Cars 3 Quotes – Inspirational Quotes for All Ages

Cars 3 Quotes – Inspirational Quotes


I didn’t know when I began to watch this film that I’d be jotting down Cars 3 Quotes. I mean, you don’t really see many inspirational quotes for kids. As you know, I don’t really have a Cars aged son anymore.


But, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good message when I hear/see one. I watched this film for the first time on a flight to LA. For me, it’s nostalgic, the kind of film that takes me back to my earliest years of motherhood.


In a way, I’ve grown as an adult to the Cars franchise, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see it. I expected exceptional animation and pure entertainment. What I didn’t expect the super deep, next level inspirational quotes.


So, I thought it would be fun to write them down and share them with you. I even made some shareable graphics for your Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook feeds.


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Cars 3 Quotes – Inspirational Quotes from Lightning McQueen


In Cars 3 Lightning McQueen finds himself competing against newer, younger cars. He goes through an emotional battle and eventually has to be mentored to get his blaze back. Here are some of my favorite Cars 3 Quotes from Lightning McQueen that I found to be inspirational.


I decide when I’m done.

I can’t go out on the track and do the same old thing, it won’t work.

The racing is the reward. Not the stuff.

This is my last chance Cruz, my last chance. If I lose I never get to do this again.




Cars 3 Quotes


Cars 3 Quotes – Inspirational Quotes from Cruz Ramirez


Cruz is a tough cookie. She is focused on getting Lightning McQueen back on track and she sees right through his games. Here are my favorite inspirational quotes from Cruz.


Don’t fear failure, fear not having the chance.

You have the chance. I used to watch you on TV, flying through the air. You seemed so fearless. I wish I knew what that felt like.

It’s all about motivation, Mr. McQueen.

You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive!


Cars 3 Quotes, Inspirational Quotes


Cars 3 Quotes – Inspirational Quotes from Smokey


Smokey is McQueen’s coach. He was around during the highlight of Doc’s career and gives guidance and inspiration as McQueen works to get back to first place. These are my favorite inspirational quotes from Smokey.


You will never be the racer you once were. Accept it.

You can’t turn back the clock, kid. But you can wind it up again.

You’ll never be as fast as Storm, but you can be smarter than him.


Cars 3 Quotes, Inspirational Quotes



Download Cars 3 Halloween Activities


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Get Cars 3 on Blu-ray 


Disney-Pixar’s Cars 3 Blu-Ray + Bonus Pack is available for purchase now! This is Disney•Pixar’s first in-home title released in stunning 4K Ultra HD format. I was super excited after seeing it on the plane to get an actual copy for myself so I could review the bonus material.


I had a lot of fun watching this with my son and sharing my favorite Cars 3 Quotes with him. Here are the details of the bonus features:


Cars 3 Blu-ray and Digital Bonus Features



REAR VIEW — The legendary #95 may be leading the pack, but the high-tech Next Gen racers are closing in fast. Directed by Brian Fee and produced by Kevin Reher, “Cars 3” cruises into theaters on June 16, 2017. ©2016 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.


5 Deleted Scenes – With intros as to why it was removed from the final film the 5 deleted scenes include “The Boogie Woogie,” “The Jars of Dirt,” “Lugnut,” “The Bolt,” and “More Than New Paint.”

Commentary – Brian Fee (Director), Kevin Reher (Producer), Andrea Warren (Co-Producer) and Jay Ward (Creative Director).

Miss Fritter’s Racing Skool – (Exclusive new mini-movie) – Enjoy testimonials from the Crazy 8’s, who talk about the impact Miss Fritter’s Racing School has had on the direction of their lives

Theatrical Short “Lou” – When a toy stealing bully ruins recess for a playground full of kids, only one thing stands in his way: the “Lost and Found” box.

Let’s. Get. Crazy. – Learn all about the rules of demolition derby, the “rules” of figure 8 racing, and how Pixar puts the crazy in the Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 race.

World’s Fastest Billboard –  Pixar’s Art team to make the ”Cars 3” world as believable as possible. Blink and you will miss all of the graphics and “car-ified” advertisements.

Legendary – This is a close, historical look at racing legends Wendell Scott and Louise Smith.

Cruz Ramirez: The Yellow Car That Could – Join Cristela Alonzo and the filmmakers on their journey to create a race-car trainer turned champion racer.

Ready for the Race – Disney Channel’s Olivia Rodrigo and NASCAR Racer William Byron check out the Hendrick Motorsports campus to share how real-world race training influenced the filmmakers of Cars 3.

Cars To Die (cast) For – Here you can explore the die-cast car hobby industry.

Generations: The Story of “Cars 3” – The story of how Lightning McQueen got a complete overhaul for Cars 3.

My First Car – A collection of illustrated first-car stories as narrated by members of the “Cars 3” cast and crew. “A Green Car on the Red Carpet with Kerry Washington,” “Old Blue,” and “Still in the Family.”


