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Moving Tips: Five Things Not to Forget When Moving to Your New Home

Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences of our lives, and in amongst the packing and the transport arrangement, whether it’s looking for moving companies in Dayton, Ohio or Seattle, Washington, it’s all too easy to forget some of the basics. There is a lot to remember when it comes to relocation, from minor elements to some of the more important tasks, and forgetting them can lead to a number of unnecessary consequences. Avoiding the problems can very easily be achieved with a bit of planning and a little forethought. If you’re planning a move or you’re already in the process, then here are the top five things that you really don’t want to forget about.


Moving Tips for the Win


Moving companies can end up costing a lot. But, if you do everything but the heavy lifting, you’d be surprised how much you can save. Plus, not having to do all the hard work is AMAZING! They pack your things, load them, unload them and unpack them. Even still, you want to be proactive about a few things when it comes to moving. These tips will ensure a smooth moving experience.


Label Everything


It might be tempting just to throw everything into boxes and hope for the best, but most people are a little more organized than that. However, it’s all too easy to forget the importance of labeling, and the simple act of identifying your boxes will make unloading the removal van and unpacking your belongings significantly easier. Knowing which boxes belong in the bathroom and which belong in the kitchen may save you a lot of time when it comes to your initial box placement. Remember to have one box marked as your essentials, so that you don’t lose track of your phone chargers, television remotes, and even the toilet paper that might come in handy over the course of moving day. This is the one moving tip that I tell EVERYONE who is moving!


Change Your Locks


The previous homeowners may have told you that they’ve rounded up all the spare keys to the property, but that can be an easy thing to lose track of. One of your first acts in your new living space should always be to call a locksmith and change your locks. Nothing will make you feel more secure in your new property than having a fresh set of keys, and knowing that there is no way for friends or family of the previous homeowners to gain access to your home accidentally.


Update Your Details


Although it seems like a very basic action to take, it can be very easy to forget to update the less than priority account details when you’re coping with the hassle of moving. You may have changed your bank account address and your delivery details on Amazon, but have you remembered everything? One of the essential things to update is the address and details of your home appliance warranty policy, as that can have long-term effects that you will only really notice when you absolutely need them. Remember to keep all of your policies updated with your change of address, and don’t forget to cancel any automatic deliveries to your previous home.


Learn the Emergency Basics


If the worst does happen, you want to be ready for it, which is why it’s so important that you learn some of those basics about your house. Your best option is to ask the seller or the previous tenants, but finding out where the mains water supply is will save you potential damages in the case of a water leak, just as knowing what days the bins are collected will prevent you from dealing with annoyingly overfilled bins for the first few weeks after moving in. Have a checklist of questions to ask, and don’t forget to inquire as to whether there are any half-used pots of paint that match the colors of the walls, which will make it much easier to touch up any damaged or cracked areas.


Use the Chance to Declutter and Downsize


There’s no better time to get rid of the old possessions that cluttered up your last home. Moving gives you a great opportunity to rid yourself of unwanted ornaments and old clothes that you no longer wear and keep your space organized. If you have the time, it’s easy enough to sell those unwanted items, or if time is a limitation, then you can always drop them off at your local charity. Freeing yourself from the need to place those unsightly and unwanted possessions gives you a real sense of freedom when it comes to organizing your new home, and that freedom will increase the chances that you will make your new place feel much more like a home. 


Remembering everything when it comes to relocation can be tricky, so it’s a good idea to make a strong checklist that will ease the process and ensure that you’re not caught out on either the day of the move or a long time in the future. With a little preparation, your moving house could be considerably more stress-free than you might have thought.


Nia McKenna

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