Woodstock Summer Concert Series

As a new resident of northern Georgia, I am finding there is a special sense of community that is centered around good values and family. And I am completely in love with it. Where I come from, people tend to keep to themselves. And when they’re at large events, they often misbehave ruining it for everyone. But after attending my 2nd Woodstock Summer Concert Series with Carriage Kia of Woodstock, I can honestly say that I’ll be attending community events as often as I can. And that I couldn’t be more proud to be a homeowner in Cherokee County Georgia.


For years I’ve avoided public events like outdoor concerts and seasonal festivals like the plague. I gave a hard pass to the cattle drive of humans who litter everywhere, while getting belligerently drunk, start fights and destruct property. No. Thank. You. After growing up to that, you just sort of expect it in every crowd. So I was delightfully shocked when I first attended the Woodstock Summer Concert Series. DELIGHTFULLY!


Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Best concert rules ever!


The Woodstock Summer Concert Series Presented by Carriage Kia of Woodstock – Why You Don’t Want to Miss It


First off, the obvious advantage of attending the Woodstock Summer Concert Series is that it’s free for the whole family. But let’s be honest here, dog poop is also free and I’m not trying to get all up in that. I think what’s more important is the fact that you can bring your family and feel completely comfortable with the strangers surrounding you. Cherokee County is that kind of place you know. I mean there are a few bad apples here and there, but overall I feel like it’s a great place to call home. Plus, there are adorable historic downtown areas that are hard to resist.


Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Coming together, without the drama! Love this place!


Woodstock, Georgia is the kind of place where you wanna grow up. Its residents have strong Southern values, the kids are kind and polite, and the whole community cares about their beautiful city. When you bring people like that together you notice that there are a lot a courteous people in town. And if you’re gonna have 10,000 people in one spot courtesy is everything. Not to mention the concept of adults enjoying adult beverages without getting ridiculously wasted is refreshing.


About the Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Sponsored by Carriage Kia of Woodstock


Woodstock Summer Concert Series


The Woodstock Summer Concert Series is brought to the community by Northside Hospital and Carriage Kia of Woodstock. The event itself consists of four massive concerts at the Northside Cherokee Amphitheater which brings the community and local business together to enjoy evenings of live music, food, craft beer and kid-friendly activities (like face-painting, balloon art, and bouncy houses). And of course, it brings family together. And anything that gets us out of the house and hanging out is good in my book!


Woodstock Summer Concert Series

The little dude getting some ink!


In 2018, the Woodstock Summer Concert Series brought bands like Everclear, Departure, and Love & Theft, with its final show for the year being 38 Special on September 8th at 7:30 p.m. So far this summers I’ve attended the Love & Theft and last night’s Everclear show. I was excited to see a band I loved during high school on a big stage. And as it turned out, Everclear was equally excited to see us. Frontman Art Alexakis said to the crowd multiple times that he was thrilled to see so many kids and loved the sense of family and community we all had. He said it was an honor to play for families as he is a father himself. Such high praise coming from a man who has seen every city in the U.S. and beyond made me proud to be a part of such an incredible community.


Here are some pics from the Everclear show:

Woodstock Summer Concert Series, Christa Thompson, Sean Overstreet

Things to do in Cherokee County, GA, Woodstock, Woodstock concert series

10k people here!

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Food trucks!

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Had us a spot in the VIP area, but you know, we were down in the crowd too!

Woodstock Summer Concert Series

Ice cream witchcraft right here!

20180811 202907 735x980 1

It was nice to get out with my family and have a good time.


In Closing


The great folks at Carriage Kia of Woodstock have a great stake in their community. They put thousands of dollars into being the top sponsor for the Woodstock Summer Concert Series as does Northside Cherokee Hospital. They care about their neighbors and it shows. I just purchased my jew 2019 Kia Sportage from them and they were amazing! If you get the chance, even if you’re not looking for a car, stop in and say hi. They are great people. Get a coffee, have a chat and build a relationship. And if you buy a vehicle there, tell them, Christa, the blogger sent you! 


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  1. I grew up in Georgia and regularly went to concerts during the summer. I miss having that easily available to me because I love live music!

    Nina Bashaw Photography / Reply
  2. LOOKS LIKE QUITE the BLAST if you’re into that thing! Personally I am not because there are just too many people and my ears are sensitive! LOL! But I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

    GiGi Eats Celebrities / Reply
  3. We hardly have such event over here and thanks for sharing such a lovely event with me. I would be delighted to join one of this concert if I am in living in the States.

    kumamonjeng / Reply
  4. You guys look lovely, and I really hope you had a good time because I personally am not into it. I don’t like crowd.

    Deserted_Queen / Reply
  5. This is so fun and really enjoyable event to experience .And looks having a delicious food stands besides it..

    Jeannine D. / Reply
  6. I usually don’t enjoy crowds but this one seems Fun! We have the similar of this here in dubai, wherein we are just chilled sitting in the grass while watching free bands near Burj al arab. what are the usual music type in woodstock?

    Rhea Evangelista / Reply
  7. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Woodstock! I never been to the festival but I would love to go! You guys seemed to have a blast there!

    aisasami / Reply
  8. I’ve hear Wooodstock is a blast and the pictures prove it. Would love to go one day!

    Shane Prather / Reply
  9. I’ve never been to an event like this. This one sounds great!

    craftingthishouse / Reply
  10. I have never been in a festival like this and it looks like a lot of fun!

    Catherine Santiago Jose / Reply
  11. It looks like a nice festival to attend too and it looks like a lot of fun

    Geraline Batarra / Reply
  12. It looks like you had the best time at Woodstock! It looks like a great festival and the ice cream truck looks so cool!!

    Elizabeth O / Reply
  13. I wish we had events like this in my hometown. I love that you were able to enjoy this remarkble day.

    Cia Black / Reply
  14. I have never been to Woodstock but used to go to concerts like this all the time in CT. They’re a lot of fun.

    Scott Gombar / Reply
  15. It sounds like a lovely friendly event to attend. I’ve always been too scared to attend a festival due to fear of drunken people etc, good to see they aren’t all like that.

    Alison / Reply
  16. LOL @ “dog poop is also free and I’m not trying to get all up in that”! So true though…the type of people there do make such a difference. This looks like such fun…not sure we have anything near me like that, apart from the odd small alfresco chill-out festivals. I guess there’s Glastonbury, but even that’s quite a long way from me. Glad to see you had such a good time!

    ruiyyanko / Reply
  17. There is something about Southern Hospitality in general that makes people just so nice to one another. I lived in the South for a bit and people walk around smiling, asking how you are, and helping others all the time, even if they are complete strangers. In the North, everyone is kind of cranky all the time and sticks to themselves!

    mrhappywork / Reply
  18. I love outdoor events. To go to one with a great crowd is even better. It really makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

    Christa Anne / Reply
  19. I used to love going to outdoor events and music festivals when I was younger but really didn’t go to any while the kids were small. Now they’re older, we’ve started going to food festivals and I think we’ll attempt a music festival weekend soon.

    Emily Leary / Reply
  20. This looks like a great concert. I love the atmosphere though I haven’t yet been to too many large concerts. I liked the Concert rules picture.

    Pujarini Mitra / Reply
  21. This looks so fun! We have never been to Woodstock, but have been to other music festivals.

    twinspirational / Reply
  22. It looks like it was a great concert to experience!!

    turtlelovesbeauty / Reply
  23. Looks like such a fun time. Thanks for sharing.

    Cecilia Harvard / Reply

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