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Manila to Cebu: A Short Guide on International Traveling to Cebu Philippines

Cebu is a major province in the Philippines and consists of Cebu Island. And it has over 160 and smaller islands surrounding it. Also, this province knows its Sinulog festival, which is an annual religious celebration that occurs in the third week of January to honor the late Santo Nino.


There are so many different and amazing locations when it comes to Cebu tourist spots. It’s ideal for any type of vacation! 


Traveling to Cebu Philippines


And, Cebu also boasts multiple religious museums and has a Taoist temple. There are some extra attractions that include relaxing in the sun on Cebu’s Mactan Islands. To get from Manila to Cebu, you’ll have to travel there by ferry or airplane.


The simplest way to go from Manila to Cebu is through the air. You can pick from three of the following airlines: Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and Philippine Air Asia. Each of these airlines has a flexible flight scale, and there are no more than 30 flights a day. On average, these flights take an hour, which makes air travel the fastest way to enter Cebu Island.


Additionally, you can travel from Manila to Cebu by ferry. Start by sailing from Pier 15 in Manila to Cebu’s International Port. Usually, Super Ferry provides this service at least 6 times a week. The tip will take a total of 24 hours. Here are a few more good tips for traveling to Cebu.


Where Can I Purchase Travel Tickets?


If you’re planning on traveling from Manila to Cebu, its best to purchase your tickets online. Alternatively, you can buy them via a licensed travel agent if you prefer having your tickets purchases directly. No matter the method, make sure you’re getting it from a legitimate source so that your tickets are accepted at your method of transit.


Additional Travel Tips


  • If you’re traveling to Cebu early, we suggest that you take a day to tour around the city.
  • Cebu traffic is almost the same in Manila. Thus, you should leave as early as possible to prevent any difficulties.
  • To get the most out of canyoneering activity, make sure to arrive early. In addition, avoid going on Saturdays.
  • At noon, Kawasan fall becomes highly populated. This is for two reasons: there are 8 rafts available, and you can ride them for 30 minutes. But, due to the high population, you’ll have to wait at least 2 hours before getting using it. We suggest that your name is listed first, then eat lunch afterward.
  • At the start of every water activity, make sure you have a separate bag to switch to your dry clothes quickly.




In the end, traveling from Manila to Cebu requires a bit of effort on your behalf. When traveling, make sure that all of your important information (passport, state ID, etc.), can be easily accessed. This will help increase your ability to reach your destination without having to wait long multi-hour stops at the border.


And why do it? Because traveling helps you find a location that’s fun for both the friends and family. Conclusively, by traveling to Cebu, you’ll have more opportunities to engage with a new culture, party at the beach, and still, relax before the weekend is over.


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