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Anytime Gift Guide When You Need to Shop Unicorn for that Magical AF Person in Your Life

Whether you’re looking for an actual unicorn or you just want something to put on the shelf, there are loads of unique gifts out there. Maybe you’re shopping for that friend who’s magical AF, or maybe it’s you!


Either way, finding really cool gifts that aren’t totally cheesy can be hard when you’re trying to score something special for a birthday, special event, or the holidays. Well, fear not. I like to think I’m pretty magical myself.


So, I spent about ten hours combing through the interwebs and Amazon to curate the ultimate gift guide for you, (and maybe for me too). There are some affiliate links in here at no cost to you, they help make my business run.


I’ve also included some cool products I’ve received this year that I thought were pretty legit. Check out this ultimate gift guide for all your mythical and magical crush needs.


PS I want to let you know that there are some coffee mugs in here that say some grown-up things. So if you don’t want anyone to know you or your friends are boss level magical, then you might want to stop here.


Otherwise, I’m glad you joined the rest of pop culture in 2018. And yay for unicorns!


Unicorn gift guide magical gift guide unicorns


The Most Magical Gift Guide Ever


Now some of these products I actually own, and some of them I want to own. And then there are the ones that I just couldn’t help but add. I hope you enjoy!


For the Friend Who Would Jump in Front of a Moving Bus for a Unicorn


unicorn, gift guide

I’ve had my eye on the Unicorn Tears Gin for quite some time. It’s mind-bending how it still hasn’t ended up in my hands.

unicorn, gift guideThe Vaya Tyffyn hot/cold 2 container lunch box is awesome. Vaya sent this to me earlier this year and it’s pretty hardcore. It keeps things hot for hours.


14 181

This might be one of the most unique wedding gifts ever. Tinggly Wedding gift box offers a choice of experiences from around the world to gift to that perfect couple on their perfect day. The beautiful couple can choose one of hundreds of the world’s best experiences. Available in nearly 100 countries, these experiences are easy to book and valid for up to 5 years. Let them choose the dream experience of a lifetime.


unicorn, gift guide

I love this wine holder. I actually got this as a gift for Christmas one year from my friend Emma.

unicorn, gift guide

It’s always fun to spread a little magic throughout your decor without going over the top. This wooden unicorn wall decor would be perfect on my desk.

unicorn, gift guide

If you want to stay true to your roots but still keep things classy, use small details like this unicorn planter.

unicorn, gift guide

I absolutely LOVE this unicorn water bottle. The colors, everything.

unicorn, gift guide

Just a little hint of something magical to light up your personal space at night. I love this unicorn nightlight, it’s so pretty!

unicorn, gift guideGah! Imagine rolling up to the pool party with this magical AF towel! OMG LOVE!

unicorn, gift guide

I don’t think I could have said it better myself! Magical coffee mug for the absolutely fabulous!

unicorn, gift guide

One can never have too many unicorn coffee mugs.

unicorn, gift guide

If you are shopping for Deadpool’s unicorn coffee mug, then you’ve arrived.

unicorn, gift guide

And just in case you want to start a unicorn coffee mug collection…

unicorn, gift guide

If you’re getting a mug, you may as well get the Unicorn Tears color changing tea. It turns purple! MAGIC!

unicorn, gift guide

I take my reusable water bottle with me everywhere. It keeps my drink cold forever, it’s no spill, and I can throw it in my purse/cupholder in my car.


unicorn, gift guide

OMG! I love this iridescent Corkcicle triple insulated tumbler. It’s like witchcraft! I swear ice stays frozen overnight in this thing!

unicorn, gift guide

And you can’t have one without the other! The short Corkcicle tumbler.


unicorn, gift guide

These wine labels are super cute for the unicorn loving wino (that’s me).


unicorn, gift guide

I am completely drooling over these stemless iridescent wine glasses. Totally unicorn worthy!

unicorn, gift guide

But if iridescent stemmed wine glasses are more your thing… or, if you want to use these for white and the stemless for red (that’s what I do).

unicorn, gift guide

I mean, if you’re going to get the wine labels and the glasses, you may as well seal the deal with an iridescent corkscrew. Just saying.


