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Creepy places in Barcelona

Creepy Places in Barcelona – Because Creepy Travel Stories are Cool

If you have ever wondered whether Barcelona is a great destination for a little ghost-busting, you’ll be glad to know that the answer is yes! For sure. There are loads of creepy places in Barcelona. So don your proton pack and grab you neutron wand and get ready for the fright of your life.




Of course like a trip anywhere you have to get the priorities sorted before you can be free to scare yourself half to death. That means organizing your accommodation before you get there. As well as sorting out your Barcelona airport transfers from home.


Think carefully about where you want to stay. You will want to be in best position to get to the selection you choose from the sites below. As well as visiting the other famous sites that Barcelona has to offer, like the La Sagrada Familia. But first, these creepy places in Barcelona.


Creepy Places in Barcelona




The Sewers of Barcelona are a 19th-century subterranean structure that is open to the public. If you like dark, small creepy spaces, then this is definitely the place for you to visit.


You can almost imagine that this place is haunted, although few ghosts listing have actually been reported here. Although you might get lucky, and see one of the legendary crocodiles that are said to inhabit the sewer systems all over Spain!


The House of Fear


Now here you can combine both traditional sightseeing with a little ghost hunting. The Casa Del Ave Maria or The House Of Fear as it’s known is definitely worth a visit. Now part of the Palau Güell, where you can take guided tours and find out about Gaudi and Güell, this section of the building has a darker past.


It was originally said to be the site of terrible atrocities. Were are talking American Horror Story style, and that all those around could hear the screams even when the house was uninhabited. That was until Güell bought it and integrated it into his famous mansion.


Carrer De La Neu De Sant Cuget


Now, this is a street rather than a house but is definitely somewhere that you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for creepy. It is the site of some of Barcelona’s most famous historical witch schools, which used to scare the other resident witless.


While it might sound like a cute Hogwarts Diagon Alley set up, in fact, it was anything but, and many women were burnt at the stake in this very place. It is said that their spirits still haunt the area too, so watch out!


Carrer Dels Mirallers


Just in case you haven’t had enough by now, then you may want to mosey on down to Carrer Dels Mirallers. A 19-century house in which demons are said to still be trapped.


Home to Jacint Verdaguer a priest of dubious reputation that performed exorcisms, and perhaps one of the most creepy places in Barcelona, the house is said to act as a cage for the spirits that he cast out. The place certainly has a creepy look to it. Which is enhanced by the blank-eyed stone gargoyle on the corner of the building. But as least it makes it easy to locate. Visit if you dare!


Feature Photo Marie Thérèse Hébert CCL


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