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A Guide to All White Kitchens – Get the White Kitchen You Really Want

So you want an all-white kitchen. It is really challenging to choose the color of the kitchen counters and cabinets. You may use any color shade, but the problem is that the kitchen fads change frequently. So, you must have one that has enduring value.


White is a champ for this. Scroll down to know why to follow this route.


All White Kitchens Are Trending 

White Offers Timeless Decor


White kitchen counters and cabinets give it a clean and fresh look. That is why it passed the test of time. These are available in a plethora of styles from minimalist modern to elegant.


Reflecting more lights they make the room bright and visually spacious.


White kitchen counters and cabinets introduce a soothing vibe and have many advantages. These are also unlikely to go out of style soon. You may add color to your white kitchen through elegant and cost-effective kitchen appliances.


Since white acts as a backdrop to align with many design styles, it makes the kitchen attractive.


White Makes the Kitchen Appealing


White has a universal appeal and ability to complement other hues. It also refreshes the mind. This increases the acceptability of the white kitchen and makes them more marketable.


Whatever may be the color preferences, the buyers would not be able to ignore a white kitchen. This comes handy when you need to sell the property. 


all white kitchen


White Livens Up a Room


Maintaining hygienic conditions is the most important factor in the kitchen. White is associated with a clean, hygienic, and sterile ambiance. Thus, white kitchen counters bring in a fresh and airy feeling in the kitchen and sync with healthy food.


This helps to lift jazz up the place.


You Can Tone it Up with Dark Colors


If you ask whether everything should be white in the kitchen, the answer is not at all. While you are having perfectly white kitchen cabinets you may go bold with the countertops. A blue or a dark countertop combines well with white counters.


This creates a nice contrast and pops up the kitchen.


Even a black and white contrast goes well for the kitchen. You can have a colored floor with white kitchen counters and cabinets. White kitchen counters are also great to match with a patterned floor.


If you have bold color cabinets, they make the patterned tiles almost invisible.  But, the white kitchen counters highlight the intricate pattern.


all white kitchen


Ideal for Small Kitchen Spaces


Just because your kitchen is small, it never means that it cannot be made stylish. You can do many things like painting the kitchen in white. The flat-front design of the cabinets also adds a streamlined effect in cramped spaces.


This is the ideal way to create an illusion of more space.  When this is combined with kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling, it gives a feeling of a high ceiling.  This also expands the kitchen.


White Opens Up the Color Vistas 


White counters and cabinets make a perfect backdrop in the kitchen. Since white aligns with almost all colors, you have ample scope to add colors to your kitchen.  You can infuse colors through various kitchen appliances, upholstery, and chairs.


Even a colored pendant light also comfortably matches in a white kitchen. You can also accent a wall with cream for a nice effect.


White Goes with Everything


White goes well with other materials. Wood complements the white kitchen best. A white kitchen with wooden floor is pleasant and attractive.


But of course, it’s important to keep a good floor cleaner with you to also ensure your floors look spick and span in contrast to your white kitchen. They pop up the kitchen without any competition.


The addition of stainless steel also enlivens a white kitchen. When used as backsplashes, it creates a great impact.  Using a colored, even black, the appliance creates a nice balance in the kitchen. 


White Kitchen Islands Makes a Room Brighter


A kitchen island spruces up the kitchen area. Other than being functional, it allows for additional storage and offers extra seating. You can choose varieties of materials like white marble, quartz, quartzite, and laminates.


Choose the material based on the function you wish to perform there. This brightens up the kitchen area.  


all white kitchen


White Delivers an Immaculate Kitchen


When you want to make your kitchen immaculate, white kitchen counters are the right option. When everything is painted in white it delivers a clean and elegant look.


Since the white palette does not allow dust accumulation, the kitchen becomes as bright as anything.


Create Eye-Catching Contrasts with Greens


The greeneries can make a white kitchen outstanding. With a white background, these create a nice focal point. This makes the kitchen warm and inviting.


Available as trees, plants, flowers, topiaries, and varieties of palms, the silk trees and plants can add colors to the place. Check out some of these gorgeous all white kitchens with greens.


Using high-end artificial plants saves cost and time as they require no maintenance. Moreover, these are not affected by the grease and temperature in the kitchen. Once included, they adorn the place for years together.


This makes them ideal for the white kitchen.


The silk flower centerpieces are also great for decorating the white kitchen islands. With their lifelike beauty, they make a great impact. These are made from premium quality raw materials and are also infused UV-blocking substances.


Thus, they never wilt or fade. Safety is a prime requirement in the kitchen. The fire retardant varieties of the fake greens are ideal for this.


Decorating with artificial palm fronds makes the white kitchen stunningly beautiful. They can be placed almost anywhere. Since these do not cause any allergy and also do not attract insects, you get a healthy kitchen environment.


Drawbacks of White Kitchen Counters


The only problem with white kitchen counters is that they demand heavy upkeep. These are not able to maintain their shine without constant cleaning and maintenance. If you are ready to accept the challenge, you will have the best.


White kitchen counters impart a clean and happy feeling. Matching with every other color, it passes the test of time. It also makes changing colors easy, if you have a change of mind. Try these ideas in your kitchen.


They will deliver you a timeless kitchen. Want to know more about what I’m doing in my own home? Check out #ourfirsthomestory on social and some of my recent home decor posts.


And for my obsessions, check out my pins on my Our First Home Story Pinterest Board


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