712CFsvNWuL. SL1500

If you love unicorns then there’s a good chance you like things that sparkle. These Swarovski Crystal wine dots are awesome! If a unicorn could drink wine from a glass, surely they would mark them with crystal dots! Magnetized so they won’t fall, these gorgeous little sparkles are color coded so you don’t get your glass mixed up at your parties! Brilliant!unicorn, gift guide

I have this pretty little ceramic piggy bank right on my desk, and yes, I do put change in it!

unicorn, gift guideThis is a really cute book that was sent to me. It’s written from the perspective of unicorns about recipes, crafts, and their history.

unicorn, gift guide

I love this adult coloring book! It makes a great gift.

unicorn, gift guide

For those of you shopping for an extra sparkly friend, the book Glitter showcases all things that sparkle.


This is by far one of the coolest books I own. Complete with unicorns, fairies, mermaids and more. This would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves myth and magic.


unicorn, gift guide

Gah! These unicorn food recipes are so fun!

unicorn, gift guide

And like why stop at just one? More unicorn food recipes!

unicorn, gift guideI’m just saying, I could totally see a unicorn wearing these pink foldable headphones.

unicorn, gift guide And just in case you’re looking for your kiddo, I love these headphones. They are waterproof, have kid safe volume and a long battery life.

unicorn, gift guideThis is the perfect nightstand speaker to help lull you to sleep. And look, a rainbow!

unicorn, gift guideI have an iridescent phone case and I love it! I think I love this one even more with the cardholder. LOVE!

unicorn, gift guideI also love this iridescent phone case.


unicorn, gift guide

Okay, so Amazon says this boho pastel dreamcatcher is for a baby, but I think it’s pretty cool and I would use it in my office for sure!

unicorn, gift guideI totally have this ring and jewelry holder. I love it. It keeps all my things in one place.

unicorn, gift guideThis unicorn necklace is SO pretty. I think I would wear this almost every day if it were mine.

unicorn, gift guideThis iridescent pendant has the same effect on me as neon lights in Las Vegas. I am totally drawn to it!

unicorn, gift guideIt’s like pure magic lives on the inside of these iridescent earrings.

unicorn, gift guideThis might be an actual unicorn tear…. if a unicorn tear was an iridescent pendant.

unicorn, gift guideA rose gold necklace for everyday wear. Love it!

unicorn, gift guide

This handmade unicorn necklace from Etsy is SUPER cute.

unicorn, gift guide

I love these super cute makeup cases.

unicorn, gift guide

Too Faced Unicorn Tears for a little extra glimmer in your day.

unicorn, gift guide

Every unicorn needs their survival kit!

unicorn, gift guide

I love the Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipgloss. It gives just the right amount of sparkle.

unicorn, gift guide

We all need a little rainbow action in our life! I love these sugar scrub cubes that Hallu sent me!

unicorn, gift guide

More goodies from Hallu, I loved the scrub & butter body bar. Made me feel like I was taking a magical bubble bath!

unicorn, gift guide

Add one more thing to make my Hallu bath perfect, these unicorn bath bombs!

unicorn, gift guide

More super cute bath bombs.

unicorn, gift guide

A unicorn horn bath bomb! I need this in my life.

unicorn, gift guide

And this Unicorn Fairy Dust might be the most magical of them all! In rainbow sherbert!



I hope you found the right unicorn gift in this gift guide. There’s no doubt that you, or your super magical friend, will love anything from this list. I know I’ll be shopping from it and sharing it with my family in hopes that a little magic comes my way! Happy shopping! Are you shopping for the perfect details of your dream wedding? We know how it is. Let us know if we can inspire you! We see a lot of cool stuff online like Tingly wedding gifts. Leave us a comment or contact us!


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Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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  1. Wow, such a great lists of gifts for a unicorn lover like my daughter. I am sure she will ask to buy some of these once she see this.

  2. My sister loves unicorns and its her 18th coming up where I intend to buy her 18 gifts! Some of these will defo be going in my basket – thank you!

  3. This post has so much prettiness in it! LOVE these products, and ideas – I know some girls who would love this so much!

  4. I always fancy unicorn and you have a wonderful list here. My favorite are just too many and I have to choose some, there are my pick. The unicorn water bottle. It is cool to use in school, office or anywhere outdoor.

  5. These are really great gifts ideas and I think I finally found a nice gift to give for my daughter’s birthday.

  6. My daughter is obsessed with unicorns. Thank you for sharing these cute ideas, I just picked up three of them for her birthday gifts!

  7. This is an awesome list of unicorn stuff. I love unicorns myself! The colors are always so wonderful. It’s crazy how in they are right now.

  8. We have here gifts for everyone in our family! I would like that cookbook with unicorn recipes! I am sure that my sister will love that phone case!

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