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Things to do and Appreciate in Silicon Valley California

Some places have a reputation for technological brilliance. Silicon Valley is one of those places. Referring to the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley is so named because of the large number of silicon chips produced there, providing a wide range of jobs to those with a masters in software development. From the wide range of technological wonders to the more mysterious, there is no shortage of sites to see in Silicon Valley.


Here are three areas that you should make sure you see next time you travel to Silicon Valley.


The Technology


There has never been a better time to study software development. Professionals with software development masters degree have no shortage of job options here. For the rest of us, there are plenty of technology-related places to admire. Apple Park opened recently; it is a unique structure that you don’t want to miss. Don’t miss a visit to the Google Campus; it features plastic candy outside for photo opportunities. Although the Google Campus is closed to the general public, there are multiple programs and opportunities for joining one of these teams. Students with a software related degree are in with a chance of working for Google. Finally, stop by the Intel Museum. It offers hands-on learning for both children and adults and is run by another large technology company, Intel.


Natural Beauty


No trip to Silicon Valley is complete without a visit to one of the parks in the area. Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes Muir Woods, the Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Point, and Alcatraz Island, among other sites. Multiple films have had at least one scene shot in the Golden Gate Recreation Area, and Muir Woods has an otherworldly quality to it. From the stately beauty and majestic wonder of the redwoods at Muir Woods to the historical stories told at the Presidio and the infamous history of Alcatraz, there is something for everyone to experience at Golden Gate National Recreation Area.


Mystery and Legend


Silicon Valley has more than its fair share of technology and sunshine, but there is also a spookier side of the region. Although there are numerous haunted houses and locations in Silicon Valley, the most famous haunted house is the Winchester Mystery House. With 110 of the 160 rooms open for tours, the Winchester Mystery House has beautiful grounds and a strange history. Built by Sarah Winchester to calm the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle, the house has many unique features. A trip to Silicon Valley is not complete without a visit to this famous house.


Whether you have a burning desire to be the next Bill Gates or you just want to explore all that Silicon Valley has to offer, there are some sites that should not be missed. Don’t miss the technological campuses, the stunning natural beauty, the rich history, and the array of strange attractions that are guaranteed to make your trip to Silicon Valley one to remember. You won’t be sorry you did.


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