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Write a Good Essay, how to save money for travel

How to Write a Good Essay – 8 Writing Rules to Follow

Writing can come very easy to some. Others face a lot of difficulties when having to write an essay. Most of us are unable to get away from writing a few essays in our life since they are a big part of our academic life.


The need to write a good essay has given rise to many good writers who I have used to write my essay online. This has helped me to get some professional high-quality essays when I’m too busy to do them on my own.


But do you want to write a good essay on your own? Here are 8 rules that you should introduce yourself to if you want to write a good essay for yourself.


Write a Good Essay, how to save money for travel


Follow These Steps to Write a Good Essay

Remember – Your essay is a story


When you are writing an essay, keep in mind that it is a story. If you can frame your essay in the form of a story, you will be able to make it very reader-friendly. You need to incorporate good points in the essay but ensure that it is quite fluid as well.


Make the Writing Process Fun


If you are able to make the writing process fun, your essay will automatically be well written. Try and make a note for yourself the varying points of the essay and keep them handy.


When you start writing you will not be faced with the problem of having to look up points thus, making the process smoother.


Do A Lot of Research


Research is the key to a good essay. Read up on different types of essays in order to create your own style. Once you know the topic you have to write on, read different essays on that topic. This will help you to set a tone in your essay.


Introduction and Conclusion are Important


You should have a very strong introduction and conclusion. They help you to create a strong impression on the mind of the readers. 


A good introduction will definitively express the main idea of the essay. Essentially, it is a summary of the main ideas that you intent to cover in your writing. This is why it’s very helpful to write down the titles of your main ideas.


Your introduction should be short and should flow easily so the reader immediately understands what the body of work will explain in detail. Likewise, the conclusion of your essay is equally as important as the introduction.


If you intend to write a good essay, your conclusion must be stated. Without a conclusion, your readers may forget everything they just read.


A good conclusion should be similar to the introduction. It should be concise to the main points of the essay and should deliver a summary of the body and its topics. 


Imagine getting off the phone with a friend with who you’re planning a party. They just gave you a list of things they need you to do, but then they started talking about other party topics. 


Before you get off the phone you might summarize the list of things they need you to do so you are sure to not forget them. This is similar to the idea of a conclusion and should not be ignored.


Quote and Give Proper Credit


If you are including different quotes in your essays, you will make the essay stronger. But make sure that you are giving proper credit to the quotes.


You never want to be accused of plagiarism. It’s very important to cite the work of others.


Plan the Body First


When you are planning to start the essay, you need to first plan the body of the essay. Once you have written down the points you want to include in your essay, you can move ahead to the other parts.


Give Your Essay a Question


Set a proper question in your essay and answer that question through your writing. This means that your readers will have their main question answered through your ability to write a good essay.


Gather Information and Perspectives


Talking to different people about their perspectives will help you to enrich the essay. This means that no matter who is reading your essay, you are able to connect to all kinds of people and ways of thinking.


These rules on how to write a good essay are easy enough to follow and you need to make sure that you keep them in mind when you start writing an essay. And it’s important to note that hiring professional help is a very good idea. You will not only get access to some expert essays but you will also learn how to write a good essay on your own. If you have a very small time frame and need to meet a deadline it is best to get some expert help on that.

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  1. I always start my essay with the question. That is your number 7 tips and I couldn’t agree to that. I love your tips regarding essay writing service and its parts. This could be a good combo with .I’ve been using it for awhile.

  2. Its a good write up realy helpfull blog it is. All the rules are defined in an understandable manner but still there are many options avalible on the internet for paper writing service for students which can help them in thier academic carrer

  3. Hey! Thanks a lot for the helpful article with lots of tips.
    I also start essay with the question then making a plan.
    In my opinion you need to make the writing process fun for best results.
    Im really interested in writing essays, but i have bad writing skills.
    Who can suggest best essay writing service?

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