The Connected Home in Orlando that Every Single Tech Geek Will Want


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lennar Orlando for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


If you follow my tech obsessions then you probably already know that I’m all for having a Connected Home. For me, the remote control of my home is everything. It not only fascinates me, but it’s convenient and fun. But how does someone like me get the Connected Home that I want that ensures complete quality without being a tech expert? A home building company in Orlando is solving this common consumer challenge by building a Lennar Connected Home.


Lennar Homes Orlando are homes made for geeks


Lennar Orlando’s collection of Everything’s Included® homes in the Orlando area is stepping it up as the only homebuilder to offer Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Designs with activation and support by Amazon and approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance®. They are building connected homes that are reliable with Amazon techs who make everything super easy so you can enjoy control your home remotely and not worry about all the technical details of setting everything up.


It’s a home design that’s engineered to connect wirelessly at every possible point and, are you ready, there are no dead spots!


None. Nada. Zip. Is this real life?


Wait, no dead spots?


The Everything’s Included® homes are designed using heat maps to verify the strength of Wi-fi signals which means that every single Lennar Connected Home floorplan guarantees superior connections in every room for all wireless devices plus streaming video, music, and games.


Now most of you know I relocated to Atlanta in 2016 from Florida and having grown up there, I’m very familiar with the Lennar brand of homes. I can’t think of a better builder to incorporate this technology than Lennar. For me, this is everything.


Here’s How the Lennar’s Everything’s Included® Homes Work


Connected Home


Amazon experts provide setup, activation, and support for all included devices in the home. An Amazon expert will sit down and get to know what your goals are for your Lennar Connected Home. They handle everything! That’s the BEST PART! They download and configure the Amazon and Amazon Alexa mobile apps on your devices so you can be in control of your home remotely. They teach you how to operate your Connected home using Alexa-based voice commands. And, wait for it, all of their services are backed by a 90-day Amazon Smart Home Support Plan! That’s right! It offers phone and in-home support to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may have after the setup.


And I thought having a connected home was the easy part. Does it get any easier than this?


So what are we talking about here? What can you control from your phone these days?


Connected Home


Have you ever left the house and forgot all the lights on? Or maybe you’re traveling and want to keep an eye on the climate or turn lights on and off so people think you’re home. With a connected home, you can control shades, lighting, audio, and more through voice activation or remotely through your mobile device. When you’re away from home, use the app to answer your video doorbell or adjust your thermostat. You can even let people in when you’re not there!


Connected Home also features Amazon’s new Echo Show®, the first Echo device to feature a video screen. By using hands-free, voice-activated commands to Alexa, you can watch videos, place video calls, play your favorite music powered by two Dolby speakers, and control your Connected Home’s included devices.


Connected Home


Lennar’s Everything’s Included® Homes are basically like the coolest thing ever. What seemed like the future of home technology has arrived. I officially have new adult geek goals with this one. Visit The Open Door the Lennar Orlando Resource Center for more information on becoming an Everything’s Included homeowner.

What do you think about having a Connected Home?


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  1. I am not a techie geek myself but my sister is. I will share this post with her and honestly she will go gaga over this. Though the concept of connected home is very thought provoking to me but I feel like this is something from the parallel universe. Looks like we are in the future already !!

  2. Amazing! It would be absolutely great to have connected devices & seeemless integration , at your finger tips! Good article, informative.

    devdebabrata / Reply
  3. A connected home definitely has a lot of perks. Looks so easy!

    Pauline / Reply
  4. Wow guarantying wi-fi connections in every room sounds awesome! The best part is that Amazon handles everything. Lennar connected homes seems a great idea!

    itshealthymoms / Reply
  5. I am super interested in these connected homes that I’m seeing everywhere. I mean, come on. We’ll be the Jetsons in a few years. I love technology.

    Colleen / Reply
  6. Wow, this is such a great idea! I think even non-tech geeks should consider having some of these amazing gadgets in their homes. 🙂

    Emily Fata / Reply
  7. It is hard to believe technology can do so much to make our lives easier. I think having a connected home is super cool!

    kellyhutchinson37920 / Reply
  8. We live in an older home and a lot of the appliances and phones are not 2018 ready so it would be so great to have one of these new homes. I know it would be hard to retrofit our house but baby steps should be possible.

    Melissa Chapman / Reply
  9. Devices like this are taking over our homes lately and I think it’s awesome that we can have all the devices connected and that we can also browse through it. It keeps everyone at home safe.

    AnnMarie John / Reply
  10. I love how everything is connecting. My husband would totally geek out over this!

    briannemanz / Reply
  11. It’s so funny I found your post today because I’ve actually been looking into buying a Lennar Home!! They have such a great reputation as a builder and I’d love to have a smart home!

    Shell / Reply
  12. Tech has come so far so fast. I dream of having a connected home with all the latest stuff.

    Pam Wattenbarger / Reply
  13. I love the connected home. My husband would love to live in one of those!

    Claudia Krusch / Reply
  14. This sounds just fabulous, but also intimidating! I’m somewhat of a late adopter of technology and live in a very old home. That said, I know I need to adapt and embrace the latest and greatest. I appreciate you sharing this information. Certainly food for thought!

    laveremis / Reply
  15. This is really amazing! Sounds like heaven for geeks!

    Toni | Boulder Locavore / Reply
  16. Looks like every single brand is releasing their own version of this tool/gadget. I think it has all the right features though, especially since we can make sure that our personal info is protected from online hackers.

    Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place / Reply
  17. I really like the idea of these connected homes, I’ve not got anything like this in my home, we don’t even have Internet.

    Ami xxx

    Ami Rose / Reply
  18. Not just a tech geek would love such a connected home. With the advancements in technology, we are all embracing it and for sure, who has never forgotten to turn the lights off and had to get back?

    Dalene Ekirapa / Reply
  19. Connected home is such a cool concept, I didn’t know such a thing existed! Yes I would love to have a connected home and it will be incredible to be able to control everything even from a remote location.

    Sarmistha Goswami / Reply
  20. This is such a brilliant ideas. I never heard about this but this is totally cool. I just love it.

    Drake Conan / Reply
  21. You had me at no dead spots!! Seriously, this connected home is such a innovative idea I’d love to have one!

    Elizabeth O / Reply
  22. That is so awesome. That is one problem that I with my WiFi, its spotty at times and slow.

    lucicoo / Reply
  23. Technology is evolving so rapidly I sometimes find it overwhelming! In saying that, this system looks absolutely incredible!

    Kylie / Reply
  24. Your post made me realize how crazy and amazing sometimes by technology ! Wow !

    barbaradepoche / Reply
  25. Wow, this is truly impressive! it seems so incredible what technology can do for us nowadays.

    Lisa Rios / Reply
  26. Technologie is so awesome. You can do so much with it

    Pauline Grossen / Reply

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