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world famous landmarks, bran castle

World Famous Landmarks of Myth, Legend and Lore

These world-famous landmarks will take you on an adventure through myth and lore. There are many stories that we know well today about events and places that existed a very long time ago. In some cases, we are able to visit the places which formed the basis of these legendary stories, and in most cases, these are journeys that are well worth making. These famous landmarks will take you on an adventure through myth and lore.


Check out These World Famous Landmarks


world famous landmarks, troy, turkey
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Troy, Turkey


The city of Troy is well known for the legend of the Trojan Horse that Greek troops hid inside to gain access to the city which they then destroyed. The reason that the Greeks were so annoyed with the Trojans was because Helen of Sparta had run off with a prince of Troy. She was now Helen of Troy — the face that launched a thousand ships. The city was lost for hundreds of years before it was discovered in part of what is now modern-day Turkey.


world famous landmarks, valley of the kings
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Valley Of The Kings, Egypt


Of all the world-famous landmarks, this may be one of the most mysterious. Many of the most famous Kings of Egypt are buried in great tombs which can be found in the Valley Of The Kings. The Valley is one of the top tourist destinations in the whole of Egypt and visitors are certainly not deterred by the legends of curses that will befall all who disturb these tombs.


There are over 60 chambers that have been discovered all in all and there may be more out there to discover. A lot of mythological slot themes are based around the Kings of Egypt because there are so many different myths and legends that exist about them all.


world famous landmarks, giant's causeway
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Giant’s Causeway, Ireland


Today we know that the Giant’s Causeway was formed by columns of lava that have been in existence for over 60 million years. However, a far more interesting story is the legend of two giants that decided to have a battle to decide which one of them was the most powerful.


The Giant’s Causeway was built between Northern Ireland and Scotland so that they could meet up and fight, but the Scottish giant was tricked. He retreated back to Scotland, destroying some of the causeways as he went so that he could not be followed.


world famous landmarks, bran castle
Photo A H T CCL


Dracula’s Castle, Romania Bran Castle


Bran Castle in Romania is known all over the world as “Dracula’s” castle but in reality, there is no evidence that Bram Stoker knew it existed when he wrote his famous tale. There are some connections with Vlad The Impaler, who the character of Dracula is thought to be based on, but these are very slim.


Nevertheless, it still remains a very popular attraction and is now a museum that is open for members of the public to walk around and explore. It is designated as a National Monument and Landmark.


And Just for Fun El Dorado, Columbia


The fabled city of gold has been searched for since the 1500s but has never been found. It is said that the city can hide from people searching for it who are not worthy of any riches. The origin of the El Dorado legend is Lake Gustavia, about 35 miles northeast of Bogota, and is well worth a visit.


Legend has it that a Muisca tribal chief covered himself with gold dust and submerged in the lake as an initiation rite. Over time, the El Dorado legend changed from a mythical man to a city and then to an empire.


Everyone tries to visit famous world landmarks when they travel. But, I guarantee if you visit these places, you’ll have more than just pretty photos to share. 

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