There are a lot of things you can learn from the inspirational quotes in Cars 3 no matter what age you are. Cars 3 Blu-Ray + Bonus Pack is available right now. It includes the film and loads of bonus material that you and your kids will enjoy.



Special thanks to Disney/Pixar for sending me a copy of Cars 3 to review. This in no way shapes my opinions in this post.

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  1. These are all great inspirational quotes for kids and adults. My favorite quote is “I can’t go out on the track and do the same old thing, it won’t work”.

    Catherine Sargent / Reply
  2. Great inspirational quotes! It’s nice to see these types of things in kid’s movies. I’ve been waiting to see this!

    Makeba Giles / Reply
  3. I totally enjoyed watching this movie! It’s so much better than the second one, to be honest. It’s like taking you back to the first Cars movie that we all fell in love with! Thanks for the quotes!

    AnnMarie John / Reply
  4. There are some good lines in this movie! It will be great to see those characters in action again!

    Liz Mays / Reply
  5. These are really lovely! The kids and I definitely enjoyed the movie and would love to get the BluRay copy! I think these quotes are very nice!

    Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place / Reply
  6. That’s such a good read! The movie’s really inspiring and it was so nice that we got to watch it even if we don’t have kids! I think it’s something that people can learn from!

    Carol Cassara / Reply
  7. Love the Car’s movies and so much fun to see great quote ideas come from them.

    Kristi / Reply
  8. We are so excited about Cars 3!! I can’t wait to watch it with my nephew. He is a huge fan!

    Erin (@FaithFoodFamFun) / Reply
  9. I have heard nothing but good things about Cars 3. I want to watch it soon.

    Pam Wattenbarger / Reply
  10. My son cannot wait to see this! Looks like there is a lot of inspiration in this movie. We will have to grab a copy!

    Travel Blogger / Reply
  11. That is one thing Pixar has always been great at. I really need to check out the newest Cars movie.

    Sara Welch / Reply
  12. Loved the new Cars movie! I remember some of these lines, but can’t wait to bring it home to hear them again.

    Crystal Bowley Reagan / Reply
  13. My three girls are all huge Lightning fans! Can’t wait to see him race on the track again. I had forgotten how inspirational his story is.

  14. My youngest calls him Lightning the Queen. I hope she never gets his name right! Love the Cars movies, especially #1 and 3. Can’t wait to bring it home!

    Melanie Poulos Walsh / Reply
  15. I am all about sending the positive message. We love the Cars movies. 🙂

    Rosey / Reply
  16. I love those motivational quotes. It is good that there are life lessons that are included in an animated film. Makes it even more “a must” for kids to watch this movie.

    Dogvills / Reply
  17. I am so happy Cars movie had so many positive quotes. Great these messages are incorporated in this movie!

    Kiwi / Reply
  18. I like anything that gives todays children something positive. Having been diagnosed with Anxiety Oanic disorder many years ago my favorite is: Don’t fear failure, Fear not having a chance.

  19. This is really great! I think that Cars brings about some positive messages and loved reading inspirational quotes from Cars 3. Makes me want to see this movie even more.

    Brandy (@brandyellen) / Reply
  20. I love this movie so much! It has such a great message for kids and adults.

    Marissa Zurfluh / Reply
  21. There is Cars 3 now! I have only watched the first one!
    We watch all these types of films and tend to forgt that there is a hidden message, thnak for highlighting them.

    Julie Wright / Reply
  22. great qoutes.The second one is so inspiring.
    Sometimes we are so afraid of failure that we don’t even try to succed

    juelzjohn / Reply
  23. This is great! Never thought to look to kids movies for quotes – will have to keep an eye out!

    Belinda / Reply
  24. What a great inspirational quotes. This is a nice message for us to tell this movie. I think I need to start watching this Cars movie.

    Elizabeth O / Reply
  25. You’ve highlighted the very reason I love kids movies- there are always inspirational gems to take away!

    BehindTheSchmile / Reply
  26. Cars was my nephews favorite movie growing up. My favorite quote is I decide when I’m done, that’s my new quote in life.

    lucicoo / Reply
  27. My Step-son loved the Cars movies and when we went to Disneyland a few years ago the ride was a huge hit. I haven’t identified the quotes beofre. positive message.

    shannon / Reply
  28. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but this post gives me a feeling that the third installment is just as good 🙂

    Ron Meker / Reply
  29. We like to watch the Cars movies. You can’t help but cheer on Lightning McQueen, no matter the circumstance. Glad you found some useful quotes while on your flight. 🙂

    Rosey / Reply
  30. There is actually one error in here. Sally is the character who said to Lightning “don’t fear failure; fear never having the chance.”
    I do love these movies. So many life lessons and it’s great to watch 1 and 3 back to back to see the continuity between them.

    Ann Lammers / Reply

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