Skiing for the First Time: 5 Things to Know for an Amazing Experience

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Skiing for the first time is certainly an adventure, especially if you’re a newb like me. Recently I had the opportunity to hit the slopes as part of my Lake Tahoe winter adventure with Kia.


One of the fun things we did while staying at the Ritz-Carlton, Northstar was ski. Being a Florida girl with a Florida family, we weren’t quite sure what we were in for.


And of course being me, I didn’t really look it up either. I’m more of the adventurous type. 


But, for those of you who like to be informed, here are some things to know about being a newbie and hitting the slopes… or should I say, the ground.


skiing for the first time


Skiing for the First Time


Don’t Underestimate the Weather


When skiing for the first time in a destination like Lake Tahoe, chances are the weather can be a bit unpredictable. You could have clear skies one moment and a blizzard the next.


Make sure when you’re packing, you have a ski mask/neck warmer like this. This will allow you to cover your face when it’s windy and it will keep you warm.


skiing for the first time, christa thompson


You’ll Want to Pack Moisture Wicking Socks and a Moisture Wicking Base Layer


I can’t stress enough the importance of the right base layer. It is the game changer when it comes to staying warm in extreme climates.


When skiing for the first time, moisture wicking socks like these will keep your feet dry and warm as will moisture wicking base clothes like these. The first step is being warm.


If you are bringing your tiny humans, check out the super cute eco-friendly kids ski-wear at Dinoski. They have  a freaking unicorn!


skiing for the first time, gauge rybak, paris fauquet

Gauge with Paris Fauquet, daughter of Rick and Stefanie Fauquet from Mommy Musings and Rick on the Rocks.


Stretch Those Muscles and Hydrate!


Next to being warm, it’s super important to be physically ready to go skiing for the first time.


Balancing yourself, getting up the small beginner hills and getting up off the ground are more challenging than you think!


One of the most physically challenging parts of being a newb on the slopes was getting up.


Wear a GoPro


I wish I had hooked up my GoPro. I instantly regret leaving it in the hotel room.


If you don’t already have one you can find them here. With this clip-on video camera, you can capture all your victories and bloopers from skiing for the first time.


skiing for the first time, gauge rybak, kidfriendly


Pay Close Attention to Your Instructor


If you think it’s impossible to get hurt when skiing for the first time you couldn’t be more wrong. Learning how to stop is golden.


I actually did really well until I tried to stop. I ended up with a massive bruise on my calf (which is actually still there over a month later).


If you feel like you don’t quite have it, tell your instructor until you’re confident.


Snowmobiling for the first time, kia sorento, tahoe

2017 Kia Sorento #SorentoFamily


The Kia Sorento Winter Adventure Ski Trip


As a proud Kia owner and influencer, I wouldn’t choose any other car for a winter adventure like this. The Kia Sorento has everything you could ask for whenit comes to winter adventure.


Check out all my favorite things about the Kia Sorento.


  • Super huge panoramic sunroof which extends from front to rear for ultimate scenic drive views
  • Seat warmers in front and back
  • Steering wheel warmer
  • Built in navigation so you don’t get lost in the mountains
  • Equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you can use your driving apps on the screen
  • Space, space and more space – third row offers extra human hauling, lay-flat seats offer extra cargo hauling (for those skis when you become a pro)
  • Smart cruise control with braking – yeah it sets the pace between you and the car in front of you and brakes for YOU
  • Auto hold so you don’t roll when you’re stopped in gear
  • 360 camera for complete camera views of the vehicle
  • Center lock differential button for extra traction (when to use)
  • Electronic parking brake


Kia had my Sorento outfitted with Michelin winter/snow tires which really came in handy on those icy roads without the need for chains.


skiing for the first time, kia sorento dashboard


At the end of it all, skiing is a lot of fun. And while you may not be doing epic flips when skiing for the first time, you’re going to have an adventure.


Don’t give up if your first time wasn’t graceful like a gazelle. It takes time to get the muscle memory required for skiing, but with patience and determination, you’ll find it’s very rewarding.


Skiing for the first time, Northstar Tahoe

Northstar at Tahoe

Special thanks to Kia for giving me the opportunity to share this with you. It in no way shaped my opinions in this post.

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  1. That’s super cool! I have never been skiing either, although my older daughter learned with a school group and loves it!

    Jaime Nicole / Reply
  2. I’ve never skied in my life…probably never will. I’m a total klutz and would end up with broken legs and arms. It sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful time! Go KIA – We are a Kia family. Right now we have 3:-)

    Elizabeth Neas / Reply
  3. I’ve never skied before! I hope that changes for me soon. Then I will take my kids. Great tips for the newbie!

    tamaralikecamera / Reply
  4. I have not gone skiing in years!! This is a great reminder of what I need to bring along when I go skiing next time! The most important thing I think is a wick away clothes!

    Jeanette / Reply
  5. I love to ski. I grew up skiing in Colorado almost every year.

    Katie Kinsley / Reply
  6. My kids have never been skiing before! I hope to take them one day soon1

    jennifervanhuss / Reply
  7. I have never been skiing before so I can somewhat relate to this post! I’ll have to learn eventually because my husband’s side of the family love to ski.

    Lisa Favre / Reply
  8. The Kia Sorento would be a great vehicle for a road trip. It has been years since we got away and went skiing. I should set up a trip before the warm weather hits.

    Claudia Krusch / Reply
  9. I haven’t tried skiing. It looks so much fun. The car sounds amazing.

    Dogvills / Reply
  10. The Kia is awesome!! I tried skiing and had a blast although I was put on the kids bunny trail, I realized that it was still difficult for me!!

    Kathy Myers / Reply
  11. That sounds like so much fun! I remember when we went on our first ski trip. It was a blast once I got my feet under me.

