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3 Ways to Travel and See the World as a Student

When you are a student, you will probably be working extremely hard throughout the whole year. Sometimes it feels like the work simply doesn’t stop. As soon as one project ends, another begins and you have to give it all of your time and attention. It can feel as if you’re pulled in a number of directions and you can start to feel increasingly worried about your quality of work and your quality of life too. If you are feeling like this, you should contact your tutor or mentor. But, if you’re sure it’s just some run of the mill feelings of stress, just hold out until summer. Summer is great for students because they don’t have to worry about University, College or School for another few months afterward. They are free to let their hair down and really relax. However, some students don’t even see summer as a time to rest on their laurels. They are up and active and planning to go traveling. Travelling is a great experience as you get to see parts of the world that you never would before. But, unfortunately, traveling comes at a high price, especially if you want to go far and wide and explore places you’ve never seen before. But, just because it’s a bit costly, doesn’t mean you should rule it out forever. We’ve got a few tips that will help you to manage a bit of traveling when study abroad isn’t an option!


Student Travel, How to See the World


student travel




A lot of students use methods of hitchhiking when trying to go traveling. It’s a great tip as you never really know where you’re going to go. Your destiny rests on where the next car is going and whether it will pick you up or not. Safety obviously has to be the name of the game here, if any car passes by and seems well too eager to pick you up, or you feel something isn’t quite right then definitely do not get in the car. But many students hitchhike successfully when hoping to go traveling, so it’s not absolutely impossible, you just need to widen your possibilities.


Travel in the country you are in


So many people are so obsessed with going places that are far-fetched, and a huge amount of distance away from where they live. This is simply because they have lived in a country for long enough to think they have seen it all. Whereas this can’t be true! You need to get out and see more of the places in your own country. For instance, if you live in the UK, you may have never been to Newquay before, but it’s one of the best beaches around and is great for surfing. When you look at traveling this way, you can see that it can be an experience you can get for a modest price. You can be experimental with how you travel there, and also where you stay. But finding somewhere cool to go in your very own country, that’s using your head! Remember student travel isn’t always about going abroad, there is plenty in your own backyard to explore!


Get a job


If you still have some time left until summer hits you, there’s no better method of being able to travel, then getting a job and getting a bit of extra money. This way you know that you’ve earned your way to wherever you end up on your travels, and you don’t need to worry about borrowing off anyone. Wondering what sort of job you can get? Well, you could get a job online. For instance, at a research paper website Paperial, they employ loads of writers and experts of subjects, as they are a site where students can pay for research paper and receive support from someone who knows their stuff. On the other hand, you can look around your local living area. Cities and towns always have businesses that are looking for someone who can work part-time, especially the service industry. Pop a few CV’s in some places and see what comes of it. That way if you get a job, you can start saving for your travels.


3 ways of getting yourself out there into the big wide world, experiencing things you never thought you would before. It’s hard to get yourself to another country, traveling these distances costs a whole lot of money and students usually don’t have a sufficient amount. But if you read these tips, you’ll definitely have a better chance of getting the money you need or getting somewhere for a cheap price.

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