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Lego Ninjago Movie review

SPOILER FREE LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review + Gift Guide

We were sent some swag and screener tickets for this purpose of this LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review. This didn’t shape our opinions. We only give you truths, whether people who send us stuff like it or not. Because we like keeping it real. There are affiliate links in this page to Amazon at no cost to you, it’s just a way to support small business so we can keep bringing you good content.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie is in theaters this Friday, but we got the chance to screen it ahead of the release. As longtime fans of LEGO and LEGO movies, we’ve had our eye on this one for awhile. My son, Gauge Kid Friendly, has been a fan of the Ninjago TV series since I can remember. He’s seen every episode, and I’ve seen pretty much most of them. So, we went into this with high expectations. This is my LEGO Ninjago Movie mom review. 


LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review


My LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review – Keeping it Real


We love the Ninjago show. In fact, if you ask my eight-year-old, he’ll tell you he’s a ninja. Thank you, Ninjago. So, we walked into the theater knowing this could be a total flop, or that this could be the best LEGO film yet. And that’s no joke, the hopes were high. We wanted an exciting storyline full of adventure, challenges, and sweet ninja moves. We also wanted super epic animation and the hilarious punchlines the LEGO franchise is known for. We wanted it ALL!


So what did we get? And what did we not get?


LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review


First off, the animation in the LEGO Ninjago Movie was next level. We were totally blown away. I didn’t even know that could happen after seeing the LEGO Batman Movie, but technology never fails to impress. The details of the bricks were incredible, and we especially loved the little brick extras (I won’t spoil it but they’re in there).


In comparison to the show, it was definitely more adventurous. There were lots of great battle scenes and an ultimate challenge that left a great message. The script was hilarious, even more than the show. They totally nailed the casting on this, although at times I felt like Lord Garmadon sounded exactly like Will Ferrell (who would have also been perfect for his role).


LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review


There was a lot of pop culture in this film which I loved. I’m a big pop culture geek, so I got a real kick out of that. It really stood out, especially the monster cat. That was brilliant. 


I loved how they tied in the whole “daddy issues” thing from the series. I’m interested to see if they pursue any other backstories of the other ninjas or even Master Woo. The story, adventure, and challenges they faced were epic.


LEGO Ninjago Movie Mom Review


The only part I didn’t like was that they changed the characters’ look slightly from the TV version. I don’t really know why they did this, but it was kind of weird to see that change.


There was a great message about finding your inner strength that was a positive takeaway. I’ve struggled, watching my son deal with bullying from neighborhood kids, and I found it as a positive message to look inside yourself and find your strength. I think movies of this magnitude have a responsibility to address things like this in a way that can kids can relate to, and I think that shows here.


The cast was all-star. I enjoyed watching the behind the scenes teaser even after I saw the film. You can see it here:


Overall the LEGO Ninjago Movie was AWESOME. Stay for the credit scene if you’re a fan of Jackie Chan. I loved this film and plan on adding it to my collection. This was our favorite LEGO movie yet!  Don’t get us wrong, we LOVED the LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Movie, but the LEGO Ninjago Movie was super epic.


Check out the “Behind the Bricks” short and get the inside from the Ninjago characters themselves:


The LEGO Ninjago Movie opens everywhere this Friday, September 22


Watch the full trailer here:


Check Out My LEGO Ninjago Movie Gift Guide


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