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Meet Our New Travel Buddy – Dash the Robot

When you think about things to get for your kids at the age of 7-10 it generally involves technology. Even when I was a kid, technology was where it was at. So, I thought it was pretty sweet when Best Buy asked if they could send us Dash, our new resident robot. 

Like how cool is that? What kid doesn’t want a robot right? And with all the cool technology of Dash, you can believe my son was elated when it came in the mail. Here’s the breakdown of what he likes most about Dash and how he plays with it.

Gauge, Kid Friendly, Dash,

Meet Dash – The Robot Who Navigates, Responds, Sings and Even Dances

When we first opened the box, we immediately thought it was super cool that you could open the side flap and drive him right out. The colors of blue and orange were fun and its organic shape very modern.

Favorite Features

I love everything about Dash. He’s really cool, I like that I can make pranks and even send him into different rooms to chase the cat.  – Gauge

When we first turned Dash on he made this funny noise. Gauge looks forward to hearing this quirky noise all the time now. He loves that it sounds cute, that he can drive it around, do activities with it, control it with his phone (using one of its many apps) and learn how to code. He was especially excited to find out that he can make Dash go on journeys and program him to play pranks.


Gauge, Kid Friendly, Dash,


Gauge loved this new toy so much he insisted on taking it to three of our trips so he had an easy toy to play with in the hotel. I thought this was PERFECT for our lifestyle and super easy to bring along on trips.


Using the Technology

We couldn’t believe all the things our new Dash was capable of. Dash can be used with five different mobile apps:


Gauge, Kid Friendly, Dash,

  • Wonder has a picture-based coding language made for kids which lets them make behaviors for Dash. They can make Dash a pet, pal or custom built partner in crime.
  • Path robotics and coding which lets kids send Dash on journeys…um hello… JOURNEYS, like how cool is this? And it’s done just by drawing a route on their smart device.
  • Xylo used with the xylophone accessory, kids can program Dash to be a musician.
  • Blockly is a more advanced coding technology introduced through projects and puzzles. It allwos Dash to become a dancer, adventurer and even a prankster.  
  • Go is really the best way to get started with Dash. It allows you to take him for a test drive and is filled with sensory options, so it’s good for all ages (the dog likes it too).


Gauge, Kid Friendly, Dash,

So We’re in Love

Gauge has gotten so bored with all his toys. Lately, the only thing he seems interested in is Minecraft. Well, I’m over that. I really wanted Gauge to find something to interest him away from the TV. Dash has really given him a new spark. I enjoy watching how it inspires his imagination. All I need to do now is figure ways I can use it in his homeschool curriculum.

As for traveling with Dash, I especially love that there aren’t a bunch of tiny pieces that can get lost. It comes with us everywhere now and I know he always has something fun to do when I can’t entertain him.

***Great for travel and hanging out with friends.

What Dash Came with

1 Dash

1 Charging Cord

2 Building Brick Connectors

Getting Started Guide

Overall, Gauge really loves his new robot. He named him “Void” and gave him the birthday of October 21. He’s always coming up with new ideas and things to make Void do. He loves bringing him along for our trips and has been pretty occupied with everything Dash can do.

A huge thumbs up for Dash.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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