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5 Italian Destinations to Add to Every European Bucket List

Each and every one of us has romanticized about Italy sometime or other in our lives. Brimming over with cultural and artistic delights, dishes that make taste buds dance with unique flavors, and rolling vino, it’s easy to see why Italy makes it to the top of every traveler’s bucket list. If you are someone who has given in to the lavish wanderlust of history, culture and food that is unique to a trip to Italy and you’re planning your life-changing itinerary, then you’ll want to check out these five destinations you won’t want to miss.



Italian Destinations You Must Add to Your Bucket List


italian destinations, Rome




They say that Rome was not built in a day. Rome is where the heart of Italy’s art and culture is and it is this cultural powerhouse that people from all over the world travel to experience. Here, as if preserved in time, you will find some of the most exquisite relics from the Roman Empire. The Colosseum here still stands tall and proud and the sweeping structure of the Sistine Chapel holds one of Michelangelo’s greatest works within.


For devout Christians, this is a place of the greatest religious significance, with the Vatican at its heart. But if you are someone who worships the culinary arts more than the religious, know that Rome has the greatest number of Michelin-starred eateries in the entirety of Italy.


italian destinations, Venice




Another name that is often included in most Italy Private & Small Group Packages 2019 is Venice because any Italian vacation is incomplete without hours being spent slipping down canals in the picturesque gondolas. You can explore the city while in the arms of your lover while he gondola slowly swims past through the city. Or you can take one of the many water taxis or buses to get from one place to another. But if you want to have a quiet time with your lover or just read your book in peace, you might want to avoid the Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco.


italian destinations, Tuscany




The rolling green rural land of Tuscany is another Italian delight than you cannot afford to miss out on. The countryside is dotted with romantic villas and gorgeous castles where you can while your day away, local wine and a book in hand. Many of the delightful wineries here also serve food that pairs beautifully with the aroma and lovely flavors of the local vino.


Tuscany is a central spot that is easy to get to from places like Pisa and Florence and hence fits seamlessly into your itinerary.


italian destinations, Florence




Florence is often viewed as the city of lovers but a solo exploration of the city also makes for an experience of a lifetime. This beautiful city is lined with picturesque avenues that loop and twine into sprawling beautiful piazzas. But it is the church of Piazza del Duomo that forms the beating heart of this gorgeous town. The perfect way to end a day of exploring these breath-taking scenes would be to head to Ponte Vecchio as the sun slips below the horizon and colors the river Arno in every shade of the painter’s palette.


italian destinations, amalfi coast


Amalfi Coast


Home to thirteen towns that glitter along the shore, the thirty-four miles long Amalfi coastline is a land that has many tales to tell. Every quaint sea-side towns have their own stories and traditions. The hike here might get a little tedious but as you relax on the beach after gorging on delicacies that are served up at the many Michelin-starred restaurants, you will know exactly why the hike is more than worth it. My good friend Cacinda from Points and Travel took an epic trip here and has some inside tips on visiting the Amalfi Coast.


Travel bucket list ideas


Travel Tips


As with many European destinations, especially Italian destinations, you’ll want to execute your bucket list with close consideration to seasons and European holiday travel. These places are popular for good reason, and with popularity comes waves of tourists. But there are times when you can visit these places like a local and take in the sites and flavors without hoards of people around. According to everyone I know in the blogging world, the absolute best time to travel to Italy is in April. The weather, prices, and crowds are the best. The other great month is October. More travel tips and budget flight tips can be found right here on the Fairytale Traveler. Be sure to subscribe!


Whether you’re gearing up for a return trip to Italy, or you are looking to add new Italian destinations to your bucket list, these five places are a must for anyone who wants to get a slice of all that Italy has to offer with regard to food, wine, culture and history. Happy travels!

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