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Games for Long Car Rides – Road Trips Don’t Have to Get Boring

Traveling is an adventure! If life is a journey, and not a destination, then we should really enjoy the ride. Of course, if you’re a passenger, life’s journeys can be a lot more enjoyable. Long car rides can be a drag, so it’s important for drivers to switch places with passengers to get some much-needed shuteye. When you’re on the road, focus is foremost. But for passengers, there’s no reason to take a little time out to enjoy these exciting games:


Fun Road Trip Games

The Question Game


The question game is one of the most popular road trip games for players, and drivers can easily participate. The standard variant of the game is 21 Questions, however, you can set your own number of questions based on the group’s preferences. One person will think of something and other players in the car will start asking a series of questions. No questions can be repeated, and the person who gets the correct answer gets to go next. Easy peasy!


The Film Game


This game requires passengers to begin by listing the name of an actor or an actress. The next person in the car will then list a movie that the actor starred in. The next person in the car has a challenging job – he or she must list another actor or actress who starred in the same movie. The questions continue in earnest, and the person who gets it wrong forfeits their turn in the next round


The Counting Game


The counting game is an exciting game to play with a bigger group of people. So, if you are on a long road trip and the car is packed with friends and family, this game will keep you on your toes for hours. The way it works is as follows: One person starts the count. Now, anyone is free to say the next number in the sequence, but if more than one person says the next number, the count begins over.


The goal is to try and count as high as you can go and set records. To keep things interesting, try and prevent lengthy pauses from interrupting the sessions. If possible, ask all players to avoid nudges, winks, gestures and other actions to keep things fair.

Android Smartphone Games


Sometimes, players want a little time out on a long road trip, and why not. It often gets a little tedious trying to interact with a large group of people – and that’s what smartphones and tablets are for. If you find yourself on a cross-country journey, you will love Toy Crush Blast. This Android game requires you to match 2+ adjacent cubes to clear levels and complete various missions.


There are plenty of rewards and boosters in this game when you match increasing numbers of cubes. For example, 5 or 6 cubes rewards you with a rocket, while 7 or 8 cubes gets you a bomb. When you match 9 cubes, you get the color wheel and that’s a whopper. This game is highly addictive, and it trains your brain at the same time. Fun for everyone, it is guaranteed to keep your mind off the boring road trip. Judging by reviews at the Google Play Store, this game makes time fly because you’re having fun!


Extreme Road Trip 2


On the topic of smartphone games, you may wish to try out Extreme Road Trip 2 from Roofdog Games. Rated E for everyone, this Android game has a 4.3/5 rating from 164,487 reviewers. So, what’s it all about? Imagine this nightmarish scenario: your gas pedal is jammed to the floor and the car’s going at breakneck speed.


This free to play game has 78 brand-new cars, with much more on the way. Players will pop wheels, flip their cars, slam into other vehicles, and perform acrobatic stunts. There are 11 locations you can choose from, plenty of power-ups, and adrenaline-loaded action. This is something to get the juices flowing on those long and winding roads through the desert, and across the country.


Getting there Safe & Sound


And there you have it! 5 exciting games that you can play on long car rides. These games blend group-play sessions and individual-play sessions. You will invariably have to mix things up and switch between different games during your trip to ensure that you are well rested when you arrive at your destination.


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