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The Lazy Girl’s Guide on How to Pair Food and Wine

Ever want to just hang out with your besties and share a glass (or two) of wine, but you don’t know how to pair food and wine? Don’t beat yourself up. Until about five days ago, I couldn’t pair wine if my life depended on it. That doesn’t mean I don’t love a good pairing.


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Recently I was sent a variety case of Nakedwines to try out and I wanted to pair them all, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on fancy ingredients. I wanted to pair them with normal stuff in my fridge. Why? Because I’m lazy like that. I’m just too busy to make special trips. And honestly, my besties don’t care if I have goat cheese or lunch cheese. So how can you pair food and wine when you’re lazy AF?


I sat down with Rootstock & Vine’s Sommelier, Taurean Philpott to get the skinny on wine pairing for lazy girls. I’m talking mac and cheese and potato chips level lazy. He paired six different popular Naked Wines with comfort foods and I about fell off the chair drooling.


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock




As a wine enthusiast, I’ve turned down wine sampling exactly zero times. So, when asked me to test their product and learn about their business, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. is a customer-funded wine business that charges a $40 monthly investment to its members “Angels” which is then given to talented and independent winemakers.


Pretty cool right? I thought so.


In return for an “Angel’s” investment, they are given insider prices at 40%-60% off retail. And bonus, it shows up at your door! Since launching in the UK in 2008, Angels have helped invests in over 159 independent winemakers in 14 countries. That’s pretty remarkable if you ask me. And as it turns out, these wines are pretty fantastic. I mean, I blew through an entire case and loved every single drop. You can learn more about Nakedwines here and its mission here.


You can see why I was eager to try these wines right? Such a fantastic business model must be boasting some incredible wines. But I still had one problem, my complete and utter inability to pair food and wine. So I took a trip to one of my favourite local spots, Rootstock and Vine, and had a chat with their Sommelier and Wine Director, Taurean Philpott… over a glass of wine of course.


About Rootstock and Vine


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
A fabulous white with Rootstock and Vines Hummus.


Rootstock and Vine is a locally owned wine and tapas restaurant in charming southern Downtown Woodstock, GA (just minutes from my home). Their focus is to provide a list of high-quality wines created from small family-owned vineyards around the world. Additionally, they host a wine tasting once a month and a wine pairing dinner once a month. They also have a huge live music program which includes a listening room once a month (Rootstock tracks) live acoustic music every Friday and Saturday evenings, and salsa night once a month. Check out all of Rootstock and Vine’s monthly events here.


They are always doing something fun!! With a slogan like “true to our roots” it’s evident that they are focused on their community while assisting in the healthy growth of the local economy and giving back! They even choose a community member every month to honor and recognize by creating a cocktail for them to sell in the bar and donate a portion of the proceeds to the charity of their choice. They really are more than a fantastic restaurant, they are fantastic people. If you want to know more about how to pair food and wine, stop by and talk to Taurean. He’s full of creative ideas when it comes to wine pairing! #truetoourroots


About Taurean Philpott


Taurean Philpott
Taurean Philpott


After being bitten by the wine bug 3 yrs ago, Taurean Philpott has been a dedicated student of the vine ever since. After a tenure at Murphy’s in Virginia Highlands as a wine consultant, he embarked on the task of taking complete control of the wine program at Rootstock and Vine in August of 2017. With a great love for wines that are naturally made, he has built a list consisting of the great regions but also highlighting the lesser-known areas such as the Jura, Finger Lakes, and even the Azores. As a student of wine, his next goal is the WSET3. 2017 also saw him compete in the Somm Smackdown with the Cochon 555 tour. A dedication to wines of place backed with an undying passion for wine education and the marriage that both bring to the dinner table, the journey is just beginning.


