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6 Must-See Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland

This article contains affiliate links at no cost to you. If you’re a fan of the famous television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire, then there’s no doubt you’ll want to add the Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland to your bucket list. 


Iceland is actually called the land of fire and ice for its volcanoes and its glaciers making it the perfect film location for Game of Thrones. Since airing in 2011, Game of Thrones has become a smash-hit. The season seven finale broke records with 16.5 million people watching.


So if you’re a fan of the wildlings, or think Jon Snow might know a thing or two, after all, you’ll want to visit these incredible Game of Thrones filming locations while booking Iceland Tours for example.


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Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7


Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland


Here are 6 stunning Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland that will inspire and motivate you. You will feel like part of the story as you explore these beautiful places. So pack up, grab your friends, and let’s go.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7




In Season Three of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow broke his vow to the Night’s Watch with the fiery wildling, Ygritte. The cave in which this memorable scene was recorded is called Grjótagjá. Grjótagjá is located in North East Iceland and reaches temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius.


Of all the Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland, Grjótagjá can be the most difficult to get to, as it has a small entrance often hidden by snow. Due to the fluctuating temperature, the caves are sometimes closed to swimmers. Be sure to talk to your tour guide before venturing out to this Game of Thrones fan favorite.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7





Vatnajökull is one of three national parks in Iceland. You may recognize this ethereal landscape from the scenes happening north of the wall. Vatnajökull is within driving distance from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, making it an easy day trip.


However, the park itself spans over a significant portion of the island, so a day trip will limit how much you are able to see.


Vatnajökull is a great destination for casual sightseers and experienced hikers looking for an icy adventure. As you gaze over the eerie blue and white expanse, you might find yourself fearing the sudden arrival of White Walkers.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7




Thingvellir (or Þingvellir in Icelandic) is another national park in Iceland. Located on the Golden Circle, Thingvellir is near Reykjavík — approximately a 40-minute drive — making the visit an easy day trip.


One of the most interesting features of Thingvellir is the continental rift where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Walk along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the continents clash, which acts as the path to the Eyrie in Game of Thrones. You may also recognize the area from Arya and the Hound’s journey in season four.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7




Located near the coastal village of Vík, Reynisfjara is best known for its incredible black sand beaches and towering hexagonal basalt columns. This is also the location of the Eastwatch by the sea in Game of Thrones.


While Vík is the southernmost settlement in Iceland, it is only a two-hour drive from Reykjavík. Note, the road is windy and treacherous in the dark. If you’re traveling to Vík during the fall and winter months, you may want to consider staying overnight.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7




Dimmuborgir is an expansive field of ancient lava formations and caves. The name Dimmuborgir translates into “Dark Castles,” and its arch — known as “The Church” — has been called the gate to Hell. In Game of Thrones, you may recognize the scenery as Mance Rayder’s wildling camp.


Unsurprisingly, this area is near Grjótagjá — the cave mentioned earlier. Both features are in the Lake Mývatn area, which boasts numerous craters, formations, and natural springs.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7




Kirkjufell — also known as Church Mountain — is the most photographed mountain in Iceland. You may recognize the iconic area from seasons six and seven of Game of Thrones, as the spring-like location where the Children of the Forest gather to create a White Walker. You then see it later as a winter wasteland, as Bran’s group approaches the area.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7


Kirkjufell is approximately a 2.5-hour drive north of Reykjavik. While you are in the area, be sure to book a whale-watching excursion and explore the various mysterious caverns found nearby.


Iceland: A Land of Intrigue and Adventure


Iceland is an amazing destination for the adventurous spirit. Visit these Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland for an exciting experience. Any Game of Thrones fan is guaranteed to feel like they’ve walked into Westeros. There’s no better way to bide your time while waiting for the final season!


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