  12. I haven’t been skiing in years! I had a lot of fun when I did though. I would love to bring my whole family skiing too. I think it would be fun for all of us.

    Kathy / Reply
  13. I haven’t been skiing since I was a child. It was fun and I wish that I could do it again. Now I am unable to since I have health problems. 🙁

    up run for life / Reply
  14. Skiing is a ton of fun. After you get your balance and get a feel for it, you will have a blast. We love it.

    Bill Sweeney / Reply
  15. Skiing is one thing I have never done. I would love to try. I would want to wear a gopro so I could laugh at myself after.
    The Kia sure looks comfy!

    fashionbeyondforty / Reply
  16. Skiing? Sounds fun.. I have never been skiing, would love to learn! Fun activities for the whole family.

    Rika (@thedealmatch) / Reply
  17. Love skiing! My daughter and hubby are snowboarders. The new Kia looks very comfy!

    Nancy @ whispered inspirations / Reply
  18. I have never skied in my life, and I live in Canada! I’m glad I know how to ice skate though. Maybe one day I will give it a try!

    natalielovesbeauty / Reply
  19. These are such awesome tips! We have never been skiing before, so I am sure we would be on our butts and backs 97% of the time!

    The Mad Mommy / Reply
  20. I learned how to ski last year, and now I am loving it! Takes a lot of practice! SO much fun!

    Karissa WithOurBest / Reply
  21. It sounds like you had a great time! The first time I went skiing, I snow plowed all the way down the hill. Ha ha!

    Shannon Gurnee / Reply
  22. As a family, we love to ski! From the looks of it, it seems like a wonderful time was had!

    Kelly / Reply
  23. Skiing sounds super fun! This is something my kids are looking forward to do one day.

    Catvills / Reply
  24. This sounds like so much fun! I haven’t ever been skiing, but I’ve always wanted to try it. I’m afraid I won’t be good at it haha!

    adriana / Reply
  25. I remember the first time we took our kids skiing. It was such a blast and something they still talk about to this day!

    alisonrost / Reply
  26. I’ve skiied once and would love to go again!

    Befitting Style / Reply
  27. I’ve tried skiing and it was fun experience. I thought that I can’t do skiing but I did.

    Karlyn Cruz / Reply
  28. I have actually never tried skiing before, but I have always thought that it looked fun. Maybe I’ll try it someday!

    Hil'Lesha O'Nan / Reply
  29. I have spent many winters skiing out West and these are definitely some great tips. I wish I would have had something like a GO Pro years ago when my kids were learning to ski.

    Chrishelle Ebner / Reply
  30. skiing is quite fun I must say, glad you guys gave it a try fro the first time… loved your gear, you really looked the part : ) Oh, and it looks like a great place you were at!

    Eloise / Reply
  31. Thank you for this advice! We have never gone skiing with our family members so we are total newbs here, and need this advice to get us started!

    E H / Reply
  32. I went skiing for the first time when I was around 7 years old. I went down the mountain so fast and curved to the right and stopped. I thought my dad was going to have a heart attack. I did it over and over again several times. I think if I did it now I wouldn’t be so brave. lol

    Mrs. Emma Spellman / Reply
  33. what an amazing advice! I’m pretty sure that skiing is fun and exciting! Sometimes I really want to try it

    Victoria Heckstall / Reply
  34. The benefits of skiing and snowboarding are numerous. These are healthy, outdoor winter activities that lift the spirit and exercise the body.

    Aziel Morte / Reply
  35. Do you know I have never been skiing ever! It seems like such a fun activity though and something everyone can get involved in.

    Sarah Bailey / Reply
  36. Looks like learning to ski was a really fun experience. The Sorrento looks like it would drive well in the snow.

    Yes Missy / Reply
  37. I have never been skiing, but it’s definitely on my to-do list of things I want to try. These are great tips for a newbie skiier. Thanks for sharing.

    Jenn @ EngineerMommy / Reply
  38. What? There’s a Ritz-Carlton at Northstar? I’ll have to make sure to visit Tahoe next year during ski season.Nice tips for first time skiers.Layering is key.

    Traveling Well For Less / Reply
  39. Well now I want to go skiing haha. It is great that you started, skiing is amazing, because it makes you spend time outdoors, with clean air and pretty mountain views. I remember when I first started skiing, there were this tiny humans passing me so fast and confidently. That was a good motivation to improve myself.

    Mihaela Dragan / Reply
  40. I’ve never been skiing but have always wanted to try it. I think having a gopro for the adventure would be a big plus.

    Terri Ramsey Beavers / Reply
  41. Whether you take winter vacations to the snow-covered mountains or live near an area where you can easily hit the slopes, you can always get some exercise during the cold winter months with skiing. All ages and skill levels can benefit from a day out on the snow, as skiing can be considered both good for the body and good for the mind.

    Rose Ann Sales / Reply
  42. What a fun time you had! I have also never tried skiing. I do love Kia cars though. We test drove two Kias and we were so impressed with them!

    chefjoe11 / Reply
  43. It has been years since I went skiing. These photos look like so much fun. I need to arrange a trip before it warms up to much.

    Ann Bacciaglia / Reply
  44. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. In my head I want to ski but my body is afraid. Thank you for sharing. I may work up the confidence. – yolonda

    The Cubicle Chick / Reply
  45. I have only downhilled a few times, but grew up cross country skiing and loved it. It’s a great way to keep your love of the outdoors going in the winter.

    Gabriel / Reply
  46. I’ve always been so scared to go skiing lol I have horrible coordination so I just know that I would spend the whole time on my face,

    Marielle Altenor / Reply
  47. I never tried skiing. This is on my bucketlist.

    Mars / Reply

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