The Most Luxurious Hotels in Milano to Experience at Least Once

There are plenty of luxurious hotels in Milan so, if you are planning to visit the city of Milan, these hotels are a must. A luxurious hotel experience means you don’t have to care only about the places you are going to visit or about the restaurants you are going to dine in. The hotel brings a big part of the experience to your vacation.


Naturally, you want your accommodation to be surreal – and, since we all know that Milan comes with amazing architecture that merges both history and modernism, you really have to round up a list of the most luxurious hotels in Milan.


Obviously, we’ve done that for you – so, once you’re done booking your Milan airport transfer, make sure to give our article a read and maybe you’ll find the perfect hotel for your holiday.


Check Out These Luxurious Hotels in Milan


Bulgari Milan


This hotel comes with a 9/10 Telegraph expert rating – you will be surprised by the contemporary interiors, as they feature black marble, bronze, granite, oak and teak fittings, all beside the beautiful Italian furniture.


While roaming around through the hotel, you will eventually come across the spa that features a 12-meter long swimming pool, decorated with a gold mosaic. In terms of windows, they are floor-to-ceiling, providing the interior with enough light and the tourists with enough opportunities to enjoy the views outside.


Mandarin Oriental


Yet another hotel rated 9/ 10, the Mandarin Oriental is made of four 18th-century buildings and has been a bank’s headquarters in the past. The interior of this hotel is trying to recreate the early 20th-century Milanese residence – mellow pastel-colored walls, open-plan fireplace.


When it comes to its available rooms, some have views of the historic streets and city rooftops that lay before the hotel, while others let you see the hotel’s inner courtyards.


If you are a shopping addict, then this hotel might be your best choice, as it is found in close proximity of the Quadrilatero district which shelters fashion labels and exclusive boutiques.


Park Hyatt Milan


The Park Hyatt hotel can be found in the heart of the city and is located within a palazzo that dates way back, to 1870. As you enter the hotel and reach the lobby lounge, you will come across a glass dome and an Anish Kapoor stainless steel sculpture.


When it comes to the interior, it features classical décor – cream-colored travertine and with black marble throughout. It is also equipped with a small spa that comes with a whirlpool bath and steam rooms.


The whirlpool bath is quite interesting, saying the least – it is made of 250,000 mosaic pieces that have been embellished with gold leaf of 24-carat. The hotel has 106 guest rooms, which are quite spacious and decorated with amazing works of art.


If you want something even more impressive, you can opt for a suite that has a terrace overlooking the city’s rooftops – this will clearly make for some of the best mornings in Milan.


Ultimately, you won’t have a hard time looking for luxurious hotels in Milan, as the whole city is characterized by luxury, art, beautiful architecture, and much more – making it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’re looking for more travel tips or budget flight tips, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post.

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