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Dolby Cinema at AMC – The Best Way to See Moana Period

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to screen Moana at a Dolby Cinema at AMC theater here in the Atlanta area. I knew it was going to be an out-of-this-world viewing experience, but I really had no idea what I was in for. I had never seen a film in Dolby Cinema before. Find a theater near you.


My Thoughts on Moana

From the start Moana was beautiful. With vibrant colors and an upbeat soundtrack, I was feeling some major tropical vibes. But the beauty of this story goes far beyond what meets the eye. I cried no less than four times while watching this film. It’s a story of courage, bravery, self-discipline, challenges and perseverance as Moana truly finds her place in the world while saving her people. This is a story every parent will love to share with their kids. It will undoubtedly inspire anyone who sees it to face their fears, defeat their weaknesses and follow their dreams.


Moana in Dolby Cinema at AMC

I arrived super early so I could really scope out the theater. Upon entering the theater, I was greeted by a red lit path which opened up into a massive theater of black recliners and red surround sound speakers. The speakers lined the entire theater giving guests an audio experience like none other. I was already pumped and I hadn’t even seen the movie yet!

Dolby Cinema


I had the chance to meet the projector installer and he told me all about the film quality and audio. He told me Dolby Cinema at AMC uses a special projector which projects film with lasers giving the screen the brightest white and darkest blacks you can get anywhere. This is THE BEST VIEWING EXPERIENCE YOUY CAN GET!


Super stoked for the film, the sound and the recliners, I was ready to see Disney’s latest addition to the princess family, Moana. When the sound cut on, I nearly jumped out of my seat! Not because of the volume but because of the rumble under my toosh! That’s right, there’s sound built into the recliners!


Learn more about Dolby Cinema here 

I see a lot of films in all kinds of theaters and I have to say I have never seen anything like this. Seeing Moana was not only a heartwarming experience, but the film experience was uncanny next to any other I’ve ever had. The audio, the projection and the reclining seats were incredible. I will be seeing every film I can in Dolby Cinema from this day on.

Everything you could possibly ever want in a theater is found in Dolby Cinema at AMC. Find a theater near you! 

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Dolby Cinema at AMC sponsored this post. It in no way shaped my opinion of this experience. Dolby Cinema at AMC truly is amaze balls.


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