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8 Innovative Ways to Improve Your Home and Reuse Plastic

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials around. You can reuse plastic to improve your home while being good to the planet. And we all want to do that right? So why not rinse out those plastic bottles and start putting them to good use, rather than in your city’s landfill.


Plastic is used in a lot of generic household items from insulation foam to electrical circuit boards. There are many different types of plastic; one of the most widely used plastics is polyethylene terephthalate often abbreviated to PET. This is a type of plastic you encounter on a daily basis; it can either be completely rigid or smooth and flexible. PET is used in everything from soft drink bottles, ready-meal trays to polar fleece items. PET is also used in clothing; most polyester clothes contain polyethylene terephthalate. Plastiko (now known as plastic) translates roughly to ‘to mold which is pretty ironic since you can mold plastic into so many different items. Today you can buy many things in a plastic form including kitchen splashbacks which would help save you a lot of money instead of choosing to opt for a traditional glass splashback. Plastic splashbacks are cut to size polycarbonate sheets meaning it can be cut to any size or shape depending on what you want. There are also so many ways you can upcycle simple household items such as plastic bottles into useful and cool items.


Before you throw away that plastic bottle into the recycling you could upcycle it into a DIY speaker system or even a self-watering plant pot. All you need to make your very own self-watering plant pot is simply 2-liter plastic bottles, some soil, cotton string and a bit of wood. You could also create your phone charging unit using a wide plastic bottle and nothing else. The uses of plastic are endless and this handy material should not be undermined.

Whether you are looking for additions to your home or fun activity to carry out with the kids on a rainy day, check out this infographic for more ingenious ideas for your plastic!


Ways to Improve Your Home with Plastic


8 innovative ways to improve your home with plastic infographic

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