, it is always advisable that you check online the ferry and bus times as well as the amount charged. There are also sites that allow you to book tickets online so that once you get to Thailand, you won’t have to go through the trouble of searching for a means of transportation through the many destinations that you have planned.


Prescription Medicine


Many people forget to carry along their prescription drugs and once they have already reached their destination realize that they can’t do without them. At the same time, the prescribed medications may not be available in Thailand, and that can be dangerous health wise. For you to avoid any inconveniences ensure you have a full supply of the prescription medicine you require to avoid booking a flight back home prematurely. And be sure you check with TSA to see if there are any alerts with regards to prescriptions. 


A Thai SIM Card


Communication is quite crucial unless you plan not to keep in touch with anyone after you have traveled. Before taking your flight make sure you purchase a Thai SIM Card online which you can pick at the airport’s counter on your arrival. The Thai SIM Card is your best choice because it’s much cheaper as opposed using roaming from home. There is another option besides buying the SIM Card online. You can do so at one of the telecom shops found at the airport.


Like every other travel experience when planning a trip to Thailand, you need to take care of many details, and the entire process of getting everything sorted out can be quite frustrating. The above things are crucial and should help you know what you need and have it in place before anything else. A simple mistake like for instance forgetting your passport may require you to travel back and forth to get it. Likewise, if you left your visa at home or lost it, it may take you a while before clearing out with the authorities at the airport. Remember your visit to Thailand should be as much fun as possible. So carry all you need to prevent anything from coming in your way.


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