Check out Taurean’s lazy girl wine pairings with these delightful Naked Wines:


How to Pair Food and Wine – The Lazy Girl’s Way


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock


I love wine. Like, love, love. I am always finding an excuse to pour a glass. Many of my friends ask me how to pair food and wine because I’ve been fortunate to have experienced some exquisite wine pairings. From 5-star restaurants to world-class vineyards, I’ve had many moments where I thought, “how do they do this?”. While wine pairing seems like a difficult science, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, you probably have items in your house right now that would pair swimmingly with these wines from



Cabernet Sauvignon – Matt Parish


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
Cabernet Sauvignon – Matt Parish


Tastes like: This medium-bodied and low acidity Cab delivers a palette of blackberries, plum, figs, dried tobacco, spicy chai and mocha with a short dry finish.

Drink with: Perfect for chilling with your partner for a late-night junk food fest.

Pair with: Pizza, Taco Bell, and chocolate cake.


Malbec –  Sharon Weeks Cattoo Paso Robles Malbec


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
Malbec –  Sharon Weeks Cattoo Paso Robles Malbec


Tastes like: After a 16-month sleep in French oak, this Malbec has proved to be a best seller and runs out of stock often. Despite its youth, it has a wonderful palette of fresh raspberries and blackberries with some red currant notes. After a fresh breath, it delivers notes including plum, cola, and oak. Expect a medium to full body with soft acidity.

Drink with: Perfect for late nights of movie watching with the family after dinner.

Pair with: Meatballs, hamburger, Mexican takeout, and tacos.


Sparkling Rosé – W. Donaldson


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
Sparkling Rosé – W. Donaldson


Tastes like: The W. Donaldson is a robust yet elegant sparkling rosé made with a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. Harvested from the cold climate vineyards in Sonoma Valley, it’s the winner of the Double Gold at the SF Chronicle Wine Competition. Light bubbles carry a strawberry and peach palette, perfect for its dry finish.

Drink with: Invite your bestie over and open this bubbly when it’s time to celebrate!

Pair with: Potato chips, french fries, and fried chicken.


Chardonnay – Scott Peterson Rox


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
Chardonnay – Scott Peterson Rox


Tastes like: Full of ripe fruits like pears, citrus and pineapple (like pina colada), nutty and woody with a balanced acidity. Its creamy yet balanced blend makes this Chardonnay a favorite on the Sonoma Coast.

Drink with: By yourself! Go ahead and take a break after a long day and enjoy the setting sun. No rules, just you and a wonderful glass of Chardonnay.

Pair with: Mac and cheese, ice cream, and banana pudding.


Pinot Gris – Scott Kelley


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
Pinot Gris – Scott Kelley


Tastes like: A perfect summer wine straight from the red wine region of Oregon, this Pinot Gris is aromatic and floral with a light palette of soft citrus (grapefruit and lemon). Moderate acidity brings a medium finish of citrus and pear. It’s very smooth and refreshing.

Drink with: Perfect sip for hanging with your bestie by the pool and taking in the rays.

Pair with: Fruit, cheddar cheese, sesame chicken, and ice cream.


Sauvignon Blanc – Jacqueline Bahue


naked wines, how to pair wine, rootstock and vine, woodstock
Sauvignon Blanc – Jacqueline Bahue


Tastes like: A crisp and bright classic Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc that packs a kick of juicy pineapple, zesty lime, grapefruit, and lemongrass. It has a finish of medium-high acidity which makes it a perfect outdoor wine.

Drink with: Refreshing enough to enjoy in the garden or backyard with mom!

Pair with: Goat cheese, salad, and shrimp cocktail.


Don’t have time to read this entire article? You can watch the video here:


Everyone has their lazy moments. And if you’re anything like me, that’s the best time to pour some wine. So sit back, relax and don’t stress about how to pair food and wine. Use this lazy girl’s guide and pair your wines like a pro. For more information on and how you can become an Angel, check out their site with an inventory. And if you’re in the Woodstock, GA area, stop into Rootstock and Vine and meet Taurean. We’d love to pour you a glass!

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