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How to Pack Toiletries in Your Carry on with ToiletTree

Recently I was sent a new travel bag to try out which I was pretty excited about. One of the biggest challenges for air travel is how to pack toiletries. I for one never check my luggage, it’s too much of a hassle and I can’t risk having anything lost. This makes packing my toiletries especially difficult. Especially these days with so many TSA security restrictions, it can seem like one heck of an ordeal.


This is my ToiletTree review for their new TSA approved toiletry travel bag. Did I like it? Was it handy? Did it pass? All questions I’ll answer in this post.

Toilettree bag 1

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How to Pack Toiletries


How annoying is it to pack toiletries? I mean seriously though, you have to measure this and fit that, it’s nuts. You can’t just buy travel sizes for everything. I am using a special shampoo and conditioner and my certain beauty products and yadda, yadda.


I was pretty stoked when ToiletTree sent me their new travel bag. I trekked that sucker from Atlanta to Edinburgh, Germany and Florida. It took a beating and one hell of an inspection… and it stood the test!

how to, pack toiletries, toilettree, toiletry bag, review


All You Really Need in Your Toiletry Bag 


Keep in mind the TSA standards for liquids.Currently, it’s 100ml and everything has to fit into 1 quart-sized clear zip bag.I recommend you put everything in the quart-sized clear bag and then into your toiletry bag. Also, keep your liquids in an easily accessible pocket/pouch in your carry on. All you need to pack in your bag are these things:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Body Wash
  4. Toothpaste
  5. Toothbrush 
  6. Mouthwash
  7. Floss
  8. Face moisturizer
  9. Face towelettes
  10. Lotion
  11. Small perfume
  12. Hair serum
  13. Tweezers

how to, pack toiletries, toilettree, toiletry bag, review


About the ToiletTree Toiletry Travel Bag


  • Designed to organize all of your toiletries while traveling.
  • The bag comes with 3 TSA approved travel bottles.
  • You Can also be used makeup or medicine bag.
  • Hangs up easily in any bathroom or even in the in-flight lavatory.

how to, pack toiletries, toilettree, toiletry bag, review


My Take on the ToiletTree Travel Bag:


The hardest part of packing for a trip is getting organized. The ToiletTree bag is made to organize your toiletries. The bag is made of nylon so it’s lightweight.


It comes with three prelabeled TSA sized bottles. It measures 8” x 7” x 2.5” and has two zippered compartments, two elastic pouches and a built-in hanging hook. Here is available in navy blue exterior and Black interior.


I found the bag durable and easy to fit into my carry on. Taking the clear plastic bag from my bag when going through security was fairly simple too. I especially liked that I could keep the items that didn’t need to be in plastic inside the given pockets. This is a bag I will be using this for its life when I pack toiletries for sure.


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