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Holland Roden

Who is Holland Roden?

Holland Roden is an American actress who has starred in television and film. The latest role is the series Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block where she has the main role as Zoe Woods. She is also famously known for the main role as Lydia Martin in Teen Wolf. 


Other than acting, Holland Roden has been featured in music videos. In 2015, she acted as a young woman in The Lighthouse and The Whaler video, ‘I Want To Feel Alive’. In the same year, she was featured as the girlfriend in the ‘Paper Moon’ by Dutch Party. So if you’ve ever wondered “Who is Holland Roden?” you’re about it found.


Who is Holland Roden?


Holland Roden is famous for her role in the Teen Wolf as Lydia Martin. Holland has received various nominations and awards based on this TV series. In 2017, she was in the Teen Choice Awards where she won the Choice Summer TV Actress award and was nominated Choice TVship award. In 2013, she had won the Best Ensemble award in Young Hollywood Awards.


Holland Roden is popular on Instagram. She has 4.1 million followers. Holland is posting different pictures, videos and interesting posts and is a fan of Holland Roden Loves Wallpics Mixtiles Stickable Photo Tiles For Walls. For example, recently she wrote about her weakness to photo printing, so-called Wallpics. She has already ordered this decoration for the walls in her studio.


Holland Roden: Early Life


She is a popular American Hollywood film star who is known for her many roles in some of the most prominent films on our screens. Holland Marie Roden was born in Dallas, Texas on October 7th, 1986. She attended Hockaday School a private girl’s school in the United States. Having come from a medical family, Roden proceeded to the University of California in Los Angeles where she majored in Women Studies and Molecular Biology.


She spent three years in pre-medical school before she decided to pursue a career in acting. She has featured in several films on TV including Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Community, weeds, CSI and Cold Case. Her prominent role was when she starred in the famous TV series Teen Wolf.


Currently, Holland Roden stars in to current TV series show Lore and Channel Zero, which have offered her a continuation after Teen Wolf.


Trip to Her Bungalow in Hollywood


Recently, Roden offered Architectural Design (AD) exclusive access to her Hollywood home to be featured on the company’s website. The house was formerly owned by Frank Avruch, who was famously known as Bozo who was a famous entertainer in the 1960s. The house is the first one that Holland Roden has purchased, which is a three-bedroom house with a guest room. The size and style were the reason she opted to buy the house. The elegantly done furnishes and the blend of the colors just make the house look stunning. She has personally had a hand in re-designing parts of the house with John Manzano an electrician.


Graces the 2018 Stella McCartney H.E.A.R.T Brunch


On Wednesday, April 11th, Holland Roden made an appearance at the 2018 Stella McCartney H.E.A.R.T Brunch. The event was attended by the likes of Elizabeth Berkely, Isla Fisher, Ahan O’Rilley, Logan Browing and Minka Kelly. The event was held to celebrate Stella’s annual partnership with the H.E.A.R.T organization. The proceeds from the event always go to help victims dealing with trauma as a result of abuse.


Channel Zero – The Third Season Premiere


Holland Roden featured in the premiere of the third season of Syfy anthology series Channel Zero. The series is based on the online horror stories known as the “creepypasta”. In the series, Roden plays Zoe Woods a tough woman who struggles with mental illness and struggles to take care of her sister who she hates. The third installment of the series premiered in February 2018 and is tilted the Butcher’s Block. The series has also gotten to generated many positive reviews for its compelling storyline.


Lore’s Renewed for Season 2


Horror anthology series Lore is set for its second season which Amazon renewed and will subsequently produce. Holland Roden featured in the first season as the lead character and the series made great headlines as it captured many fans for its thrilling storyline. Directors of the series say season 2 will feature new tales and original stories yet to feature on the series podcast.  Much has not been revealed and it is yet to be seen if Holland Roden will continue featuring on the series which is set to premiere later this year.


Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2018 Collection Showcase


Holland Roden graced the event with all the pomp and glamour that she commands. She wore an all-white look at the event which was held at Jeremy Hotel in Los Angeles on February 5th, 2018. At the event, Rachel was able to showcase some of her latest clothing designs, which cut across all genres.


End of Teen Wolf


In one of her recent interviews, Roden discloses about her time filming the Teen Wolf series and says that her favorite part was her interactions with the people she meets both on and off camera. She also said she was very proud of the Teen Wolf fan base and says it is their stories that light her up. Teen Wolf series came to an end in March 2017 with its last shooting.


Roden’s Wardrobe Malfunction


The MTV Movie and TV award is arguably amongst the most prestigious award shows in the entertainment industry. It offers celebrities the opportunity to star in their elegant range of designer clothes to try and make a statement to their fans. At these events, fans and news reporters are always sniffing out who has worn what and if they look glamorous or not.


Roden’s ensemble was well-thought-out to have too many moving parts in terms of the fabric, sequins, fringe, and feathers. For many, fashion stylists, reporters and fans, this was not good for her but she still managed to look good nonetheless.


Awarding Win Actress


The Holland Roden latest award for her prowess in acting was in 2017, at the Teen Choice Awards where she won the Choice Summer TC actress of the year for her exemplary role in the famous TV series Teen Wolf. She was also nominated for the Choice TVShip award but unfortunately, she did not scoop the award. Holland Roden continues to make a name in Hollywood and everybody, including her fans, is looking forward to seeing her grace many more hit television series in the coming years. 


Trying to Catch a Glimpse of Holland?


It’s not that hard to get face to face with celebrities. One of the most fun ways to meet them is by attending one of the awards shows where they will be recognized. There are travel agencies like a business travel agency, that can find out who is selling tickets to events like these. Sometimes you can just find out online or in fandoms on Twitter. If you tweet about it in advance that you will be there, sometimes they even make arrangements to meet you for being so extra. 



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