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best things to do in Nepal

The Best Things to Do In Nepal For the Outdoor Adventurer

You might be looking for the best things to do in Nepal before you set off on your epic adventure. And respectfully so, there is little in the way of detailed guides on this destination since its tourism has only begun to climb since 2016. About 1.2 million travelers flock to Nepal each year to explore all it has to offer. Culture, outdoor adventure, and of course, an exotic trip to check off the bucket lists of wanderlusters around the world. So what are the best things to do in Nepal?


The Best Things to Do In Nepal


Nepal lies between India and China. At the top are the frigid peaks of the Himalayas, in the middle the moderately hilly portions, and at the bottom, the hot plain lands referred to as Terai. With these varying ecosystems comes a wide range of things to do and adventures to explore. From Mount Everest to Gautam Buddha, admiring Nepal for its nature gifted bizarre beauty comes easily. So visit Nepal, explore and experience the enthralling charm yourself. Without any delay, here are five of the best things to do in Nepal.


best things to do in Nepal




One major activity to get done during the holiday if you are a diehard trekker is mountain trekking. “The mountains are calling me” has now become a general phrase; which a lot of people use who sense a passionate fondness for adventures like trekking and mountaineering. But only a few succeed to realize that it actually has to be enlightened the other way as “My heart is calling the mountains”.


Whether experienced or inexperienced, the trekking trails of Nepal will always welcome you and offer you many connections with nature. From insects to large horses, dwarf huts to tall trees or fascinating mountain views and familiarity with the culture. For those who are experienced already, the long routes like Everest base camp trek, Langtang trek or Manaslu trek is advisable. Trekking there will not be a big deal though if you are inexperienced, but as a beginner, if you want a warm-up exercise or want to try lesser altitudes before winning the higher ones, locations like Poon hill or Ghorepani should be preferable.




This may refer to both mountain peak climbing and rock climbing; peak climbing is, however, more in practice when it comes to addressing hardcore adventure. If you are bored of climbing up the smaller mountains in the other parts of the globe, eight of the highest peaks in the world are waiting for you in Nepal. Why walk through the trails and gaze at the hills, rocks and mountains from a distance when you can actually climb and step on them? If hiking or trekking does not seem to be fulfilling your hunger for adventure, the better alternative for you could be this one. This is not going to be a cakewalk, causing you a bit of trouble in your feet pretty much your whole body, but trust me that will be of no significance to you when you narrate the climbing story to your great-grandchildren in your old age. Some famous Mountain peaks where climbing is most practiced in Nepal are Mera peak, Lobuche Peak, Pisang peak, Naya Kanga peak and Island peak.


best things to do in Nepal


Cultural Tours


This is one of the best ways to discover the diversity of Nepal. The Kathmandu valley alone has uncountable numbers of culturally significant possessions; from small images of Gods formed outside of each doorstep to world’s tallest monument of Lord Shiva footing boldly at the height of 143 ft in Sanga village. Small temples positioned at almost every street are quaint in comparisons to the larger temples like Nyatopol and Pashupatinath Temples as well as Buddhist monasteries like Boudhanath and Swoyambhunath, and the three world heritage durbar squares located within the valley. Really the list will just go on.


Now imagine the culture you can be acquainted with from all over Nepal when Kathmandu alone has so many views to offer. If you have ample time to travel outside Kathmandu valley, some famous cultural sites with unique art, architecture and tradition are Lumbini, Muktinath, Pathivara, Dolakha Bhimsen, Janakpurdham and many more. Also, you are lucky if you are coincidentally in Nepal during some of the major festivals/ Jaatras like “Holi”; the festival of color, Shivaraatri, Bisket Jatra, Machhindranath Jatra etc. In my opinion, you should plan your trip around these festivals as they are amazing.


White Water Rafting


If you are fond of water but bored with regular swimming, white water rafting might be a good way to feed your inner fish. Where there are bumpy lands there are bumpy waters. And in Nepal, they are accompanied by the serene beauty of the landscapes around the rivers originating from mountains and flowing downwards to meet Terai through fascinating hills. In between, you can also take a break on the sandy beach, set up night camps and enjoy your favorite beer listening to music playlists, lay down facing upwards and just gaze at the stars in the calm sky. Some famous rivers there are Seti River in Pokhara, Bhotekoshi River in Kathmandu, Trishuli, Sunkoshi, Marshyangdi, Tamur and Kaligandaki.  This is extremely adventurous and totally safe as long as you have your guide along and as long as you follow their guidance correctly and promptly.


best things to do in Nepal


Wildlife Adventure


If you are exhausted by humans, wildlife interaction is still there to rescue you. There are many national park conservations which have all the wildlife waiting for your arrival. The most popular ones are Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park, Shuklaphanta National Park and Shivapuri National Park which are the habitat to many creatures like sloth bears, leopards, one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, crocodiles, and numerous species of birds. Among all of these, Chitwan National Park is the most desired one as it is the nearest one to Kathmandu. The guides in the wildlife conservation area will do their best to let you view the wildlife from the nearest distance possible.  The resonance you hear unexpectedly; of the leaves fluttering in the wind, the animals, and the birds chirping might scare you at times, but this proximity with nature is for sure going to give you a relaxing therapy to release all your exhaustion from the workplace and the humans who drove you there.


So if you are looking for a break with a soothing retreat and are excited by the great outdoors, wildlife and culture, imagine how serene would it be to experience it in Nepal. These are the best things to do in Nepal, so just pack your bags, don’t think twice, and begin a journey you will share with your grandchildren and their children. Leave the heavy lifting to a Nepal Hiking Team and get ready for an epic lifetime adventure.

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