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15 of the Most Haunted Places in the World – Get the Creeps from Your Seat

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the world is full of places associated with spooky stories. Some of these tales have been in existence for centuries. From haunted mansions to unfortunate shipwrecks, these places are bound to give you chills.

A lot of adventure lovers visit haunted places around the world each year. These places do not attract many tourists and are therefore cheaper to visit. A visit to a haunted place can easily be afforded even with a student budget. So if you are on the lookout for some off-beat adventure and travel, visit the places mentioned in the list below. We recommend you stick to your group and refrain from wandering alone, even if you are the bravest of the lot.


The Most Haunted Places in the World

Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia


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Situated in New South Wales, Monte Cristo Homestead is considered to be the most haunted place in Australia. It was built in 1885. It has witnessed several tragic incidents ever since. The family that lived here lost a young child who died on falling down the stairs. The maid of the house fell from the balcony and died while another boy was burnt to death in the house. 


Waverly Hills Sanitorium, USA


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This property served as a hospital for tuberculosis during a time when the disease was almost an epidemic. It witnessed the deaths of as many as 63,000 patients. Reports reflect fleeting shadows, footsteps, disembodied voices and sudden cold spots to have been experienced by visitors.


Castle of Good Hope, South Africa


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Built in the 17th Century, this is the oldest colonial building in the country. Several paranormal occurrences have been reported in the property. Back in 1915, an apparition of a tall man was seen in the castle. The apparition was seen again, over the period of a fortnight, in 1947. Another story revolves around a woman dressed in grey, running across the corridors of the castle, crying hysterically.


Fort George, Canada


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Fort George is more than 300 years old. Many ghost sightings have been reported at this location. Tourists have witnessed a soldier is uniform entering a room and disappearing. Other apparitions include that of a woman in a red cloak and a little girl following tourist groups and occasionally holding their hand. Reports on disembodied voices, the rattling of furniture and tourists being pushed by an invisible force have also been recorded.


Tower of London, England


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The Tower of London has 9 decades of history of suffering and execution. The apparitions of King Henry’s Wife and Lady Jane Grey haunt the property. The most chilling apparitions observed are those of two little boys in their nightwear, holding hands with a look of terror on their face.


Ram Inn, England


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Ancient Ram Inn was built in 1145. It is infamous with tales of child sacrifices, evil spirits, and devil worship. The property served as a bed and breakfast inn for tourists. Reports claim that tourists would often flee in the middle of the night after witnessing apparitions or being touched/ pushed by invisible forces.


Banff Springs Hotel, Canada


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Located amidst beautiful surroundings, this hotel is known to be one of the most haunted places in Canada. The story of a bride who fell down the stairs and broke her neck on her wedding day after her dress caught fire, haunts the hotel. Her apparition has been seen dancing in the ballroom with flames emerging from the back of her dress.


Borgvattnet, Sweden


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The Old Vicarage was built in 1876. It has been reported to be haunted by several paranormal forces. The first incident was reported in 1927 when the resident of the house went to the attic to gather laundry, only to see the laundry being ripped apart by an invisible body. This has now become a café and guest house. You are even awarded a certificate if you dare to stay in the guest house overnight.


BabenHausen Barracks, Germany


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Now a museum, this place is still haunted by ghosts of German soldiers of World War II. Lights are reported to turn on and off on their own. German commands echo in the museum in the middle of the nights.


Lawang Sewu, Indonesia


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This place served as a prison several years ago. It is now known to be haunted by a Dutch woman who committed suicide in the property. Her death was recorded on tape. She is known to walk around corridors of the building.


Island of Dolls, Mexico 


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A man moved to the Island with his three young daughters. While playing, one of them fell into the murky waters of the island and died. Ever since then, the man started seeing a young girl, who told him how she had died. He began bringing dolls for the little girl, but that did not seem enough for her. She wanted him to join her in her watery grave. The man soon died, just where her grave was.


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland



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Tourists have reported seeing apparitions of a headless drummer and a man in an apron. A piper lost his life in the tunnels situated below the castle. Ever since then, it has been home to spirits and ghosts.


Old Changi Hospital, Singapore


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The hospital was used as a torture and execution chamber long ago. It has ever since been haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who were executed here. Loud bangs and shrill screams echo in the corridors of this property, even today.


Queen Mary Hotel, USA


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Formerly an ocean liner, it now serves as a hotel in California. Several paranormal incidents have been reported at the location. 2 women died while swimming in the pool in 1930 and 1960. Their apparitions are still seen in the pool. A woman’s spirit, dressed in white, also haunts the Queen’s salon area of the ship.


Mary King’s Close, Scotland


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This is an underground warren comprising of dwellings and streets that were once abuzz with people. It got abandoned post the outbreak of a plague. The infected were left behind, isolated. Ghostly figures and disembodied limbs are known to haunt the location.


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